Student Support at Aarhus University: A Guide for International Students

Discover Aarhus University, Denmark's hub for international students. From comprehensive support at the International Centre to vibrant student life and career services, AU is the perfect place for academic and personal growth.

Student Support at Aarhus University: A Guide for International Students
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Embarking on the journey of studying abroad is a monumental step filled with excitement, aspirations, and, admittedly, a fair share of uncertainties. Choosing the right university, adapting to a new culture, and navigating the practicalities of student life in a foreign land are just the tip of the iceberg. For those setting their sights on Denmark, Aarhus University emerges as a beacon of academic excellence and a nurturing ground for international students

Aarhus University stands out not only for its academic rigor but also for its deep commitment to the well-being and success of its international student body. From the array of services provided by the International Centre to the welcoming embrace of a diverse student community, AU is a place where every international student finds their footing and thrives. Whether it’s navigating the complexities of student housing, delving into Danish language courses, or seeking tailored career advice, Aarhus University is equipped to guide you every step of the way.

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International Centre at Aarhus University

The International Centre at Aarhus University is dedicated to ensuring that international students receive the support they need, from the moment they consider Aarhus University as their study destination to their arrival and throughout their studies.

Services Offered by the International Centre

  • Housing Services: One of the key services provided by the International Centre is assistance with student housing. The Centre helps international students navigate the housing market in Aarhus, which can be quite competitive, especially at the start of the academic year. They offer guidance on finding suitable accommodation, whether within university dormitories or private housing, to ensure students have a comfortable place to live.
  • Visa Support: For international students requiring a visa to study in Denmark, the International Centre provides crucial support. This includes guidance on the application process, required documentation, and any other queries related to immigration.
  • Introductory Program: The Centre organizes an introductory program for international students. This program is designed to help students acclimate to their new environment, introducing them to the university's systems and the Danish way of life.
  • Danish Language Courses: Recognizing the importance of integrating into the local culture, the International Centre offers Danish language courses for international students. These courses are a fantastic way to learn the local language, which can enrich the study abroad experience and facilitate daily interactions.
  • Support for Practical Matters: Beyond the initial stages of settling in, the International Centre continues to provide support on all practical matters concerning student life at Aarhus University. This includes, but is not limited to, guidance on administrative procedures, health insurance, and banking.

Located in the Dale T. Mortensen Building—named after one of Aarhus University's Nobel Laureates—the International Centre is also home to the IC Dormitory, which provides housing specifically for international PhD students. This facility not only offers accommodation but also serves as a hub for international student activities, fostering a sense of community among students from diverse backgrounds.

Student Life and Community at Aarhus University

With more than 4,000 international students representing over 120 nationalities, Aarhus University is a global melting pot that offers a rich cultural exchange and a broad spectrum of academic and social opportunities.

The diversity at Aarhus University is not just in numbers but in the active engagement of students from various backgrounds. This multicultural environment ensures that international students can find peers from their own country while also interacting with students from around the world.

Student Organizations and Clubs at Aarhus University

Aarhus University offers a wide array of student organizations and clubs that cater to the diverse interests and academic needs of its student body, including international students. These organizations are a fantastic way for international students to immerse themselves in the university's social and academic life, meet new people, and enrich their study experience in Denmark. Some popular examples include:

  • Aarhus BSS International Case Teams: Focuses on recruiting and training talented students for national and international case competitions, offering networking opportunities with business professionals.
  • Aarhus Symposium: Connects ambitious students with today’s leaders through an all-day event focusing on pertinent corporate world issues.
  • Juridisk Selskab (Law Student Organization): Organizes social events and trips for law students, making it the largest law student organization at AU.
  • Oeconrådet (Economics Council): Aims to improve education quality and study environment for students at Aarhus BSS, particularly for those studying economics, business economics, and politics and economics.
  • Studenterlauget: Claims to be the largest student organization in Denmark, operating as a non-profit entity focused on enhancing student life at Aarhus BSS.
  • International Committee: Represents international students within the Student Council, advocating for their rights and ensuring their voices are heard on relevant issues.
  • Aarhus University Sport (AUS): An umbrella organization working with 18 independent sports clubs to offer a range of activities, from chess to football, welcoming both Danish and international students.

Student Counselling and Career Services

The Student Counselling Service at Aarhus BSS provides support on matters related to student life. Whether you need guidance on rules and regulations, course selection, or your well-being as a student, the counsellors are there to assist. They maintain strict confidentiality and are ready to refer you to other resources if needed. The sessions are designed to be a dialogue focused on clarifying your situation and understanding the rules and opportunities available to you.

Aarhus University is committed to preparing students for their future careers. International students are invited to participate in workshops and events designed to prepare them for working in Denmark. This includes practical skills training on writing effective CVs, using LinkedIn for job searches, and networking opportunities with local companies and international graduates.

The university provides career counselling and planning to help manage your learning and development throughout your career. This support includes guidance on developing different aspects of your skills and knowledge to cultivate a successful career, whether within or outside academia. Aarhus BSS also organizes events specifically for international students, such as career kick-starters, job fairs, and workshops on transitioning from student to employee, providing ample opportunities for networking and learning about career options in Danish companies​.


For those considering Denmark as their destination, Aarhus University stands out as an exemplary institution, offering not just academic excellence but a supportive and enriching environment for international students. With services ranging from the International Centre's comprehensive support to vibrant student life and active student organizations, AU ensures that every international student finds a place to thrive and succeed.

AU provides a foundation for success and a plethora of opportunities for international students to make the most of their study abroad experience. For anyone looking to broaden their horizons in a nurturing, dynamic environment, Aarhus University is a beacon of opportunity, ready to welcome the next generation of global citizens and leaders.

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