Support for Success: Student Services at KTH

KTH supports international students from arrival with services like accommodation assistance and orientation programs, to career guidance and health services, fostering both academic and personal growth in Sweden's vibrant culture.

Support for Success: Student Services at KTH
Photo by KTH

Stepping into the world of KTH Royal Institute of Technology as a new international student unfolds an array of comprehensive support services designed to ease your transition into academic life and beyond. From the moment you land, through your academic journey, to the point where you step into your professional career, KTH stands with you, offering guidance, support, and resources tailored to ensure your success and well-being in Sweden's vibrant capital.

As you embark on this exciting chapter at KTH, rest assured that a wealth of resources, support systems, and a welcoming community await you. Whether it's through orientation activities, career services, health support, or language courses, KTH is dedicated to your academic and personal growth, ensuring that your time in Stockholm is not just about gaining a degree but about becoming a well-rounded individual ready to take on the challenges of the future.

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Orientation for New Students at KTH

Arrival Days are scheduled during August of every year. They offer a smooth start by providing essential information and additional services right from the moment you arrive. If you're landing at Arlanda Airport on these days, you'll be greeted by student guides at Terminal 5, who can assist with questions and provide a free bus transfer service to the KTH Campus. On campus, KTH Entré acts as the service and information hub where you can:

  • Store your luggage temporarily.
  • Pick up your keys and receive a bed kit (if you have accommodation through KTH).
  • Meet with Student Union representatives.
  • Get information on participating in the THS International Reception.
  • Activate your IT account and receive your KTH access card, essential for accessing buildings and certain services on campus.

For those unable to arrive on the scheduled arrival days, KTH Entré is available during regular opening hours for key collection, IT account activation, and access card distribution. However, it is recommended to arrive in time for your mandatory school introduction.

The orientation weeks for year 1 students run from mid to end of August. This period is filled with various activities aimed at integrating you into the student community and familiarizing you with the academic environment and life in Stockholm.

Career Services at KTH

KTH Royal Institute of Technology provides comprehensive career services aimed at facilitating the transition from student life to professional career for its students. These services encompass a variety of support mechanisms, events, and resources designed to enhance students' employability and connect them with industry opportunities.

Career Coaching and Counselling

KTH offers personalized career coaching to help students navigate their career paths effectively. This service allows for individual guidance on career planning and job-seeking strategies. Additionally, study and career counselling is available for students needing advice on course selection, study techniques, and making informed academic choices, ensuring a well-rounded preparation for their professional lives.

Career Events and Seminars

A range of career events and seminars is organized to equip students with practical skills and knowledge for the job market. These events cover topics such as introductions to the Swedish labour market, practicing interview questions with recruiters, starting your own business, and sharing experiences of finding a job in Sweden. Such seminars are designed to prepare students for various aspects of their career journey, offering insights from industry professionals and KTH alumni.

Career Fairs

KTH and THS (KTH's Student Union) organize several career fairs that provide a platform for students to connect with potential employers. These fairs include ARMADA, Scandinavia’s biggest career fair, along with specialized fairs catering to fields such as civil engineering, computer science, mechanical engineering, and more. These events are instrumental in helping students explore job opportunities, internships, and network with industry professionals.

KTH Innovation

For students interested in entrepreneurship and innovation, KTH Innovation offers support to turn ideas into successful ventures. This includes structured processes, tailored methods, and access to an innovative community, all aimed at addressing real-world challenges. The support is confidential and free, with KTH taking no equity, fostering a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship among its students​.

KTH Alumni Network

KTH actively encourages its students to join the KTH Alumni network, which organizes meetings, events, and has a dedicated LinkedIn group. This network enables students and graduates to maintain and widen their social and professional contacts, offering a valuable resource for career development and opportunities post-graduation​.

Student Health Services at KTH

Stockholm Student Health Services offers a variety of support options to KTH students, complementing the public healthcare available in Sweden. These services aim to support students with health-related issues, offering individual support, counseling, and group workshops, all while maintaining confidentiality. Services are provided free of charge, making it accessible for students to seek help when needed. The health services include access to nurses, therapists, and counselors, who can assist with a wide range of personal and emotional issues. For doctoral students employed by KTH, there's also the option to contact occupational health care for work-related issues.

Navigating the Swedish healthcare system can be complex, especially for international students. The system is funded by social insurance, offering subsidized healthcare to all citizens, including public and private healthcare providers. Students from the EU/EEA should bring their European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) to access healthcare services at the standard patient fee. Non-EU/EEA students need comprehensive insurance, particularly if staying for less than 12 months, to cover medical emergencies. Those staying for more than 12 months and able to obtain a Swedish personal identity number can enjoy healthcare at the same cost as Swedish citizens. For more detailed guidance, including accessing emergency services, local health centers, or specific medical care like psychiatric services and dental care, students can refer to the healthcare system overview provided by KTH​.

For more detailed information, you can visit the Stockholm Student Health Services page on KTH's website or the KTH page on healthcare.

Language Support at KTH

KTH offers Swedish language courses for international students, designed to introduce them to both the Swedish language and culture. This opportunity helps students integrate into Swedish society by facilitating better communication with locals and understanding of the cultural context.

KTH provides credit-bearing courses in Swedish, available both as semester-long courses and as intensive sessions in June and August. Each of these courses awards 7.5 ECTS, allowing students to earn credits towards their degree while learning Swedish. For students who may face credit limitations, KTH also offers an introductory course in Swedish language and culture during their first semester. This non-credit option serves as a foundation, with the possibility to continue learning through two additional courses, designed to further enhance language proficiency and cultural understanding.

The Swedish language courses at KTH cater to different proficiency levels, aligned with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), ranging from A1 (beginner) to B2 (advanced). These courses are structured to build upon each other, requiring successful completion of one level before moving on to the next. For students with prior knowledge of Swedish, a web-based placement test is available to determine the appropriate starting level​.

An intensive Swedish language course is offered annually in August on the KTH campus, targeting exchange students. Additionally, part-time courses run concurrently with the semester, allowing students to learn Swedish alongside their primary studies. These courses, including the intensive summer offering, are provided free of charge, making them an accessible option for all international students at KTH,

For more detailed information, including how to enroll, please refer to KTH's official website for Swedish courses for international students​ and the language courses section​.


As your journey at KTH Royal Institute of Technology begins to unfold, it's clear that the university is much more than a place of academic pursuit; it's a nurturing ground for your personal and professional development. With a comprehensive support system in place—from the warm welcome of Arrival Days to the insightful guidance of Career Services, the empathetic support of Student Health Services, and the cultural immersion offered by Swedish language courses—KTH ensures that every student is well-equipped to thrive not just academically, but in every aspect of life in Sweden.

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