Student Accommodation at Karolinska Institutet: A Guide

Student Accommodation at Karolinska Institutet: A Guide
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Karolinska Institutet (KI), a leading medical university based in Stockholm, offers a range of housing options for its international students and guest researchers. This comprehensive guide explores these options, focusing on the needs of international students, the application process, and alternative solutions like Hemavi for accommodation in Stockholm.

KI Housing: An Overview

Karolinska Institutet offers furnished apartments and rooms in various areas of Stockholm through KI Housing. This service is primarily intended as a first place to stay for incoming international students and guest researchers. Notably, KI Housing doesn't own the housing areas or buildings but facilitates contracts between tenants and KI Housing​​.

Housing at KI for Different Student Categories

  • Fee-paying students (non-EU citizens) are guaranteed accommodation through KI Housing during their first year but must apply within the deadline​​.
  • Non-fee-paying students (EU/EEA or Swiss citizens) need to find housing independently​​.

Accommodation Options at KI

I Housing provides a variety of housing options, which are all fully furnished and include basic cooking and household utensils. The rent includes utilities such as water, heating, and electricity​​. Some of the prominent accommodation areas include:

  • Berzelius väg: Four small townhouses for families, located on KI Campus in Solna, offering two-bedroom apartments​​.
  • KI Residence Flemingsberg: Offers 84 apartments of different sizes, including studio, shared three-bedroom, and family apartments​​.
  • KI Residence Solna: This facility has 316 apartments, including studios and shared apartments, located directly on the KI Campus in Solna​​.
  • Jägargatan: Provides 71 furnished dorm rooms with shared facilities in central Stockholm​​.
  • Pax and Strix: Both offer dorm rooms ensuite, providing students with private rooms and bathrooms​​.

Application Process

The application process for KI Housing is structured into three steps and is open to international students and researchers working at KI​​​​. The steps include:

  1. Gathering Important Information: Applicants should first ensure they meet the eligibility criteria for KI Housing​​.
  2. Applying: The application process requires selecting the academic status and submitting necessary documentation​​.
  3. Post-Application Process: Information on the steps after submitting the housing application is provided in the final stage​​.

Supporting documentation is essential for confirming eligibility, and applications lacking this will not be processed​​.

Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility criteria for applying for KI Housing at Karolinska Institutet are specific and cater to various categories of international students and researchers. These categories are:

  • Exchange Students: Exchange students are required to upload the acceptance letter from an international coordinator at the Education Support Office at KI as supportive documentation​​.
  • Fee-paying Students (EU): Students who are admitted to programs or free-standing courses at KI and are required to pay application and tuition fees are eligible. Supportive documentation for these students includes the acceptance letter from, confirming their admission to a program at KI and that they will pay a tuition fee for this program​​.
  • Erasmus+ Students: This category is for internship students and traineeship students coming within Erasmus+ or another mobility program. The supportive documentation required includes confirmation that they are invited to KI and are coming within a mobility program.

Since January 1, 2023, the Swedish government has revised regulations, rendering certain categories of international students ineligible for KI Housing, including students from EU or EEA countries or Switzerland, as well as students organizing their studies independently outside of established exchange agreements.

Rental Policies and Period

The rental time in KI Housing is typically limited to one year. However, there is a possibility of applying for a contract extension for up to an additional nine months. KI Housing also follows a strict data protection policy to safeguard personal information provided during the application process​.

Alternative Housing Solutions

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Securing student housing at Karolinska Institutet requires timely application and a clear understanding of the available options and processes. With a wide range of housing options, KI Housing caters to the diverse needs of its international student body.

For those looking beyond KI Housing, platforms like Hemavi offer alternative solutions in Stockholm's competitive housing market. Check out our listings for more details.