Study Abroad and Exchange Opportunities at KTH: Your Gateway to the World

Embarking on a study abroad journey with KTH Royal Institute of Technology offers unparalleled opportunities for a global education, inviting you to immerse yourself in new cultures and ideas, and forge lasting friendships in a global community.

Study Abroad and Exchange Opportunities at KTH: Your Gateway to the World
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The journey to study abroad is a thrilling leap towards broadening your horizons, both academically and personally. For international students considering or preparing for this adventure, understanding the nuances of such a significant decision is key. At KTH Royal Institute of Technology, the door is open to a world of possibilities, where students can immerse themselves in new cultures, gain global perspectives, and forge lifelong friendships, all while advancing their academic pursuits. Whether you're eyeing a semester-long exchange in one of KTH's over 200 partner universities worldwide, considering carrying out your degree project abroad, or exploring summer and short courses to supplement your studies, KTH offers programs tailored to make your international study experience as enriching and seamless as possible.

With a commitment to integrating students into new cultural and academic contexts without extra costs or extended study periods, KTH offers a unique blend of innovation, tradition, and academic excellence. The institute not only encourages academic growth but also personal development through diverse experiences, ranging from semester-long exchanges and degree projects abroad to summer courses. KTH's focus on sustainability, technology, and research excellence, combined with the vibrant city life of Stockholm, makes it an ideal destination for students seeking a comprehensive international study experience.

The world is oyster, and nowhere is too far away. Are you ready to explore all that a global education has to offer, through KTH?

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Ingoing Exchange Studies at KTH

KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden offers a comprehensive range of exchange studies and programs, welcoming around 1,000 exchange students from across the globe each year. These opportunities allow students to study at KTH without pursuing a degree from the institution but instead taking a selection of courses, with the possibility of earning a double degree or a dual master's degree in collaboration with partner universities. KTH also provides internship placements for students from other universities, although these do not award academic credits or permit course registration.

To become an exchange student at KTH, applicants must be enrolled at a partner university with which KTH has an exchange agreement. General eligibility requires completion of at least two years of study at the home university, with architecture students needing three years. The application process for exchange studies is similar across different programs, including double degree and dual master's programs, where students are awarded degrees both from KTH and their home university upon completion.

KTH offers more than 1,000 master's level courses in English, allowing students to create a personalized study plan, except for architecture students who have a set study plan. Application deadlines for exchange studies are twice a year, in November and February, with an additional opportunity to apply for any remaining spots in September.

For more information and to apply as an exchange student at KTH, please visit the official KTH Royal Institute of Technology website.

Outgoing Exchange Studies at KTH

KTH offers outgoing exchange programs allowing students to spend a semester or two at one of over 200 partner universities worldwide. This opportunity lets students experience different academic environments and cultures while studying equivalent courses. Selecting relevant courses at the exchange university is vital to ensure that credits can be transferred back to KTH. It's recommended to start with the universities' own websites for course information and consult with previous exchange students or the international coordinator at KTH for additional insights. Making a study plan that aligns with your KTH program's requirements is essential for a smooth credit transfer process post-exchange​

Applications for exchange studies are open twice a year, in November for those who have completed their bachelor's at KTH and in February for all students in degree programs with exchange possibilities. A late application round in September is available for remaining exchange places. Students can apply to a maximum of five universities, ranking them in order of preference. KTH usually notifies applicants of their allocated places in early February (for November applicants) and March (for February applicants). If planning to go with a friend, it's possible to make a joint request, though the allocation will consider the lower GPA of the two.

There are opportunities for scholarships, particularly for exchanges within the EU under the Erasmus+ program. These scholarships are calculated per day, covering both the study period and any mandatory activities before the start of the semester. Additional funding options might be available for exchanges outside Europe, offered by some of KTH's schools.

For more detailed information about the application process, course selection, and available support, you should visit KTH's official website or their Exchange Studies FAQ page.

Degree Project Abroad by KTH

KTH students have the opportunity to carry out their degree projects abroad, both at the undergraduate and graduate levels. This option allows students to apply theoretical knowledge to real-world problems in an international context, often being the final step before graduation. Degree projects can be conducted internally at KTH, at another university, with a company, or abroad. The process for a degree project abroad mirrors that of a domestic project, requiring a supervisor and examiner from KTH, and the project must receive approval from the respective school​.

Students planning to undertake their degree project abroad should begin preparations well in advance, especially considering the project is typically conducted in the spring semester of the third or fifth year. This includes thinking about the desired location for the project, finding a suitable project, and addressing financial considerations with possible scholarships and funding.

Funding and scholarships for degree projects abroad vary based on location and the student's program. Students completing their thesis within Europe may be eligible for Erasmus scholarships, similar to regular exchange studies. Additionally, the Swedish Board of Student Finance (CSN) offers student finance and supplementary loans to cover increased living expenses, travel, and tuition fees for those already qualifying for student finance. Various scholarships and grants are also available through KTH's schools and external organizations, aimed at supporting students with travel, accommodation, and language course expenses​.

For more detailed guidance on planning, funding, and executing a degree project abroad, including available scholarships and financial aid options, visit KTH's official pages on Degree Project Abroad and Funding for Degree Project Abroad.

Summer and Short Courses Abroad for KTH Students

KTH offers a range of summer and short courses abroad, allowing students to experience studying in a new country and culture, and to deepen their knowledge on specific topics. These courses are offered by KTH's partner institutions and are not part of KTH's internal activities. It's essential for interested students to check the specific requirements, such as fees and insurance, on the organizer's website. To transfer the credits to their KTH education, students should consult their program director. The courses cover a wide range of subjects and destinations, from Brazil and China to Germany, Singapore, and the United Kingdom​.


At the heart of this adventure is KTH's unwavering commitment to excellence, innovation, and sustainability, mirrored in the vibrant and cosmopolitan life of Stockholm. Whether you're taking your first steps towards an exchange program, planning your degree project in a global setting, or seeking to augment your studies with short courses abroad, KTH stands as a beacon of academic and personal development. With doors open to over 200 partner universities worldwide, KTH not only broadens your academic horizons but also fosters a sense of belonging in a global community.

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