Supporting Success: Student Services at Malmö University

Explore Malmö University's extensive student services, designed to enhance your academic and personal growth. From career guidance to health support, immerse in a nurturing campus environment.

Supporting Success: Student Services at Malmö University
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Malmö University stands out not only for its innovative academic programs but also for its robust support system designed to empower every student. With over 24,000 students and a dynamic campus environment, the university recognizes the importance of providing a wide range of support services to ensure a fulfilling and successful academic journey. From counseling and career guidance to financial aid and international student support, Malmö University is dedicated to creating an inclusive and supportive atmosphere.

This blog aims to explore the various student support services available at Malmö University, providing insights into how these services can be accessed and utilized to enhance your educational experience. Whether you are a prospective student considering your options or a current student looking to maximize your university life, understanding the support available to you is key to making the most of your time at Malmö University.

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Academic Support at Malmö University

The Writing Centre at Malmö University offers comprehensive support for students, particularly international ones, who need assistance with academic writing and related skills. The Centre provides guidance on a range of topics to help students enhance their writing proficiency and achieve academic success.

One of the key aspects of the Writing Centre's offerings includes help with take-home exams and written assignments. Students are advised on how to interpret and follow the instructions of their assignments, which is crucial for structuring their responses effectively. The Centre encourages students to understand the assignment requirements clearly by identifying key verbs and content areas, which helps in crafting well-informed responses.

For more detailed, personalized assistance, the Writing Centre offers appointment-based tutoring sessions, which can be conducted online via video conferencing tools like Zoom. During these sessions, students can work on specific writing tasks and receive targeted feedback and strategies for improvement.

For more information, you can visit the Writing Centre's page on Malmö University's website.

Additionally, Malmö University offers study guidance services where students can receive advice on course selection, study techniques, and how to plan their studies efficiently. This service is especially helpful for students who are adjusting to the university's academic demands and need help in mapping out their academic path​.

Health and Psychological Services at Malmö University

Malmö University offers a well-structured Student Health Service that includes mental health counseling to support students with various challenges related to their well-being, academics, and personal life. This service is designed to be accessible and supportive, providing a range of options to meet different needs.

  • Counseling Services: Students can access counseling services where they can discuss not just academic stress but also personal issues and relationship challenges. Counseling sessions are confidential, and the service is offered at no charge to the students.
  • Healthcare Guidance: Alongside mental health support, the Student Health Service provides healthcare guidance, helping students to maintain a sustainable and healthy lifestyle while managing the pressures of university life.
  • Support for Sexual Health: The service also covers sexual health counseling and testing for sexually transmitted infections (STIs), providing a comprehensive approach to student health.
  • Courses and Workshops: Additionally, Malmö University organizes courses and workshops that cover various aspects of health and well-being, such as stress management and healthy living strategies. These are aimed at helping students manage their mental health proactively.

The services are flexible, with options for in-person consultations at the Student Centre, as well as remote access via phone or video calls. This flexibility ensures that all students can receive support when they need it, regardless of their schedules or personal preferences. The overall goal of these services at Malmö University is to ensure that students have the support they need to succeed both academically and personally, enhancing their overall university experience. For more detailed information or to book an appointment, students can visit the Student Health Service page on the Malmö University website.

Cultural and Social Integration at Malmö University

Malmö University offers a rich array of clubs and societies that provide excellent opportunities for cultural and social integration among students. These organizations cover a broad spectrum of interests, ranging from sports and arts to social justice and environmental activism, ensuring that every student can find something that resonates with their passions.

The university hosts IF Academ, a sports association where students can participate in various sports such as soccer, basketball, and volleyball. This club is open to all skill levels, from beginners to experienced athletes, fostering a supportive environment for physical activity and team spirit. In terms of cultural and artistic pursuits, students interested in the arts can engage with groups like the Dancing Student Group (DSG), which focuses on sharing and learning different dance styles. There's also the Malmö Student Choir for those who enjoy singing and wish to participate in musical performances.

For those passionate about human rights, the Amnesty International Malmö University group offers a platform to get involved in awareness campaigns and advocacy efforts. Similarly, the Feminist Association Malmö Union Student (FAMUS) provides a space to discuss and promote feminist issues with an intersectional approach. When it comes to sustainability, the Fenix Environmental Association promotes sustainability and environmental awareness within the university and the broader Malmö community, encouraging students to engage in activities that support ecological health and sustainability.

On a more international scale, the Erasmus Student Network (ESN) Malmö caters specifically to international students, organizing social events and travel opportunities to help students from around the globe connect and enrich their social lives in Sweden.

