Student Support at IT University of Copenhagen: Setting International Students Up for Success

ITU offers a nurturing ecosystem for students, featuring comprehensive Study and Career Guidance, innovative startup support, and vibrant student life. Discover how ITU's resources can shape your future.

Student Support at IT University of Copenhagen: Setting International Students Up for Success
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Here, we'll shine a spotlight on the wealth of student support resources available at the IT University of Copenhagen (ITU). Nestled in the heart of Denmark's thriving capital, ITU is not just a beacon of innovation and technology education; it's a supportive community where every student is empowered to achieve their full potential.

Embarking on your university journey can be exhilarating, yet it often comes with its set of challenges. Whether you're navigating academic pressures, seeking career guidance, or looking for a community to call your own, ITU offers a comprehensive suite of resources designed to support you every step of the way.

From their cutting-edge academic support services and mental health resources to our vibrant student clubs and career development programs, ITU is committed to providing an inclusive and nurturing environment. In this blog, we'll dive deep into the various support systems in place at ITU, highlighting how they can enhance your university experience – resources that make ITU more than just an educational institution—it's a place where futures are built, and dreams are realized. Welcome to your support network at ITU.

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Study and Career Guidance at IT University of Copenhagen

The IT University of Copenhagen (ITU) offers comprehensive Study and Career Guidance services to support students through their academic journey and into their professional careers. These services are designed to assist students with a wide range of subjects related to their studies and future careers. The guidance provided covers motivation, stress management, student life challenges, project and thesis writing, exam preparation, group dynamics, exemptions, study planning, and career planning. The advisors can also help clarify students' competencies and skills, preparing them for their future careers​​.

Students can access these services through various means. They can make phone calls to the guidance office, send emails, or attend drop-in sessions without a booking at the ITU office. There's also the option to book a 30-minute session either at ITU or online, for more personalized guidance​​.

Additionally, the Student Affairs and Programmes Department (SAP) offers administrative support covering a range of needs from admission, course registration, exams, to exemptions or credit transfers. This dual approach ensures students not only receive academic and career guidance but also administrative support to navigate their studies more effectively​​.

For more information, including contact details and office hours, you can visit the official ITU page on Study and Career Guidance​​.

Library Services at IT University of Copenhagen

The IT University of Copenhagen partners with the Royal Danish Library to provide comprehensive library services to its students and staff. This collaboration ensures access to a vast array of resources and services at the university library Søndre Campus, located nearby. These services include material collection and return, guided tours, and access to various facilities within the Royal Danish Library's buildings​​.

Student Organizations and Social Life

At the IT University of Copenhagen, students can engage in a vibrant social life through various student organizations and clubs. These groups contribute significantly to the university's lively study environment. Activities and communities range from sports clubs and choirs to coffee talks and cultural events. The Student Council plays a central role, advocating for students' interests and organizing events that enrich both the professional and social aspects of university life​​.

There are various student organizations and clubs at ITU, including sports clubs, a choir, and coffee talks. These organizations contribute significantly to the vibrant study environment at the university.

Support for Startups at IT University of Copenhagen

The IT University in Copenhagen offers substantial support for startups through its ITU Startup Programme and ITU Business Development. The ITU Startup Programme serves as an incubator for students with innovative business ideas, providing them with the necessary help, support, and early investment to grow their projects from initial ideas to fully-fledged companies ready for the startup ecosystem. This incubator focuses on equipping students with the right resources, mentorship, and financial support to launch new technology startups. The program includes a matchmaking service to find co-founders, a 3-month program for improving startup ideas and getting customer validation, and a 6-month incubation program offering resources for business, product development, and launch​​​​.

ITU Business Development A/S, wholly owned by the IT University and established in accordance with the Danish Tech Trans Law, plays a significant role in this ecosystem. It invests in university startups and spinouts while offering counseling for technology transfer and support to students and researchers aiming to start their own businesses​​.

For more detailed information, you can visit the official websites of ITU Startup and ITU Business Development.


The ITU stands as a testament to the power of a supportive educational environment, where innovative teaching methods, a strong sense of community, and a plethora of resources come together to create an unparalleled learning experience. The university not only prepares students for successful careers in the tech industry but also fosters a culture of innovation, collaboration, and personal growth.

Whether you're seeking guidance on your academic journey, looking to dive into a vibrant social life, or ready to take the entrepreneurial leap, ITU provides the tools and support necessary to turn your aspirations into reality. As students and alumni continue to build their futures and realize their dreams, ITU remains a constant source of support, inspiration, and opportunity.

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