Answering all FAQs About the IT University of Copenhagen

Discover admissions, programs, campus life, and more at the IT University of Copenhagen. Get answers to all your FAQs and embark on your academic journey with confidence!

Answering all FAQs About the IT University of Copenhagen
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The IT University of Copenhagen stands out as a hub for aspiring tech innovators from around the world, each with their distinct questions and ambitions. This blog aims to address common inquiries and concerns from both prospective and current students about their academic journey at the IT University.

We delve into the admissions process, explore the diverse range of IT-focused programs available, and offer advice on maximizing campus life experiences. Our mission is to provide you with the insights and guidance needed to navigate your educational path confidently and make the most of your time at the IT University of Copenhagen.

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Can you provide a quick overview of the IT University of Copenhagen?

The IT University of Copenhagen, established in 1999, is Denmark's youngest university, focusing exclusively on IT. It's situated in Ørestad, close to both the University of Copenhagen's South Campus and the Danish Broadcasting Corporation, highlighting its integration within a hub of education and media. With a motto dedicated to the digital world, ITU represents a modern approach to higher education, blending technology with innovation in a city known for its cycling culture and green initiatives. This unique position offers students a cutting-edge learning environment in one of the world's most livable cities.

What are the application process and deadlines for admission at IT University of Copenhagen as an international student?

For international students applying to BSc programs at the IT University of Copenhagen, the key application deadline is March 15 at 12:00 noon CET. European applicants have an additional documentation deadline on July 5. Non-European applicants must also pay tuition and an application fee. If you're unsure about meeting general admission requirements, pre-assessments are available from October 1 to December 15.

Detailed information on specific program requirements, tuition fees, and supplemental courses is available on the university's website​​.

What are the academic programs offered to international students at IT University of Copenhagen?

The IT University of Copenhagen offers a variety of academic programs tailored for international students, including Bachelor's and Master's degree programs in areas such as Software Development, Digital Design and Interactive Technologies, Data Science, and Global Business Informatics. These programs are designed to provide students with comprehensive knowledge and skills in information technology, combining theoretical insights with practical applications.

What are the tuition fees for international students at the IT University of Copenhagen?

Non-EU/EEA international students at the IT University of Copenhagen are required to pay application and tuition fees. The application fee is approximately 100 EUR. Tuition fees for international students are set at DKK 50,000 per semester as of January 2024, but this amount is subject to change. EU/EEA citizens and students holding certain types of Danish residence permits are exempt from these fees.

For more details, please refer to the official IT University website​​.

What is campus life like at IT University of Copenhagen?

Campus life at the IT University of Copenhagen is dynamic and innovative, offering state-of-the-art facilities for group work and individual studies. Located in a modern university and media district of Copenhagen, just 5 minutes by metro from the city center, the university provides an international environment where students from various backgrounds contribute new perspectives. The campus is well-equipped to support both academic and social activities, fostering a vibrant community where students can thrive academically and socially​​.

What are the exchange programs available for international students at the IT University of Copenhagen?

The IT University of Copenhagen offers a range of exchange programs for international students. If you're studying at one of their partner universities, you can spend a full semester at ITU or join the CBS Summer University. There are also opportunities for freemovers (students not from partner universities) from non-EU/EEA/Nordic countries to study a full semester, and for all nationalities to join the Summer University or take a single course during a semester​​.

For specific programs and application details, it's best to consult the ITU's official website or contact their international office.

What are the research opportunities for international students at the IT University of Copenhagen?

The IT University of Copenhagen offers extensive PhD programs and engages in interdisciplinary research across sciences, humanities, design, and business. International students have opportunities to join research projects, contributing to innovative solutions and advancements in the IT field. The university emphasizes collaboration and the integration of diverse perspectives, fostering a rich environment for research exploration.

How can I find housing as an international student enrolled at IT University of Copenhagen?

The IT University of Copenhagen does not directly provide housing for international students. However, they may offer guidance or resources to assist students in finding accommodation in Copenhagen. Finding housing in Copenhagen as an international student can be challenging due to the high demand for accommodations. It's recommended to explore options such as university-affiliated housing, private rentals, or student halls of residence.

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