Student Housing at Aarhus University: All You Need to Know as an International Student

Navigating student housing in Aarhus is key to a fulfilling university life. Whether it's the camaraderie of dorms or the independence of private rentals, finding the right place offers a blend of comfort, community, and cultural immersion.

Student Housing at Aarhus University: All You Need to Know as an International Student
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Welcome to the vibrant city of Aarhus, a place where international students find not just a top-notch education but also a warm and welcoming community. Finding the perfect spot to call home during your studies is a crucial part of this adventure. It is far more than securing a roof over your head – it's about finding a space where you can feel safe, comfortable, and able to fully embrace the student life experience. A home is not just a physical location but a sanctuary where you can relax, study, and grow both personally and academically. The importance of this cannot be overstated, as it directly impacts your well-being and academic success.

Aarhus, known for its high concentration of students, offers a variety of housing options tailored to suit different needs and preferences. Whether you're looking for the independence of a private flat or the community spirit of a dormitory, Aarhus has something for everyone. This blog is your go-to resource for understanding the nuts and bolts of securing student housing in this lively city. From exploring the unique features of student dormitories to providing practical advice on how to tackle the application process, we've got you covered.

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Student Housing at Aarhus University

Aarhus University (AU) provides a housing guarantee for certain groups of international students under specific conditions. This housing guarantee is typically aimed at supporting new international students in finding accommodation for the initial part of their studies in Aarhus.

AU Housing

AU Housing offers assistance specifically to international students, PhD students, and staff at Aarhus University, helping them find accommodation in Aarhus. The types of housing provided through AU Housing vary significantly, ranging from single rooms with shared or private bathrooms to apartments shared with one other student, as well as studio apartments with private facilities. AU Housing's options are furnished, providing basic amenities such as a bed, table, chair, lamp, and storage space. However, it's important to emphasize that pets are allowed in only a few dormitories and gender-specific dormitories are not available in Denmark.

Who is eligible for the housing guarantee at Aarhus University?

The housing guarantee often applies to new international students who are either tuition-paying or recipients of certain scholarships provided by Aarhus University. This guarantee is designed to ease the transition to living in Denmark by ensuring that these students have a place to stay when they begin their studies. However, it's important to note that the guarantee has specific conditions, such as the duration of the stay, which is usually for a maximum of 12 months, and depends on the availability of housing.

Conditions and Application Process

Students wishing to take advantage of the housing guarantee must be aware of several key points:

  • Application Deadlines: There are deadlines for applying for housing through the guarantee, typically set for the autumn and spring semesters. It's crucial to apply within these deadlines to be considered for the guarantee.
  • Booking Fee: Accepting a housing offer from AU Housing under the guarantee may involve paying a booking fee.
  • Online Application: The process requires filling out an online housing application through the AU Self-service system, which may necessitate creating an account if the student does not already have one.

For students not covered by the housing guarantee or seeking accommodation after the guarantee period, Aarhus University and its partners offer resources and advice for finding housing on the private market. This includes information on applying for housing through Student Housing Aarhus, tips for navigating the rental market, and guidelines for securing accommodation that meets the student's needs and budget.

Student Housing Aarhus

Student Housing Aarhus, an independent organization, is responsible for managing the majority of dormitory rooms in Aarhus. This service is separate from the university but works closely to provide housing for students. Due to high demand, there are often lengthy waiting lists, so students are advised to apply as early as possible.

Dormitories are scattered throughout the city and its outskirts, always within reach of public transportation. Most accommodations require students to manage their cooking, cleaning, and laundry. It's important to note that not all residences come furnished, so some students may need to purchase furniture upon arrival​.

Finding Private Rentals for International Students in Denmark

For international students enrolling at Aarhus University and exploring private rental options, there are several avenues to consider. Navigating the private rental market in Aarhus can be challenging due to high demand and varying price ranges. However, with careful planning and research, you can find suitable accommodation that meets your needs.

  • Online Housing Platforms: Several online platforms list available apartments, rooms, and shared housing options in Aarhus. Websites like Hemavi specialize in connecting renters with landlords and roommates. These platforms often provide filters to customize your search according to your budget, preferred location, and type of accommodation.
  • Social Media Groups: Facebook groups dedicated to housing in Aarhus can be a useful resource for finding private rentals. Groups like "Housing in Aarhus" or "Expats in Aarhus" often have listings from private landlords or people looking for roommates. Engaging with these communities can also provide insights into the rental market and tips from fellow international students.
  • University Notice Boards: Aarhus University and various faculties might have physical or online notice boards where students and staff post available rooms or seek roommates. Checking these boards regularly can uncover hidden gems and opportunities for shared accommodation that may not be listed on larger platforms.
  • Local Newspapers and Community Boards: Some landlords and rental agencies still advertise available listings in local newspapers or community boards found in supermarkets and community centers. While this method may require more legwork, it can sometimes lead to less competitive and more affordable options.

What's the best housing option for international students?

Choosing shared accommodation offers several benefits for international students enrolling at Aarhus University, from both a practical and social perspective, including:

  • Cost Efficiency: One of the primary advantages of shared accommodation is the potential for reduced living expenses. Sharing an apartment or house means dividing the cost of rent, utilities, and internet, which can significantly lower individual financial burdens. Aarhus, like many university cities, can have a competitive and expensive housing market, making shared accommodations a financially savvy choice.
  • Social Integration and Support Network: Moving to a new country can be a daunting experience. Living with roommates provides a built-in social network from day one. Shared accommodation can help combat feelings of loneliness and isolation by ensuring that students have others to share experiences, meals, and navigate the challenges of living in a new place together.
  • Cultural Exchange: For international students, living in a shared space with individuals from Denmark or other countries offers a unique opportunity for cultural exchange. It’s an enriching experience that broadens perspectives and enhances cultural understanding. Additionally, it provides a practical setting to practice language skills, particularly Danish, which can be beneficial for daily interactions and integration into the local community.
  • Shared Responsibility: Managing a household alone, especially in a new country, can be overwhelming. Shared accommodation means shared responsibilities, making it easier to manage chores, cooking, and maintenance. This can leave more time for studies and social activities, creating a balanced lifestyle.
  • Access to Better Locations: Often, shared accommodations are more readily available and affordable in locations closer to university campuses or within vibrant community areas. This means shorter commutes, better access to university resources, and a chance to live in desirable neighborhoods that might be unaffordable for an individual renter.
  • Lease Flexibility: Shared accommodations often come with more flexible lease terms, which is ideal for international students who might not want to commit to a long-term lease. This flexibility can be particularly beneficial for those unsure about their plans after their studies conclude or those who wish to explore living in different parts of the city.


Aarhus, with its vibrant student community and diverse accommodation options, offers a unique backdrop for your studies and personal growth. From the communal spirit of dormitories to the independence offered by private rentals, each housing option presents an opportunity to immerse yourself in the Danish way of life and form lasting connections.

Embracing shared accommodation not only eases the financial aspects of living abroad but also enriches your university experience with cultural exchanges and lifelong friendships. It’s a choice that goes beyond mere convenience, offering a pathway to deeper integration into the local community and the vibrant, inclusive culture of Aarhus.

Remember, the process of finding a home away from home in Aarhus—whether through AU Housing's guarantee for eligible students, independent organizations like Student Housing Aarhus, or the private rental market—requires patience, persistence, and an open mind. By starting your search early, being flexible in your options, and utilizing the resources and networks available, you can find a place that not only meets your needs but also enhances your study abroad experience.

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