A Comprehensive Guide to Student Housing at Stockholm University: Finding Your Home Away from Home

Discover essential tips for finding student housing in Stockholm in our guide. Learn about university and private rental options, and get practical advice to navigate the competitive housing market. Ideal for international students at Stockholm University.

A Comprehensive Guide to Student Housing at Stockholm University: Finding Your Home Away from Home
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Embarking on your academic journey at Stockholm University is an exciting adventure, bringing with it a multitude of experiences and opportunities. But before you can immerse yourself in the vibrant culture and innovative learning environment of Stockholm, there's a critical task to address — finding your home away from home. Navigating the complex landscape of student housing in Stockholm, especially for international students at Stockholm University, can be quite challenging. With its scenic beauty, rich history, and bustling city life, Stockholm attracts students from all over the globe, creating a high demand for student accommodations.

Whether you're an international exchange student, a doctoral candidate, or pursuing a full-time degree, finding suitable housing is a pivotal step in your academic journey. In this guide, we'll delve into the various aspects of securing student housing in Stockholm. From understanding the limited availability of university housing at Stockholm University to exploring the intricate details of the private rental market, we aim to provide you with valuable insights and practical tips. Settling into a new city and university life can be overwhelming, but with the right information and planning, securing your student housing in Stockholm can be a smooth and successful endeavor.

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Housing at Stockholm University

Stockholm University provides housing options for international students, but these are limited. The university rents furnished rooms and apartments managed by its Housing Office, specifically for single occupancy. Eligibility is restricted to certain categories of students, such as international exchange students, tuition fee-paying students, and doctoral exchange students. Priority is often given to master students receiving scholarships from the Stockholm University Scholarship Scheme and exchange students​​.

Housing Options and Areas

The university provides various housing options, including studio apartments and shared accommodations in different areas, offering different types of housing, ranging from corridor rooms to one- and two-bedroom apartments, catering to the diverse needs of students​​. Some of these areas include:

  • Albano: A new residential area on campus with 153 accommodations, including studio apartments and a few one- and two-bedroom accommodations.
  • Kungshamra: Located north of the university campus, offering 63 corridor rooms.
  • Kräftriket (Hovbeslag): Within walking distance of the campus, offering three rooms in shared accommodations.
  • Lappis (Lappkärrsberget): Also within walking distance, providing 306 corridor rooms.
  • Nora Torg: Located in the northern part of the city, offering 28 studio apartments​​.

Application Process for International Students

The process for applying for university housing is straightforward. Eligible students will receive an email with instructions on how to apply. The application period typically opens around three months before the start of the semester. It's important to note that the time of your application does not influence your chances of receiving an offer​​. The rental period for housing is usually aligned with the academic semesters, and the cost varies depending on the housing area and type of accommodation​​.

The criteria for assigning accommodations are based on the university administration's decision, and the timing of the application does not affect the chances of receiving an offer. Accommodation offers are sent via email and include the housing contract with details about accommodation and rent payments

The Private Rental Market in Stockholm

Due to limited availability of university housing, many students turn to the private rental market in Stockholm. However, this market is competitive, with high prices and long waiting times. Students are advised to start their search as soon as they receive admission confirmation. The second-hand rental market is a common solution, but students should be cautious of potential frauds and scams.

Tips for Finding Housing

Be Weary of Scams

When searching for housing on the private rental market, it's crucial to be cautious of potential fraud. Look for warning signs such as landlords who are abroad and cannot show the accommodation, requests for advance payments to foreign bank accounts, and lack of full personal details from the landlord​​.

Consider Public Transportation

Stockholm has excellent public transportation, so consider finding a room near good public transportation routes, even if it's not very close to the university. This approach broadens your search area and increases your chances of finding suitable housing​

Apply for Long-term Housing Early

Register as soon as possible with organizations like Stockholms studentbostäder (SSSB), which is the largest student accommodation landlord in Stockholm. The waiting time can be about 200-300 days, but they occasionally offer last-minute deals on a first-come, first-serve basis​​​​.

What is the SSSB?

SSSB is the largest student accommodation landlord in Stockholm, offering over 8,000 homes divided across 27 areas. They provide different types of accommodations, including:

  • Student Rooms: Rooms with own toilet and shower, but shared kitchen and dining areas.
  • One-Room Student Apartments: Approximately 20–30 square meters with private kitchenette or kitchen and toilet/shower.
  • Multi-Room Student Apartments: For students with a fellow tenant or students with children, featuring two to four rooms and private kitchen facilities​​​​​​.

Are there other options out there? What if I would like to have my own place?

To expand your housing options, utilize independent platforms such as Hemavi to find like-minded individuals who are seeking accommodation with your area. With Hemavi's user-friendly platform, you can select your preferences in terms of location, rent ranges, and even interests, and get matched with roommates you're compatible with!


Finding a place to stay in Stockholm is about more than just a room. It's about finding a spot that helps you study, relax, and make friends. Even though it can be tough to find housing in this busy city, it's also a chance to learn and become stronger.

Remember to start looking for a place early, use all the help you can get, and keep an open mind about different kinds of homes. You can ask Stockholm University's Housing Office for advice, talk to other students, or use services like Hemavi.

Think of your student home in Stockholm as an important part of your university life. It's where you'll learn, have fun, and make memories. So, go into this search ready and excited. Stockholm is waiting to welcome you to a great community and a great time in your life.