Why did we start Hemavi?

Read more about why we started Hemavi in the first place and what makes us unique.

Why did we start Hemavi?
A picture of Hemavi founders: Hazem Ashour and Pascal Dettwiler

Hemavi was founded in late 2020 and was launched in Stockholm in 2021 by our duo founders, Hazem and Pascal, two finance guys whose dream was simple: make co-living a better and more enjoyable experience.

Hemavi is built as an alternative to the traditional housing marketplaces, where finding the right roommate is pretty much like rolling a dice. Hemavi gives users the opportunity to see who their potential roommates are, dig deeper into their personality, lifestyle, and daily routine. This helps them decide whether they are actually a good fit to live together before they move-in and it’s already too late.

Today, with the help of our great team, Hemavi is live in Sweden, Denmark, and the Netherlands and our vision is to continue our growth journey and make co-living a better experience in more countries and cities around the world.

How did we come up with the idea behind Hemavi?

Hazem, one of our founders tells the story: During my studies in Lund, I experienced first-hand how inefficient the housing market is and I saw a potential for a better solution that could really help a lot of people. Pascal and I joined forces and our first step was the start-up program at Lund University, VentureLab. We are forever grateful for the immense support we received from Lund University from day one, which helped us get the idea off the ground.

So, we started Hemavi…

Here’s what our founders Hazem and Pascal have to say about Hemavi and what we do differently:

We are an algorithm-based matchmaking platform for roommates. Using our algorithm, we match roommates based on interests, lifestyle, and daily routine, to ensure that people who end up living together can genuinely enjoy living together. In comparison to other platforms where users can only see room ads with minimal information about who’s renting out, we enable users to see a lot of information about their potential roommates even before sending the first message.

We use simple multiple choice questions in our algorithm to evaluate the compatibility between roommates. For example, if one person likes to sleep early, then he/she would most likely not enjoy living with a roommate who goes to bed at 3:00 in the morning. After answering the algorithm questions, you can compare your compatibility, through the matchmaking score, with every potential roommate on the platform and determine whether two or more people are compatible to live under the same roof.

Once you’ve found the perfect room or roommate, you can text them through the platform safely and securely. In addition, both the tenant and roommate can sign sign the contract online through Hemavi. To ensure the safety of both parties, the tenant pays the deposit safely through us, which goes to the landlord after the room is verified.

What makes Hemavi special?

We focus on the human aspect of the room rental. Compatibility and the human aspect of the process are the centre of attention of what we do at Hemavi. At the end of the day, if you’re not compatible, it is not going to be an enjoyable experience for either you or your roommate. We put extra focus on safety as well since it is essential in our business. Hemavi handles the entire process, from verifying each user to signing contracts and collecting deposits, ensuring that our users are safe in every step throughout the process.

What is your plan with Hemavi?

Today Hemavi is live in Sweden, Denmark, and the Netherlands. We are grateful to work with a dedicated and talented team that is enabling our fast growth across different markets. We are now serving thousands of new monthly users and growing fast. We see a lot of potential in several European markets. We know there is a massive demand when it comes to sharing accommodations where the rental prices are high and the housing supply is limited. We’re looking at a few locations on the horizon, such as London, and the main cities in Germany (such as Berlin, Munich and Frankfurt).

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