Student Support Services at Stockholm University: Success in the Making

Stockholm University ensures a seamless transition for international students with robust support systems, academic excellence, and a vibrant community. It's an ideal choice for global scholars.

Student Support Services at Stockholm University: Success in the Making
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Embarking on an international study journey at Stockholm University brings both thrilling opportunities and challenges. Recognizing the diverse needs of its global student community, Stockholm University commits to extensive support, ensuring students excel academically and adapt seamlessly to life in Sweden. Esteemed for its academic prowess and innovative courses, the university not only attracts students for its educational offerings but also for its vibrant, supportive international community and tailored support services, making it a favored destination for scholars worldwide.

To ensure that this journey is as smooth and fulfilling as possible, Stockholm University offers a comprehensive suite of support services tailored specifically for its international students. From academic guidance to cultural adaptation and personal support, this blog explores the robust network of resources available to help you navigate your new academic environment and make the most of your time in Stockholm.

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Orientation Programs at Stockholm University

Stockholm University offers orientation programs for international students. Part of the orientation includes the provision of a Handbook for International Students, which is distributed during Orientation Day. This handbook is also available for download and contains vital information to assist new students in navigating their early days at the university and in Sweden​.

Orientation sessions include helping students with formalities, practical matters, and the integration into the academic and social life of the university. Exchange students, for example, are provided with information about course selection, the application process, and practicalities such as tuition fees and study duration, indicating a well-organized orientation and support system​.

Adaptation Support for International Students at Stockholm University

Stockholm University offers comprehensive support to international students to facilitate their adaptation and ensure they have a smooth transition into their new academic and social environment in Sweden. The university acknowledges the challenges of studying abroad, such as adjusting to a new country, finding accommodation, and adapting to a different climate and educational model. To assist with these challenges, the university provides a range of services aimed at helping international students grow both personally and academically.

Stockholm University's Student Support Services include a wide array of aids and resources for students throughout their studies. These services encompass the Academic Writing Service, which offers support for writing and study skills in English, the university library, study and career counseling, and specialized support for students with disabilities. These supports aim to ensure all students have equal opportunities to succeed in their studies​.

Support for Students with Disabilities at Stockholm University

For international students who move independently to study at Stockholm University, there is specific guidance available on how to apply for disability study support. Before applying, students need to have received their interim personal identity number (T-number). The application process involves submitting a request through the digital system Nais, including documentation verifying a long-term disability. This process is designed to provide tailored adjustments to help students manage their disabilities effectively during their studies​.

Study and Career Counselling at Stockholm University

The university's study and career counsellors offer individual guidance to help students make well-founded decisions regarding their studies and future careers. This free service is available to both prospective and current students and covers information on programs, courses, and eligibility requirements. Students can receive guidance through drop-in sessions, phone consultations, video calls, or email, providing flexibility and support in navigating their academic and professional journeys​.

Student Health Services at Stockholm University

Stockholm University's Student Health Services offers a variety of supports to help students maintain their well-being and achieve both academic and personal success during their studies. They provide individual counseling, group sessions, workshops, and other activities tailored to address common issues students face, such as stress, anxiety, procrastination, speech anxiety, and difficulties in balancing study and leisure time. These services aim to support students in overcoming challenges and realizing their full potential, ensuring that visits and activities are free of charge to make them accessible to everyone in need.

Confidentiality is a cornerstone of the services provided, with all health care professionals adhering to the strict professional secrecy mandated by the Swedish healthcare system. This means that any information shared by a student during their consultations is kept confidential and will not be released or shared without the student's consent. Moreover, personal data collected during the interactions is handled with the utmost care, ensuring students' privacy and integrity are maintained.

Additionally, the Student Health Services is available not only to students at Stockholm University but also to those attending KTH and several associated colleges in Stockholm. The range of services encompasses support from occupational health nurses, psychologists, and counselors. Furthermore, they take a proactive stance on issues related to alcohol, narcotics, doping, tobacco, and gambling, offering educational resources and support for students dealing with these concerns.

The Student Health Services at Stockholm University is an essential component of the university's commitment to student welfare, offering a comprehensive suite of services to support students through their academic journey and beyond.

Career Services at Stockholm University

Stockholm University offers a comprehensive suite of career services aimed at preparing students for the job market, supporting them during their studies, and facilitating their transition into the workforce upon graduation.

Career Events

The university organizes various career events tailored for international students looking to find work in Sweden after their studies, PhD students uncertain about continuing in academia, and recent graduates seeking employment in Sweden. One notable initiative is the "Find your career in Sweden" webinar series, designed to provide insights into the Swedish labor market, employer expectations, and best practices for positioning oneself for employment​.

MyCareer Job Portal

MyCareer is Stockholm University's job portal exclusively for its students and recent graduates. It enables users to create personal profiles, fine-tune site content based on their skills, competencies, and job interests, and promotes themselves to potential employers. The portal is a crucial resource for staying updated on relevant job opportunities and subscribing to job ads that match one's profile​.

Innovation Support

Stockholm University supports innovation and entrepreneurship through various programs and collaborations, notably with Drivhuset. They offer inspiration through seminars, workshops, and more. There's support for developing business ideas, with programs focusing on market potential and customer needs, including a pre-incubator for further development. Additionally, the digital portal Bli-Entreprenör enhances entrepreneurial skills, while the Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship offers academic courses on related subjects.


Embarking on an academic journey at Stockholm University offers a holistic experience, bridging academic excellence with comprehensive support systems. From tailored orientation programs to specialized services for international adaptation, disability support, and health services, the university ensures every student's needs are met. Beyond academia, career services and innovation support prepare students for future success, making Stockholm University a beacon for scholars worldwide. This blend of educational quality and robust support frameworks positions it as a preferred choice for global students seeking a fulfilling study experience in Sweden.

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