A Guide to the IT University of Copenhagen: Everything to Know for International Students

In this guide, you will find all the information you need about the IT University of Copenhagen, including academic programs, study abroad, and housing details.

A Guide to the IT University of Copenhagen: Everything to Know for International Students
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Copenhagen is a city where modern innovation meets rich history, known for its stunning architecture, commitment to sustainability, and a lively cultural scene. With a population of about 600,000 in the city proper and over 1.3 million in the metropolitan area, Copenhagen offers a blend of cosmopolitan dynamism and cozy community vibes, making it an ideal place for both local and international students.

The IT University of Copenhagen stands as a hub of technological innovation and academic excellence within this enchanting city. As a leading institution in information technology, it attracts students and scholars from around the globe, drawn by its cutting-edge research and a broad international outlook. For those pursuing their academic and professional goals in IT, Copenhagen is more than a place of study; it's a doorway to experiencing a diverse cultural fabric and a high quality of life, all while being part of a forward-thinking and globally connected community.

Embarking on your educational journey at the IT University of Copenhagen presents an incredible opportunity to immerse yourself in the vibrant heart of Denmark's capital. The idea of relocating, especially to a different country, can be daunting at the outset. However, we're here to make this transition as seamless as possible for you. This guide have all the vital information to help you prepare for your move, offering insights on finding accommodation, navigating the city, and making the most of your time in Copenhagen.

What makes Denmark a great destination for international students?

With an educational system celebrated for its high standards, innovative teaching, and state-of-the-art research facilities, Denmark has seen a surge in international student enrolment. The country's high quality of life, underscored by excellent social and economic policies, provides an ideal environment for students.

Denmark's focus extends beyond traditional academia to vocational training, integrating students smoothly into the workforce with ample opportunities for personal and professional development. The vocational education system is tailored to meet labor market demands, providing young adults with favorable employment rates and earnings outcomes. Furthermore, Denmark prides itself on an inclusive, international student community, facilitated by its supportive society and comprehensive support systems. With an array of English-taught programs across various disciplines, Denmark caters to a broad spectrum of academic and career aspirations, making it a hub for international talent.

Why is Copenhagen the perfect city for international students?

Copenhagen, a harmonious blend of historic allure and modern innovation, stands out as a prime destination for international students. Beyond its educational prowess, Copenhagen offers a holistic experience encompassing personal growth and exploration. Its compact, bike-friendly layout ensures easy navigation, fostering a sustainable and active lifestyle. The city's rich cultural tapestry, from festivals to museums, and historical sites, enhances the student life, making it more than an academic pursuit. The city's education system, highlighted by institutions like the University of Copenhagen, is renowned for its innovative teaching and research excellence. Copenhagen's lifestyle, characterized by accessible green spaces and a bustling outdoor life, promotes a balance between study and leisure, contributing to students' mental and physical health.

Career opportunities abound in Copenhagen, with sectors like green technology and life sciences seeking fresh talent. The transition from study to work is smoothed by university career services and student-friendly work visa policies, making Copenhagen an attractive option for ambitious students.

In essence, Copenhagen offers a unique experience that combines academic rigor with a lifestyle that champions well-being, sustainability, and community, making it an ideal choice for students from around the globe.

What makes the IT University of Copenhagen a good school for international students?

The IT University of Copenhagen (ITU), nestled in Copenhagen's dynamic landscape, is a beacon of innovation in technology and digital realms. As Denmark’s premier IT-focused institution, ITU melds theoretical learning with practical application, preparing students for the fast-paced tech industry. Its diverse student community enriches learning experiences through collaboration and networking, transcending traditional academic boundaries.

ITU, recognized globally for its state-of-the-art education and research in IT, digital design, and computer science, provides a compelling environment for students seeking excellence in tech disciplines. With its diverse and inclusive academic culture, ITU not only promises high-quality education but also a rich, collaborative campus life, situated in Copenhagen—a city that perfectly blends historical charm with modern progress.

What are the academic programs offered for international students at the IT University of Copenhagen?

At the IT University of Copenhagen (ITU), international students can enroll in a range of bachelor's and master's degree programs taught in English, covering areas like Global Business Informatics, Digital Design and Interactive Technologies, Software Development, and Data Science. The annual tuition for these programs is 100,000 DKK for both undergraduate and graduate levels, an essential factor for potential applicants to consider.

ITU prides itself on providing top-notch education and fostering a dynamic academic environment, appealing to those passionate about information technology and digital sciences. Being situated in Copenhagen enhances this appeal, offering a chance to learn in a city celebrated for its historical significance, contemporary conveniences, and dedication to environmental sustainability.

What are the study abroad and exchange programs offered at IT University of Copenhagen?

ITU is dedicated to international education, offering a wide selection of programs from semester-long exchanges to short-term summer courses, facilitated by collaborations with programs like Erasmus and alliances such as 4EU+. The university’s extensive course catalog features over 2000 elective courses, showcasing its commitment to a broad and inclusive academic environment.

