A Guide to Aarhus University: Everything for International Students to Know

In this guide, you will find all the information you need about Aarhus University, including academic programs, study abroad, and housing details.

A Guide to Aarhus University: Everything for International Students to Know
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Aarhus is a city where innovation flourishes alongside a rich cultural heritage, renowned for its diverse architecture, commitment to sustainability, and vibrant cultural scene. With a population of about 350,000, Aarhus is Denmark's second-largest city and serves as a hub of education, culture, and commerce in the Jutland region. It combines the dynamism of a big city with the charm of a close-knit community, making it a welcoming place for both local and international students.

Aarhus University stands as a beacon of academic excellence and research innovation in this captivating city. As a leading institution across various fields, it attracts students and scholars from around the world, drawn by its comprehensive research facilities and an international perspective. For those pursuing their academic and professional dreams, Aarhus is more than a place of study; it's a gateway to exploring a rich cultural heritage and enjoying a high quality of life, all while being part of a progressive and globally connected community.

Embarking on your educational journey at Aarhus University offers an incredible opportunity to dive into the heart of one of Denmark's most dynamic cities. The thought of relocating, especially to a different country, might seem challenging at first. However, we're here to ensure this transition is as smooth as possible for you. This guide contains all the essential information to help you prepare for your move, providing insights on finding accommodation, getting around the city, and making the most of your time in Aarhus.

What makes Denmark a great destination for international students?

Denmark stands out for its exceptional education system, vibrant student community, and high living standards, attracting a growing number of international students. Danish universities are recognized globally for academic excellence, fostering not only intellectual growth but also personal development, cultural understanding, and work-life balance. This Nordic country offers a compelling mix of high-quality education, a happy populace, and ample career opportunities post-graduation, making it an ideal study destination.

With over 600 English-taught programs across various disciplines, Denmark caters to a wide range of academic and career aspirations. Furthermore, the country's quality of life and work opportunities post-graduation are unparalleled, thanks to its robust welfare system, competitive work environment, and emphasis on work-life balance. Denmark not only offers a pathway to academic and professional success but also a fulfilling life experience for international students.

What makes Aarhus University a good school for international students?

Situated in Aarhus, a city celebrated for its cultural depth and historical charm, Aarhus University (AU) epitomizes academic distinction and innovation. AU, a beacon of Danish education, melds deep theoretical learning with practical experience across diverse study fields, preparing students for global challenges. Its multicultural student body fosters a collaborative and enriching learning environment, extending education beyond traditional academic boundaries.

Aarhus's blend of historical and modern lifestyles offers a stimulating backdrop for students' academic and personal growth. At AU, students can pursue their passions in arts, sciences, and humanities within a setting of cultural diversity and cutting-edge research.

AU shines in global rankings, reflecting its comprehensive academic offerings and research excellence. With programs in English across all study levels, AU is a hub for international students. Notably, its Master's programs in English and Journalism, Media, and Globalization provide unique insights and global perspectives.

Campus life at AU is dynamic, with ample opportunities for engagement and housing support to find your ideal accommodation. Aarhus itself is a welcoming city for international students, offering safety, a rich cultural scene, and a lively student community. AU stands not just as an educational institution but as a launchpad for global careers and personal development.

What are the academic programs offered for international students at Aarhus University?

For international students, AU provides a wide range of bachelor’s programs in business, economics, and engineering, alongside innovative master’s and PhD programs across various fields. These programs emphasize practical learning and career readiness, supported by a strong foundation in research and theory.

Admissions at AU are based on recognized qualifications and specific program requirements, with a detailed application process outlined on the university’s website. Master’s programs, such as Economics and Business Administration and Computer Science, offer specializations in high-demand fields, preparing students for successful careers.

PhD candidates will find a variety of research areas to explore, with flexible program structures accommodating different academic backgrounds. Additionally, AU offers continuing education programs in both Danish and English, catering to a broad spectrum of professional and personal development needs.

Choosing AU for your studies means joining a global community dedicated to fostering academic excellence, innovation, and cultural diversity, preparing you for leadership and innovation on the world stage.

What are the study abroad and exchange programs offered at Aarhus University?

With a wide spectrum of programs tailored for international engagement, including semester exchanges and summer schools, Aarhus University stands as a vibrant academic community. It’s a place where students from every corner of the globe converge, brought together by a shared quest for knowledge and innovation.

Aarhus University prides itself on being a cosmopolitan hub, housing over 4,000 international students and fostering an inclusive atmosphere. Its partnership with over 1,000 universities worldwide opens vast horizons for exchange and internship opportunities, especially through the Circle U. alliance, enriching students’ academic journeys with global experiences.

The university’s expansive course offerings, about a quarter of which are in English, cater to a broad array of academic interests, complemented by specialized programs like the Aarhus Summer University. This program blends academic rigor with cultural exploration, offering courses across disciplines and a dynamic social program to immerse students in Danish culture.

