Navigating Success: Student Support Services at Copenhagen Business School for International Students

CBS supports international students with a comprehensive system, offering academic guidance, housing assistance, and cultural immersion. The Student Hub, Student Affairs, and International Student Ambassadors ensure a welcoming and inclusive environment.

Navigating Success: Student Support Services at Copenhagen Business School for International Students
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Embarking on an educational journey in a foreign country is an exhilarating adventure, brimming with opportunities for personal and academic growth. However, it can also be fraught with challenges, especially for international students who must navigate the complexities of adapting to a new academic system and culture. Copenhagen Business School (CBS), one of Denmark's premier institutions, recognizes these challenges and goes to great lengths to ensure that its international community not only feels welcome but also supported throughout their studies.

From the initial stages of application to finding one's footing in the vibrant city of Copenhagen, CBS has put in place a comprehensive support system that addresses the academic, social, and practical needs of students from all corners of the globe. Whether you're a full-degree seeker, an exchange student, or a freemover, CBS's welcoming arms stretch wide to include robust academic support, assistance with housing, cultural immersion programs, and a dedicated team of International Student Ambassadors ready to share their insider tips and experiences.

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General Inquiries and Information

The Student Hub

The Student Hub at Copenhagen Business School (CBS) serves as the primary point of contact for students seeking assistance and support during their studies. It is designed to be the starting point for most student inquiries, offering a range of services to help students navigate their academic life and the various resources available to them at CBS.

Located at the Solbjerg Plads campus, the Student Hub provides a physical space for students to walk in and seek guidance on general questions related to their studies, campus resources, and more. The staff at the Student Hub are well-equipped to answer a wide array of queries or to direct students to the appropriate department or resource for their specific needs. In addition to in-person support, the Student Hub can be contacted by phone during its operating hours

Student Affairs

Student Affairs at Copenhagen Business School (CBS) plays a pivotal role in supporting the academic journey of both prospective and currently enrolled full degree students. This department is the main hub for a wide range of essential services that cater to the administrative and academic needs of students throughout their time at CBS.

Here’s an overview of the key services and support offered by Student Affairs at CBS:

  • Student Guidance: Specialized advice and support regarding full degree programmes, helping students navigate their academic paths, including course selection and career advice.
  • Communication to Students: Keeping students informed about important updates, opportunities, and events happening within the CBS community.
  • Administration of State Grants and Special Needs Education Support: Assistance with financial aid options available to students, including grants and support services for students with special needs.
  • Registration for Electives: Facilitating the process for students to enroll in elective courses, ensuring they meet their academic requirements and interests.
  • Admission to Bachelor and Master Programmes: Providing comprehensive support for the admission process, including application submission, requirements, and deadlines.

You can reach Student Affairs through email at for the head of Student Affairs, or check the CBS Student Affairs webpage.

International Student Ambassadors at CBS

The International Student Ambassadors (ISA) at Copenhagen Business School (CBS) are a team of current international students who volunteer their time to support new international students. Their main goal is to help incoming students adjust to life at CBS and in Denmark, making the transition smoother and more enjoyable. By sharing their own experiences and insights, the ISAs offer a peer perspective that is both relatable and invaluable for new students.

The ISAs are involved in planning and organizing events throughout the academic year, which are designed to welcome new students, foster a sense of community, and introduce them to Danish culture and student life at CBS. These activities range from orientation sessions to social gatherings, cultural immersion events, and informational workshops, all aimed at helping international students settle into their new environment.

Additionally, the ISAs serve as a point of contact for prospective and newly arrived students, providing advice on a variety of topics related to moving to Denmark, navigating academic life at CBS, and integrating into Danish society. This can include practical advice on finding accommodation, understanding Danish customs, and tips on making the most out of the student experience at CBS.

Admission Support

CBS provides detailed information and support for international applicants to navigate the admission process effectively. This support includes:

  • Guidance on Application Process: CBS outlines clear steps for applying, whether you're a prospective bachelor, master, or PhD student. The university's website features sections dedicated to international students, offering insights into application deadlines, required documents, and specific admission criteria​​.
  • Personalized Assistance: For more specific queries related to admissions, international students can reach out directly via email to the bachelor or graduate admissions offices. These channels allow applicants to ask detailed questions about their applications and receive guidance tailored to their unique circumstances​​.
  • Exchange Student Support: CBS has a dedicated International Office that provides comprehensive support for potential, current, or past exchange students, including information on nomination and application processes, course selection, and housing​​​​.

Academic Support

Once admitted, international students have access to a variety of academic support services designed to help them succeed in their studies and make the most of their time at CBS:

  • Student Guidance Services: CBS provides specialized student guidance counselors who can assist international students in choosing the right bachelor or master program, based on their interests and career goals. This service ensures students are well-informed about their academic options​​.
  • Academic Information and Support: International students can find extensive academic information on CBS's official website, including details on course offerings, study programs, and examination policies. This resource is crucial for students to understand their academic responsibilities and opportunities​​.
  • Welcome Programme and Cultural Immersion: To facilitate a smooth transition to CBS and life in Denmark, the university offers a welcome programme for international students. This includes orientation sessions, cultural immersion activities, and other initiatives designed to help students acclimate to their new environment and foster a sense of belonging within the CBS community​​.

Housing Support at Copenhagen Business School

Copenhagen Business School (CBS) provides housing support to international students to help them find accommodation in Copenhagen, which is known for its challenging housing market. This support is crucial for ensuring that students have a smooth transition to life in Denmark and can focus on their studies without the added stress of securing housing.

You can learn more about the housing provided through CBS here.


As we wrap up our exploration of the robust support system at Copenhagen Business School (CBS) for international students, it's evident that embarking on an educational journey abroad is a complex yet profoundly rewarding adventure. CBS's dedication to creating an inclusive, supportive, and enriching environment for students from all corners of the globe is a testament to its commitment to excellence and diversity in higher education.

From the moment of considering application, through the maze of admissions, and onto the path of academic and social integration, CBS stands as a beacon of support. The Student Hub, Student Affairs, and the International Student Ambassadors are just a few examples of the resources designed to ease the transition and enhance the experience of international students. These services not only address the logistical and academic challenges but also foster a sense of community and belonging.

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