A Guide to Digital Viewings on Hemavi for Tenants

Learn how to navigate your digital viewings on Hemavi with our comprehensive guide. From preparing for the video call to engaging effectively with landlords, learn everything you need to know for a successful online room viewing.

A Guide to Digital Viewings on Hemavi for Tenants

Digital viewings on Hemavi is a convenient way for you to see a potential room you are interested in and to interact with your new roommates, ensuring a good match before proceeding with a booking. Here's how to make the most of these online viewings:

The viewings on Hemavi are always digital through a video call, and there is always a Hemavi representative present to help make sure the viewing is safe, efficient and smooth for both parties.

1. Preparing for the Video call

LOCATION 🏑 β€” Choose a quiet, well-lit place where you can focus on the video call without distractions. This will make it easier you make a good impression on the landlord as well as improve the overall quality of the video call.

VIDEO CALL AND DEVICE πŸ“± β€” You will receive a link to a digital meeting that can be opened on any mobile device or computer. Use a device with a working camera, microphone, and stable internet connection. If using a phone, ensure you have the 'Google Meet' app downloaded before the call.

2. During the Video call

INTRODUCTIONS πŸ–– β€” Start by introducing yourself. Share brief details about your work/studies, hobbies, and what you're looking for in a home.

ABOUT THE LANDLORD πŸ™‹β€β™€οΈ β€” What would you like to know about the Landlord? Let them tell you more about themselves.

HOUSE TOUR 🏑 β€” Pay attention on the landlord's tour of the room and the apartment/house. Observe the condition of the room, common areas, and amenities. Ask questions about anything that isn't clear or requires more details from your side.

HOUSE RULES πŸ“£ β€” Pay attention to the house rules discussed by the landlord. Ask questions about quiet times, cleaning, shared responsibilities, and any other aspects that are important to you. This helps ensure a good fit and make sure you’re on the same page.

CONTRACT πŸ“‘ β€” Discuss key contract details like the rental period, included utilities (electricity, water, wifi), and other relevant terms. Clarify the move-in date and duration of your stay.

3. After the Video call

WHAT’S NEXT? 🀨 β€” If both you and the landlord feel positive about the match, the Hemavi representative present during the video call will assist with the next steps. These include the booking process, finalizing the rental agreement, and coordinating move-in details.