All About Study Abroad & Exchange Programs at IT University of Copenhagen

Embark on a study adventure at IT University of Copenhagen! Dive into a world where academic enrichment meets personal growth, offering diverse programs and a vibrant Danish culture. Explore technology, innovation, and more in this unique educational journey.

All About Study Abroad & Exchange Programs at IT University of Copenhagen
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Embarking on a study abroad journey is akin to setting sail on a grand adventure, one that promises not only academic enrichment but also personal growth and a broader worldview. At the heart of Northern Europe, the IT University of Copenhagen emerges as a beacon of opportunity for students worldwide, offering a plethora of study abroad and exchange programs that are as diverse as they are enriching. Whether it's engaging with cutting-edge technology, exploring interdisciplinary studies, or immersing oneself in the vibrant Danish culture, the university serves as an ideal stage for an unforgettable educational experience.

The university’s commitment to international education is evident through its wide range of programs tailored to meet the needs of students from all corners of the globe. From semester-long exchanges to short-term summer courses, and from Erasmus partnerships to innovative alliances like 4EU+, the options are vast and varied. The course catalogue, brimming with over 2000 elective courses, is a testament to the university's dedication to providing a comprehensive and inclusive educational environment. This blog outlines the different opportunities available at the IT University of Copenhagen.

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Study Abroad Programs at IT University of Copenhagen

The IT University of Copenhagen offers a wide array of programs and courses for international students aiming to study for one or two semesters. These opportunities are designed to broaden students' horizons and expand their academic knowledge. The university offers hundreds elective courses and welcomes students under various arrangements, including Erasmus+, bilateral exchange, 4EU+, Nordplus/Nordlys, as fee-paying guest students, or through traineeships.

The university provides an extensive course catalogue that lists all courses available, including those taught in English at both bachelor (BA) or master (MA/MSc) levels. This catalogue is updated regularly, with the full list of courses available 2–3 months before the semester starts. It's recommended that students planning to study at the IT University of Copenhagen consult the online course catalogue to make a preliminary plan, considering the semester or block structure for course scheduling​​.

Exchange Programs at IT University of Copenhagen

Exchange programs are structured opportunities for students to study abroad at a partner institution for a semester or an academic year. They allow students to immerse themselves in a new academic and cultural environment while maintaining their studies. Denmark offers a variety of exchange programs through its universities, including the University of Copenhagen and the IT University of Copenhagen. These programs often involve collaborations with overseas institutions and networks like Erasmus+, facilitating international education experiences across Europe and beyond. Specific offerings include academic courses across disciplines, cultural integration activities, and support services for international students. These programs allow students to study at the IT University for a semester or an academic year, offering a wide range of courses and the opportunity to experience life in Copenhagen.

The IT University of Copenhagen (ITU) in Denmark offers a variety of programs suitable for students interested in exchange opportunities. ITU provides a range of master's programs including MSc in Computer Science, MSc in Data Science, and more, which focus on developing skills and knowledge in computer science, data science, and related fields. These programs are designed for students who have an IT-related undergraduate degree and are looking to deepen their expertise on a high academic level based on international research​​.

Additionally, for undergraduates, there's a specific exchange program modeled on Georgia Tech’s Computational Media degree, which exposes students to a variety of classes in digital media. This program is offered for a semester-long or year-long stay, and all courses are conducted in English. Students participating in this exchange program will have the opportunity to engage in courses covering topics such as mobile media, social IT, digital aesthetics, e-business, games, and client-based projects. This program emphasizes dynamic Danish design and technology and includes weekly social events with students, faculty, and guests​​.

Exchange students at ITU can benefit from the university's focus on cutting-edge knowledge and professional competencies in a global context. The university's programs prepare students for various career paths, including system developer, software architect, IT expert, database manager, and more, emphasizing the development of strong professional and technical skills.

For more information about specific programs, admissions, and application deadlines, it is advisable to directly visit the IT University of Copenhagen’s official website or contact their admission office.

ITU Summer University

The ITU Summer University offers summer courses for guest or exchange students during July and August. These courses are conducted by ITU's own faculty and guest lecturers. If you're enrolled in a professional bachelor, bachelor, or master program at another Danish university, you can apply as a guest student, provided you have pre-approval for credit transfer from your home university. Applications open on November 15 and close on May 14, with limited seats available on a first-come, first-served basis.

For more details, visit the ITU Summer University page.


The IT University of Copenhagen stands as a pivotal gateway for students around the globe, presenting a broad spectrum of study abroad and exchange opportunities. These programs not only promise academic excellence but also a deep dive into the rich Danish culture and the forefront of technological advancements. With options ranging from semester-long exchanges to enriching summer courses, and a commitment to fostering international education through collaborations like Erasmus+ and 4EU+, ITU is a vibrant hub for shaping global citizens and future leaders in technology and innovation.

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