The IT University of Copenhagen caters to international students through a variety of study options, aiming to broaden their academic perspectives and immerse them in Danish culture. Exchange programs at ITU, including master's courses in fields like Computer Science and Data Science, and specialized programs like the one modeled on Georgia Tech’s Computational Media degree, are designed to enhance students’ expertise and global competencies.

ITU also offers a Summer University, providing guest or exchange students with the opportunity to engage in intensive summer courses taught by esteemed faculty and visiting lecturers. This initiative exemplifies ITU's commitment to fostering a vibrant academic community, enriched by cultural exchange and technological exploration.

What are the support services offered to international students at the IT University of Copenhagen?

At the IT University of Copenhagen (ITU), situated in the dynamic heart of Denmark's capital, students find more than just a leading hub for technology and innovation education; they discover a supportive community dedicated to empowering each individual to reach their fullest potential. ITU acknowledges the excitement and challenges of university life, offering a rich tapestry of resources to assist students in academic, career, and personal development.

ITU's support system encompasses advanced academic services, mental health resources, engaging student clubs, and comprehensive career development programs. This commitment ensures an inclusive, nurturing environment for every student. The university not only focuses on academic excellence but also prioritizes creating a space where futures are crafted, and dreams come to fruition.

Key support services include Study and Career Guidance, offering personalized advice on a range of issues from stress management to career planning. Additionally, ITU's partnership with the Royal Danish Library provides extensive library services, enriching research and study opportunities. The vibrant student life at ITU is bolstered by diverse clubs and organizations, fostering a lively community atmosphere.

What is the campus life like at the IT University of Copenhagen?

Located in the heart of Copenhagen, a city noted for its safety, extensive cycling infrastructure, and lively cultural scene, ITU offers an attractive blend of high-quality education within a supportive and dynamic community. This setting provides international students with a rich learning experience that extends beyond the classroom, encompassing the chance to immerse themselves in Danish culture and the local tech scene.

ITU fosters a multicultural learning environment. The active Student Council enhances student life through various activities and volunteering opportunities, including Café Analog, ScrollBar, and the canteen, enriching campus social life. ITU’s modern facilities also feature specialized labs for research and development in fields like computer science and digital design, making it a hub for innovation and community engagement. This vibrant ecosystem offers a comprehensive and dynamic experience for students from around the globe.

What are the housing options available for international students through the IT University of Copenhagen?

Securing student housing in Copenhagen can be a significant hurdle due to its popularity and limited availability, particularly in peak periods. The IT University of Copenhagen (ITU) offers support and housing services to ease this challenge for international students. With options ranging from dormitories to guidance on navigating the private rental market, ITU aims to smooth the transition for new arrivals. The university provides housing on a first-come, first-served basis, with accommodations designed to suit both single students and couples in three main residence halls, each a short distance from the campus and Copenhagen's central amenities.

These residences, including Signalhuset, Tietgenkollegiet, and Øresundskollegiet, offer modern, fully furnished rooms with communal areas to foster a vibrant student community. Monthly rents vary, covering utilities and access to various facilities, promoting a convenient and inclusive living environment. Additionally, the Housing Foundation Copenhagen aids students in finding suitable accommodations, managing a range of housing options and simplifying the application process. For those seeking alternatives, Copenhagen's housing market also offers private rentals and shared living spaces, providing diverse options to meet students' needs.

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What are some FAQs about the IT University of Copenhagen?

This blog serves as a comprehensive guide for prospective and current students of the IT University of Copenhagen (ITU), addressing key queries about academic programs, admissions, campus life, and student housing. ITU, established in 1999 in Ørestad, is Denmark's specialized IT university, offering a unique learning environment in a city renowned for its sustainable and cycling-friendly lifestyle.

  • Admissions: International students should note the March 15 application deadline for BSc programs, with a documentation deadline of July 5 for European applicants. Non-European applicants need to pay tuition and an application fee, with pre-assessment options available from October 1 to December 15.
  • Academic Programs: ITU offers Bachelor's and Master's programs in Software Development, Digital Design and Interactive Technologies, Data Science, and Global Business Informatics, blending theoretical and practical IT knowledge.
  • Tuition Fees: Non-EU/EEA students must pay application and tuition fees, approximately 100 EUR for application and DKK 50,000 per semester for tuition as of January 2024, subject to changes. EU/EEA students and those with certain Danish residence permits are exempt.
  • Campus Life: ITU boasts a modern, innovative campus with state-of-the-art facilities, fostering a vibrant academic and social community.
  • Exchange Programs: A range of exchange opportunities are available, including semester-long stays and summer programs, for students from partner and non-partner universities.
  • Research Opportunities: ITU encourages interdisciplinary research across various fields, offering PhD programs and research project participation for international students.
  • Housing: While ITU doesn't directly offer housing, it provides guidance for finding accommodation, recommending early exploration of university-affiliated housing, private rentals, or student residences due to high demand in Copenhagen.

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