Thriving with Coliving: Digital Nomads

Coliving is convenient, affordable, flexible, and places community and human connection at its core - which falls exactly within the needs of any digital nomad.

Thriving with Coliving: Digital Nomads
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Traveling the world and exploring the most beautiful destinations of our planet while still maintaining a steady income is a dream many wish would come true. For others, it’s a lifestyle. Digital nomads have opted to leave behind the classic 9-5 working model, and lead a more flexible and freedom-oriented life. Their working conditions allow them to travel anywhere anytime, which means they are always on the hunt for the next place to live, even if for a few days.

Though some digital nomads will only spend a few days or weeks in one place, others choose to stay longer in each destination. Regardless of the length of their stay at each destination, all digital nomads want to stay at places that help expand their minds, introduce them to new people and cultures, and cultivate growth and creativity.

That’s where coliving comes in. Coliving is convenient, affordable, flexible, and places community and human connection at its core - which falls exactly within the needs of any digital nomad.

Here are some of the reasons digital nomads can thrive by choosing to stay in coliving spaces.

1. Community

The main pillar behind coliving is its focus on community building. The coliving model brings together like-minded individuals in one space, where they are encouraged to interact through the various shared spaces, and are known to form deep connections surrounding growth, networking, shared values, and more.

2. Flexibility

Leading a life of travel requires them to adapt and change plans as opportunities come up, which means digital nomads will always prefer more flexible lease terms. Coliving spaces allow residents to stay for much shorter periods of time than the standard six month or one year lease, and they can even choose to extend their stay on a month-to-month basis!

3. Affordability

Coliving spaces charge one fee for everything: a fully-furnished bedroom, household essentials, shared spaces such as bathroom and kitchen, utilities, and access to leisure facilities. Some places may also provide an opportunity for residents to attend cultural and community events, which are quite the attraction for nomads seeking to learn about the world and build relationships wherever they go.

4. Designed for growth and productivity

Digital nomads, in spite of being always-on-the-move, need constant access to technology. Their work depends on staying connected, and finding locations where they can work on their tasks. Many coliving providers are aware of this need, and have designed their places to be suitable for both living and working. In fact, many coliving spaces will have a coworking area right on premises, which nomads won’t only use to work but also to network with other professionals.

5. A global experience under one roof

It is not unlikely that digital nomads will encounter other nomads during their stay at coliving spaces. Because of their design, flexibility, and appeal to anyone who’s traveling, coliving spaces are the perfect location to meet people from all over the world. Coliving residents typically come from different backgrounds, ethnicities and nationalities, which enables digital nomads to live out their dream of meeting new people, establishing connections, and building relationships.

There are many reasons digital nomads are gravitating towards coliving - it’s a practical and affordable way to meet new people and build a community of shared values while on the go. Coliving provides digital nomads with an environment where they can thrive both personally and professionally - and at an affordable price too!