These clubs not only facilitate social interaction among students from diverse backgrounds but also enhance the overall university experience by providing opportunities for personal growth and development outside the classroom. For more details on how to join these clubs or to explore other associations at Malmö University, visiting the Student Union's website or the university's official student web might provide additional resources and contact information.

Career Services at Malmö University

Malmö University provides a robust set of career services designed to prepare students for their future careers, with a particular emphasis on practical experience and professional development. The university’s career portal not only lists job and internship opportunities but also provides resources for degree project placements and part-time positions. This portal is an essential tool for students as they transition from academic studies to professional employment.

The university's career services are geared toward helping students identify and map their skills, set career goals, and navigate the job market effectively. Some of their key services include:

  • Career Guidance and Planning: Students can access individual career guidance to help prepare effective CVs and cover letters, and to strategize their job search. Career counselors are available to assist students in exploring different career paths and to provide feedback on application documents.
  • Internship Opportunities: The university offers extensive support for finding internships, which are crucial for gaining hands-on experience in various fields. This includes both local and international opportunities, with specific internship courses available for certain study programs. Students can find internships through the university’s career portal, which lists a variety of openings tailored to the needs of Malmö University students.
  • Workshops and Training: Malmö University organizes various workshops throughout the year. These workshops cover essential topics such as CV and cover letter writing, networking strategies, and interview preparation, aimed at enhancing students' employability skills.
  • Internship Abroad: For those interested in gaining international experience, the university offers support for securing internships abroad. This includes help with finding suitable positions and navigating the logistics associated with international placements. Additionally, students undertaking internships in Europe may be eligible for an Erasmus+ scholarship, which can provide financial support during their stay abroad.

For more detailed information or to book a consultation, students can visit Malmö University's career services webpage.

Drivhuset at Malmö University

Drivhuset at Malmö University is a vibrant hub designed to nurture and develop entrepreneurial skills among students and other individuals interested in entrepreneurship. The organization's main focus is to support idea development through personalized guidance, workshops, and various entrepreneurial programs. Drivhuset places a strong emphasis on sustainable solutions that create value for others and for the world, addressing societal challenges through innovative thinking and leadership.

Drivhuset Malmö offers free guidance to Malmö University students who wish to develop their entrepreneurial spirit, helping them to see and realize the possibilities of their ideas. The center also organizes events like entrepreneurship mingling breakfasts and pre-incubator applications, which provide networking opportunities and further support for developing business ideas.

Additionally, Drivhuset collaborates with a wide array of partners, enhancing its capability to support a diverse range of entrepreneurial projects and initiatives. This collaboration extends to various sectors, including education, public administration, and the business community, reflecting Drivhuset's comprehensive approach to fostering entrepreneurship and innovation.

For more detailed information on the programs and services offered by Drivhuset at Malmö University, you can visit their website.

Visa and Immigration Support at Malmö University

Malmö University offers comprehensive visa and immigration support to assist international students with the complexities of studying abroad in Sweden. This support encompasses guidance on navigating visa requirements, understanding immigration regulations, and complying with employment rules during their stay in Sweden. Here's an overview of the support services provided:

  • Visa Application Assistance: Malmö University helps students understand the process of applying for the necessary visas to study in Sweden. This includes detailed guidance on the types of visas required and the documentation needed for the application.
  • Regulatory Compliance: The university provides information on the regulatory requirements that international students must meet once they arrive in Sweden. This includes registering with the local authorities and understanding the legal obligations of their student visas.
  • Employment Regulations: For international students interested in working during their studies, Malmö University offers advice on work permits and the legal stipulations associated with working while holding a student visa. They guide students on how many hours they are permitted to work and what kind of jobs they can undertake.
  • Orientation and Continuous Support: Upon arrival, international students receive orientation sessions that include detailed information about living and studying in Sweden, covering everything from public transportation to Swedish law. The university also provides ongoing support through their International Office, which can assist with any visa or immigration questions that arise during their studies.

Students are encouraged to utilize these services to ensure a smooth transition to studying in Sweden and to avoid any legal complications related to their status as international students. For more detailed information or specific inquiries, students should directly contact Malmö University's International Office or visit their official website.


For anyone stepping into the vibrant campus of Malmö University, the message is clear: here lies a pathway to knowledge, innovation, and opportunity, supported by a community that values every student's journey. Whether you are just beginning your educational adventure or are looking to expand your horizons, Malmö University offers the tools and support to guide you from here to wherever your aspirations may lead.

For prospective and current students, understanding and utilizing these resources is key to maximizing their university experience. Malmö University not only opens doors to academic achievement but also to personal growth and professional development, making it a cornerstone for future success.

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