What Notice Periods When Renting Out a Room in Sweden

Whether you're a student, a young professional, or someone looking for a temporary home, room rental can be a convenient and cost-effective option. Before you sign a rental agreement, it's important to understand the notice period required when renting out a room in Sweden.

What Notice Periods When Renting Out a Room in Sweden
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Renting out a room in Sweden can be a great option for those looking for flexible and affordable housing solutions. As the cost of living rises, particularly in big cities such as Stockholm, Gothenburg, and Malmö, a lot of people are turning to renting out rooms in their apartments or houses to make a bit of extra cash. However, before you sign a rental agreement with your new roommate, it's a good idea to understand how the different notice periods work when renting out a room in Sweden.

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Rental period and termination of a rental agreement in Sweden

A room rental period can be until further notice (which means it has no specific end date and is for an indefinite period), or with a fixed end date. The notice for termination will depend on the lease period which is stated in the rental agreement.

Terminating a lease agreement with a definite period

If the agreement has a fixed date and its rental period is nine months or less, then the agreement will be automatically terminated at the end of the rental period without the need for any notice from you as a landlord. In other words, if you sign a room rental agreement with a rental period of three months, your agreement will end automatically once the three months are up. The only exception to this rule is if you have agreed upon a notice period in the agreement itself.

If the rental period is longer than nine months, then a notice is always required to terminate the agreement, when though the contract has a fixed date. So if you have a rental agreement with a rental period of 10 months, you would need to cancel the agreement in order for it to be terminated correctly.

Terminating a lease agreement with an indefinite period

As one might think makes a lot of sense, if there is no fixed date on the rental agreement, either party of the rental agreement must give notice in order for it to be terminated.

Termination of rental agreement as tenant and landlord

As a tenant, you can always give notice on your rental agreement whenever you decide you want to move. Once you’ve given a notice of termination, you may still have to continue paying rent for a specific amount of time - which is typically referred to as “notice period”. While the notice period in Sweden is typically three months, this may vary depending on your rental agreement.

On the other hand, as a landlord you are sometimes is entitled to terminate a rental agreement with a fixed period only under specific circumstances, such as if the tenant is paying the rent to late, or if the tenant is failing to look after the room accordingly.

However, this only applies if the tenant is covered by tenancy protection (sw. besittningsskydd), and according to Swedish law, tenancy protection never applies to a room that is being rented out in your own home. Therefore, you do not need a specific reason to terminate the rental agreement with your tenant, but it could be a good idea to share the reason for termination to the tenant to make him or her understand why the agreement is being terminated.

What is the typical notice period in Sweden?

In Sweden, the notice period for renting out a room can vary based on the terms agreed upon in the rental contract. However, in accordance with the Swedish rental law, the following notice period rules applies as the time of writing this blog post:

  • Tenants always have the right to terminate the agreement regardless of whether it has a fixed period or is indefinite, and tenants have a maximum of three months’ notice. The landlord and tenant can agree on terms that are more favorable for the tenant, but never on terms that leaves the tenant worse off than what the Swedish rental law says.
  • For landlords, it is a bit trickier. If the agreement is until further notice, the landlord is required to give a three-month notice. This period cannot be reduced, but if the tenant and landlord agrees on it it can be extended.

The notice period is an important aspect of the rental agreement, as it sets out the amount of time that either party has to make arrangements for a new home or to find a new tenant. It's important to understand the notice period and to abide by it to avoid any legal consequences. If you don't give notice in accordance with the rental agreement or with the minimum notice periods set out by law, you could be liable to pay your counter party damages in the worst case scenario.

It's therefore important to review the rental agreement carefully before signing it, to ensure that both of you understand all of the terms and conditions stated in the rental agreement. If there's anything in the rental agreement that you don't understand or that you disagree with, you should raise it with your landlord or with a legal advisor before signing the agreement. We have written a blog about the most common terms in a room rental agreement, and you can find it here.

Notice of termination

It is recommended that the notice of termination always be in writing. In the case of any disputes over the termination, the party that is terminating the agreement will be expected to prove that the notice was received on time by the other. For example, if you are a tenant and are giving your notice, you may be expected to prove that your landlord received the notice of termination on time. A good idea is to send an email with the notice, and make sure that your counter party responds to the email confirming that they have received the notice.

It is also important to note that all notices of termination apply from the closest turn of the month. What this means is, an agreement cannot be terminated in the middle of a given month. For instance, you decide to terminate your rental agreement on September 10th, and your notice period is three months, then your lease will officially end on December 31st, meaning that your notice period will be for October, November and December. September will not count towards your notice period.

Where can I find a good template for a room rental agreement?

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Understanding your rights and responsibilities is an important factor when signing a room rental agreement, especially when making decisions regarding terminating your contract or giving your notice of termination. As a tenant, you are able to terminate your lease agreement whenever you decide to move, but will still be expected to abide by the agreement during your notice period.

It is important to understand how the notice period works for a room in Sweden, but it is equally important to find a good person to be living with. If you want to rent out a room in your apartment or house and love a smooth rental process, you can create a free room ad on Hemavi and avoid unnecessary stress when finding the best roommate.

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