Global Horizons: Your Guide to Study Abroad and Exchange Programs at Copenhagen Business School

Explore global learning at Copenhagen Business School (CBS), a hub for international students with Triple Crown accreditation. Engage in exchange programs, summer university, and Freemover opportunities, enriching your education with a diverse cultural experience.

Global Horizons: Your Guide to Study Abroad and Exchange Programs at Copenhagen Business School
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Copenhagen Business School (CBS), nestled in the heart of Denmark, is renowned for its comprehensive study abroad and exchange programs that cater to international students. With more than 21,000 students, over 25% of whom are international, CBS is among the most international business schools in Europe, highlighted by its Triple Crown accreditation and collaborations with over 300 partner universities across more than 50 countries​​​​.

Accreditations and rankings further underscore CBS's commitment to excellence. The Triple Crown accreditation, held by CBS since 2011, is a testament to its quality assurance among the elite business schools globally. CBS's programs also enjoy high rankings, with its CEMS Master in International Management ranked 12th by QS 2023 Masters in Management Rankings, and its Executive MBA ranked 30th in Europe by Financial Times in 2020​​.

CBS offers a broad spectrum of academic programs, including bachelor's, master's, executive master's, full-time MBA's, and PhD's, many of which are taught in English to accommodate international students​​. This diverse array of programs is designed to combine business studies with various disciplines such as politics, sociology, language, IT, and communication, all based on a strong and internationally renowned research base​​.

For international students looking to immerse themselves in a global learning environment, CBS presents several pathways. This blog explores the different study abroad and exchange programs offered at Copenhagen Business School, mentioning their academic direction as well as application processes and considerations for students.

Why Choose Copenhagen Business School for your Study Abroad Experience?

Global Recognition and Accreditations

CBS prides itself on its Triple Crown accreditation (AMBA, EQUIS, AACSB), placing it among the top 1% of business schools worldwide. This prestigious recognition is a testament to the quality of education, research, and student exchange opportunities available at CBS​​​​.

Diverse International Community

With more than 21,000 students, over 25% of whom are international, CBS boasts a multicultural environment that enriches the study experience. The school welcomes around 1,200 full-degree international students and more than 1,000 exchange students annually, fostering a vibrant international community​​.

Exchange Opportunities at Copenhagen Business School

BS has established partnerships with over 300 universities in more than 50 countries, offering students a wealth of options for a semester or two abroad. Exchange students can immerse themselves in new academic environments, gain international exposure, and expand their global network​​​​.

Each year, CBS welcomes over 1,000 exchange students from all around the globe, providing them with the opportunity to immerse themselves in a unique learning environment that combines high-quality education with cultural exchange​​. The exchange programs at CBS allow students to spend one or two semesters studying a wide range of undergraduate and graduate courses, offering a blend of theoretical knowledge and practical insights​​.

Exchange students have access to various resources, including assistance with finding housing in Copenhagen and a comprehensive welcome program designed to facilitate cultural immersion and ease the transition into Danish society​​. The vibrant campus life, coupled with Copenhagen's rich cultural scene, ensures that students have a fulfilling and enjoyable study abroad experience.

If you're considering participating in an exchange program at CBS, you're looking at an opportunity to not only enhance your academic knowledge but also to grow personally through interactions with students from various cultural backgrounds. Living in Copenhagen, known for being one of the happiest countries in the world, can indeed be an eye-opening experience that enriches your understanding of global cultures and business practices.

For more detailed information on applying, available courses, and preparing for your stay in Denmark, visit CBS's official pages for exchange students and international opportunities.

CBS Summer University

For those looking to experience Copenhagen during the summer, CBS Summer University provides an excellent opportunity.

CBS Summer University stands out as one of Europe's largest and oldest summer programs, attracting around 2,300 students from over 50 countries each year. It offers more than 50 undergraduate and graduate courses across various disciplines, enabling students to earn up to 15 ECTS over the summer. The program is praised for its high-quality learning combined with an unforgettable summer experience in Copenhagen. Participants benefit from the international environment, engaging with faculty and peers from around the globe, and exploring Danish culture through a vibrant social program​​. This program is open to students from all over the world, offering courses that combine high-quality learning with the chance to enjoy one of Europe's most livable cities​​.

Visit CBS Summer University page for more detailed information on the program, duration and other elements.

Freemover Program at Copenhagen Business School

Even if you're not from a partner university, CBS offers the Freemover program, allowing students to study for a full semester. This option broadens access to CBS’s esteemed education to a wider international audience​​.

The Freemover Program at Copenhagen Business School (CBS) allows students from non-partner universities without EU/EEA/Nordic citizenship to study at CBS. This program requires payment of tuition fees, which for the academic year 2024-2025 are EUR 6,400 per semester for undergraduate studies and EUR 8,000 per semester for graduate studies. Freemovers can participate in the program if they need to acquire 30 ECTS credits per semester. The application process involves submitting various documents, including a letter from the home university confirming credit transfer, proof of enrollment, CV, passport, and English proficiency test results​​.

Application Process

Interested students from partner universities can apply for exchange programs through their home institution. The process includes nomination by the home university, followed by application to CBS, where students can select from a wide range of undergraduate and graduate courses​​.

Housing and Integration

CBS assists exchange students in finding housing in Copenhagen, one of the key concerns for international students. Additionally, a comprehensive welcome program and cultural immersion activities are designed to help students settle into their new environment seamlessly​​.

Students can also opt to utilize platforms such as Hemavi to secure shared accommodation off-campus, offering them more independence whilst maintaining a relatively affordable housing budget.

Enjoying Campus

Beyond the classroom, CBS encourages students to engage in various activities to build their international profile. Whether it’s participating in CBS’s numerous student organizations or taking part in network-building events, the opportunities for personal and professional growth are boundless​​.


Copenhagen Business School (CBS) offers a rich tapestry of global learning opportunities, making it a premier destination for students worldwide. With its esteemed Triple Crown accreditation, diverse international community, and partnerships with over 300 universities globally, CBS exemplifies academic excellence and cross-cultural engagement.

Through exchange programs, CBS Summer University, and the Freemover Program, students from around the world can immerse themselves in a vibrant educational environment, fostering personal growth alongside academic achievement. Each program at CBS is designed to offer students a comprehensive international experience, preparing them for the challenges of a global business landscape.

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