Exploring the Technical University of Denmark: A Journey into Campus Life for International Students

At DTU, innovation meets tradition, offering a unique blend of academic excellence and sustainable campus life. It's a place where international students thrive, engage in diverse clubs, and prepare for bright futures

Exploring the Technical University of Denmark: A Journey into Campus Life for International Students
Photo by Stamers Kontor

Welcome to the Technical University of Denmark (DTU), a beacon of innovation, knowledge, and cultural diversity! This blog is your ultimate guide to navigating campus life at DTU, tailored especially for you, our international students. From the moment you set foot on our vibrant campus, you're embarking on a journey filled with opportunities, learning, and discovery in one of the world's most student-friendly countries.

At DTU, you'll find not just a place to study, but a community where ideas flourish, friendships are forged across borders, and the spirit of exploration is in the air. Whether you're an engineer in the making, a future tech innovator, or a scientist poised to make your mark, DTU's state-of-the-art facilities, groundbreaking research, and a diverse array of student clubs and activities provide the perfect backdrop for your academic and personal growth.

But we know that arriving in a new country can be daunting. That's why this blog is designed to help you feel at home.

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A Glimpse into the Technical University of Denmark's Campus

The Lyngby campus of the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) is the main campus of the university, located in Lyngby, a suburb north of Copenhagen. Known for its blend of historical and modern architecture, this campus is at the heart of DTU's academic and research activities. DTU places a strong emphasis on sustainability, with numerous initiatives aimed at reducing the environmental impact of the campus. These include energy-efficient buildings, waste reduction programs, and green transportation solutions. Here's an overview of what the campus is like:

Academic and Research Facilities

  • State-of-the-Art Laboratories: DTU Lyngby campus houses advanced research laboratories equipped with cutting-edge technology. These labs support a wide range of scientific disciplines, including engineering, biosciences, and information technology.
  • Innovative Learning Spaces: The campus features modern classrooms and lecture halls designed to foster interactive learning. Many spaces are flexible, allowing for various teaching and workshop configurations.

Architecture and Environment

  • Modern and Historical Buildings: The campus architecture is a mix of modern, innovative designs and historical buildings that reflect DTU's long-standing tradition of engineering excellence. This blend creates a unique aesthetic and atmosphere.
  • Green Spaces: There are numerous green areas, parks, and gardens throughout the campus, providing beautiful, serene spots for relaxation and study.

Experiences for International Students at the Technical University of Denmark's Campus

At the Technical University of Denmark (DTU), international students can find a wide range of clubs and activities tailored to a variety of interests, from academic and professional development to sports, culture, and leisure. Joining these clubs is a great way to integrate into the university community, meet new people, and enhance your study experience.

Student Organizations and Activities at DTU

DTU has a vibrant student life with a wide variety of clubs and organizations catering to almost any interest you might have. Here's a brief overview of some of the student organizations you can join:

  • PF (Polyteknisk Forening): The oldest student organization in Denmark, established in 1845, representing all engineering students at DTU. PF is very much involved in ensuring students have a say in their education while also organizing social events, including trips, concerts, and sporting events. They also run the S-Huset, a student house with cafés, bars, gaming facilities, and clubs​​.
  • Venture Cup: A nonprofit organization that supports young entrepreneurs and empowers students and researchers to turn their ideas into successful companies, holding two annual competitions​​.
  • IAESTE: Manages international exchange programs for students in technical and scientific fields, promoting international understanding and cooperation​​.
  • BEST (Board of European Students of Technology): Organizes summer courses, engineering competitions, and social activities throughout the year for students across Europe​​.
  • DTU Alt Protein Project: Focuses on the sustainable transformation of the food system, spreading knowledge about sustainable protein sources and meat alternatives through events, cooking classes, and workshops​​.
  • Copenhagen Management Consulting Club: Aims to develop students' analytical and presentation skills, offering knowledge, events, and networking opportunities in collaboration with top-tier consultancies​​.
  • WESA (Wind Energy Student Association): Brings together students interested in wind energy, providing a platform for networking between students and the industry​​.
  • Hypatia - Women in Engineering: A network for women at DTU, working towards strengthening members' social and professional networks​​.
  • DTU's Art Association: Explores art and artistic expression, arranging exhibitions and events throughout the year​​.
  • DTU Choir: A university choir for students and staff, practicing weekly and led by a professional choirmaster​​.
  • PianoForum: A forum for those interested in piano music, offering a place to meet, play, listen, and discuss various musical pieces​​.
  • Vermilion Racing: A student project that designs and builds a fully functional Formula Electric vehicle, competing internationally​​.
  • DTU Skylab FoodLab: Focuses on food system change and innovation, supporting agriculture-based innovation and entrepreneurship through interdisciplinary projects and collaborations​​.

International Student Association at DTU

The International Student Association (ISA) at DTU, known as ESN DTU (Erasmus Student Network DTU), aims to help international students get to know Denmark and Danish culture. They organize various events to support incoming international students in their transition and integration into the community at DTU​​.

For more detailed information and how to join, it would be best to visit DTU's official page on clubs and associations.

Events and Workshops for Students at DTU

DTU Career Center

The DTU Career Centre plays a crucial role in bridging the gap between students and the job market. They offer several services and events to help students start their careers effectively:

  • CV and Cover Letter Feedback: Personalized advice to improve job applications.
  • Career-Related Workshops & Networking Events: Opportunities to learn from and connect with companies through tech talks, career nights, and the DTU CareerWeek.
  • Job Seeking Material and Online Courses: Resources like crash courses on CV writing, interview preparation, and creating a compelling LinkedIn profile are available.
  • Job Postings: Access to student jobs, full-time positions, internships, and project collaborations with companies through the DTU Career Hub​​.

Innovation in Engineering Course

A practical course guiding students through the innovation process, teaching innovation techniques useful for future projects. This course is designed to work in multidisciplinary and multicultural environments, enhancing soft skills and fostering innovative solutions that could lead to startup ideas​​.


Embarking on your journey at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) opens a world of opportunities, innovation, and community. This blog has aimed to provide you with a comprehensive guide to making the most of your time on this vibrant campus. From the moment you join, you're not just a student; you're part of a dynamic and supportive community that extends far beyond the classroom.

As your journey at DTU unfolds, remember that this is a time for exploration, making lasting friendships, and laying the groundwork for a successful and fulfilling career. The experiences you'll have, the knowledge you'll gain, and the connections you'll make at DTU will shape your future in ways you can't yet imagine.

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