What are the support services offered to international students at Aarhus University?

Aarhus University is celebrated not only for its rigorous academic standards but also for its unwavering support for the international student community. From comprehensive services offered by the International Centre to the warm embrace of its diverse student body, AU ensures that international students are well-supported throughout their journey. Be it finding accommodation, learning Danish, or getting career advice, Aarhus University has the infrastructure to assist every step of the way.

The International Centre at AU is a cornerstone of support, offering housing assistance, visa guidance, introductory programs, Danish language courses, and help with practical matters. Located in the Dale T. Mortensen Building, it also houses the IC Dormitory for international PhD students, fostering a vibrant community.

Aarhus University's global community, represented by over 4,000 international students from more than 120 countries, offers a rich cultural exchange. Student organizations and clubs cater to a wide array of interests, facilitating an immersive academic and social experience. From the Aarhus BSS International Case Teams to the Aarhus Symposium and beyond, there are numerous avenues for engagement.

AU is deeply committed to preparing students for their future careers, offering workshops, career counselling, and networking events aimed at equipping students for the workforce. This comprehensive support system ensures that international students not only achieve academic success but also thrive personally and professionally.

What is the campus life like at Aarhus University?

Aarhus University stands as a unique beacon for international students, providing a sneak peek into the exhilarating campus life that awaits them. With a popular choice among students being shared accommodation, Aarhus University encourages a deep dive into Danish culture.

At the heart of Aarhus University is a commitment to environmental sustainability, housed within a campus that blends historical charm with modernity. Its innovative educational spaces promote active learning and collaboration, setting the stage for a comprehensive educational experience.

The university is a hub for vibrant student life, home to numerous academic societies, sports clubs, artistic groups, volunteer organizations, and student media, offering a well-rounded education beyond the classroom. These platforms not only cater to a range of interests but also foster cultural exchange and social integration, enriching the international student experience.

Surrounding the campus, the city of Aarhus beckons with its cultural venues, nature parks, and a host of festivals, offering students a wealth of experiences. From the ARoS Art Museum and Moesgaard Museum to the University Park and nearby Botanical Gardens, there’s no shortage of places to explore and things to do.

What are the housing options available for international students in Aarhus?

In Aarhus, with its student-friendly vibe, housing options abound, catering to varied tastes, whether a private apartment or the communal spirit of dorms, ensuring every student finds their haven. Aarhus University (AU) provides a housing guarantee to certain international students, aiding in the initial transition with options ranging from shared apartments to single rooms, all furnished for comfort and study.

Eligibility for AU's housing guarantee often hinges on tuition status or scholarships, with conditions like stay duration and booking fees. Beyond this, Aarhus and its university offer a wealth of resources for finding private or shared rentals, from online platforms to social media and university notice boards, presenting numerous avenues to find the ideal home.

Shared accommodation emerges as a prudent choice for many, offering cost savings, a built-in social network, cultural exchange, shared responsibilities, better locations, and lease flexibility. It's not just about affordability but fostering connections, understanding new cultures, and integrating into the Aarhus community, making your study abroad experience richer and more fulfilling.

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What are some FAQs about Aarhus University?

At Aarhus University (AU), international students join a leading community for aspiring engineers and tech innovators. This concise guide addresses key queries to navigate your academic journey at AU:

  • Overview of Aarhus University (AU): A hub of academic excellence and vibrant community in Denmark, offering a warm welcome to international students seeking a comprehensive education experience.
  • Programs for International Students: Diverse programs across all study levels: Bachelor's, Master's, Engineering, PhD, and Exchange/Summer University.
  • Admission and Language Requirements: Master’s programs require a degree equivalent to a Danish Bachelor’s (180 ECTS) and specific language proficiency. Bachelor’s programs and exchange student placements demand English proficiency, with tests like TOEFL (minimum 83) or IELTS (minimum 6.5).
  • Scholarships and Financial Aid: Limited scholarships for non-EU/EEA students, including tuition waivers and grants are available. Your application for admission automatically considers eligibility for scholarships.
  • Housing Options for International Students: AU provides housing services tailored to various student classifications. Private accommodation is also available for those seeking more privacy.
  • Student Clubs and Organizations: Diverse clubs and organizations available, fostering a dynamic and inclusive student life, are available at Aarhus University, and cater to different hobbies and interests.
  • Support Services for International Students: The International Centre offers comprehensive support, including housing, visa assistance, and language courses.
  • Cost of Living in Denmark: Monthly living expenses range from DKK 6,000 to DKK 10,000, covering all basics, but costs may vary depending on city and lifestyle.
  • Visa and Residence Permit Requirements: Non-EU/EEA and Swiss students may need a visa or residence permit, depending on stay duration. Early application is advised due to processing times.

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