KTH Student Housing: All FAQs Answered

Navigating housing at KTH? Here are your answers to the most common questions about finding accommodation in Stockholm as an international student. Happy house hunting!

KTH Student Housing: All FAQs Answered
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So, you've just got your ticket to KTH Royal Institute of Technology (congrats, by the way!), and now you're diving into the next big adventure—finding a cozy corner in Stockholm to call your own. If the thought of hunting for accommodation has you scratching your head, wondering where to even begin, you've landed in the right spot!

This blog is packed with answers to every question popping up in your mind about finding a place to live. We'll discuss all the essentials: different places you can call home, how much you should budget for rent, and the best areas to live in as a KTH student. Plus, we've got the inside scoop on navigating the rental market, securing student housing, and making sure you land a place that's just right for you. Our goal is to make sure you feel as prepared as possible, so you can focus more on your studies and enjoying everything Stockholm has to offer.

Is there university-provided accommodation at KTH?

KTH Royal Institute of Technology provides a limited amount of university-managed accommodation services primarily aimed at international students, particularly those coming to Stockholm for the first time. This service is designed to assist new arrivals in finding a place to live as they start their studies. It's important to note that the availability of university-provided accommodation is limited and not guaranteed for all international students. Priority is often given to exchange students and those enrolled in certain programs under specific agreements that include housing support.

Students should check the official KTH website or contact the university's accommodation services directly for the most current information on eligibility, application procedures, and deadlines for university-provided housing.

What are the types of student accommodations available?

KTH Royal Institute of Technology offers various housing options for its students, aimed primarily at international students to assist them in finding accommodation in Stockholm. The university's accommodation services are designed to make the housing search easier for students by leasing apartments from housing companies and subleasing them to students. This service is non-profit, and while some student groups are guaranteed housing, availability varies and some students may need to find housing on their own​.

Malvinas väg offers mainly single studio apartments but also has some larger studios suitable for couples. The single studio apartments are around 20 m², furnished with a single bed, table/desk, and chairs, including a private kitchen/kitchenette and bathroom. For those needing more space, larger studios range from 25-30 m².

Teknikringen provides a mix of accommodation types across five buildings, including single studios, larger studios suitable for couples, and shared apartments with two or three bedrooms.

Both locations are equipped with basic furniture provided by KTH, ensuring a comfortable living environment for students. These housing options are designed to meet the diverse needs of KTH's student community, offering both privacy and the opportunity for social interaction in shared spaces.

How much does student accommodation cost?

Rental costs of university-provided student housing at KTH vary widely based on location, type of accommodation, and amenities. Students should budget for rent, utilities, and possibly a security deposit. At Malvinas väg, the rent for these apartments includes water, electricity, and internet, with prices ranging from 7100 SEK/month for a single studio to 7500-8300 SEK/month for larger studios suitable for couples​​.

While at Teknikringen, single studios are priced at 6900 SEK per month, while larger studios for couples range from 7400-8200 SEK per month. Two and three-bedroom apartments cost 6300 SEK per month for each tenant, where tenants share kitchen, living spaces, and bathrooms. Rent includes water and electricity, but internet service is not included and must be arranged by the tenant​​.

When should I start looking for accommodation?

As an international student admitted to KTH, it's advisable to start looking for accommodation as early as possible. The housing application through KTH typically opens around May 1st for the academic year starting in August. Given the high demand for student accommodation in Stockholm, registering early in housing queues like SSSB and exploring various platforms for private accommodation can significantly increase your chances of finding a suitable place​​.

Areas around KTH popular among students for living include Östermalm, Vasastan, and Kungsholmen. These neighborhoods offer proximity to campus and access to Stockholm's public transportation, making them convenient choices. Additionally, students often consider Solna and Sundbyberg, which, while slightly further away, provide more affordable housing options yet still maintain good access to KTH via metro or bus services.

What should I be aware of when signing a rental contract?

When signing a rental contract as an international student at KTH, you should be aware of the contract duration, monthly rent, what's included (utilities, internet), any required security deposit, and the notice period for moving out. Check if the contract specifies rules about subletting or having guests.

Always inspect the apartment for existing damages and ensure they're documented to avoid disputes. It's crucial to understand all terms before signing and, if possible, have a Swedish-speaking friend or legal advisor review the contract to clarify any uncertainties.

Is it possible to find short-term accommodation?

Yes, it is possible for international students at KTH to find short-term accommodation. Options include subletting apartments, staying in hostels, or using services like Airbnb for temporary lodging. Some students opt for short-term rentals while searching for more permanent housing. Always ensure any short-term arrangement is secure and verify the legitimacy of listings to avoid scams.

How do I apply for student housing through KTH?

To apply for student housing through KTH, you should visit the official KTH website's accommodation section. The process typically involves checking eligibility criteria, completing an application form, and submitting it within the specified application period. It's crucial to apply as early as possible due to limited availability.

What resources are available for international students at KTH?

KTH provides various resources for international students, including a comprehensive orientation program, academic advising, language courses, and access to health and support services. There are also student unions and clubs offering a range of activities and opportunities to engage with the campus community. For accommodation, KTH offers limited housing services and guidance for finding housing in Stockholm. Additionally, KTH's Career Service helps with job search and networking, and the International Student Office offers support with visa and administrative questions.

Can I live with a roommate?

As an international student at KTH, you can live with a roommate. Many students choose shared apartments or student dormitories with shared facilities to reduce living costs and enjoy a communal living experience. When looking for accommodation, you can specify your interest in sharing or find listings that are explicitly for shared living situations.

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What are my rights as a tenant?

As an international student tenant at KTH in Sweden, you are protected under Swedish rental law, which ensures rights like security of tenure, maintenance of the property, and reasonable notice periods for eviction. You have the right to a safe and habitable living environment. Additionally, your deposit must be handled fairly, and you may have the right to renew your lease under certain conditions. It's important to understand your lease agreement fully and know your rights regarding rent increases and subletting. For detailed information and support, consult the Swedish Tenants Association (Hyresgästföreningen) or KTH's student services.


We've walked through the essentials—from types of accommodation to budgeting, rights as a tenant, and even tips for living with roommates. Armed with this knowledge, you're now ready to navigate the Stockholm housing market with confidence. Remember, the early bird catches the worm, so start your search early and keep your options open.

Stockholm is a city that's as welcoming as it is beautiful, and there's a spot just for you here. Whether you choose a cozy room in a student corridor, a shared apartment, or find a snug studio, each will offer its own unique slice of the Swedish lifestyle. Embrace the process, stay positive, and before you know it, you'll be settling into a place you can call your own.