Securing Your Ideal Student Home: A Guide to Housing for Stockholm School of Economics Students

Discover the student housing options at Stockholm School of Economics, tailored for international students. From limited SSE accommodations to alternatives like Hemavi, this guide covers the details of housing at SSE, eligibility, and tips for navigating Stockholm's competitive housing market.

Securing Your Ideal Student Home: A Guide to Housing for Stockholm School of Economics Students
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Finding the right student housing is a crucial aspect of the international study experience, particularly at prestigious institutions like Stockholm School of Economics (SSE). Nestled in the vibrant heart of Stockholm, SSE attracts a diverse array of students from around the globe, each seeking not just a top-tier education in business and economics, but also a comfortable and conducive living environment in one of Europe's most dynamic cities. However, navigating the housing landscape in Stockholm can be a daunting task for international students, given the city's competitive rental market and unique cultural nuances.

Whether you're a prospective student planning your move, or currently enrolled and considering a change in your living situation, this guide seeks to equip you with all the necessary information to find your ideal home in Stockholm.

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SSE Housing Options

SSE provides a limited number of student rooms and apartments specifically for its international Bachelor and Master students, incoming exchange students, PhD students, guest researchers, and visitors affiliated with the school. These accommodations are part of SSE's commitment to supporting their international community, offering a convenient and comfortable living arrangement for new arrivals​.

SSE offers a limited number of student rooms and apartments, emphasizing that the availability of housing is not extensive enough to accommodate all applicants due to the high demand in Stockholm. This scenario is quite common in the city, given its attractiveness and limited housing supply.

Types and Locations of Accommodation at SSE

SSE offers a variety of housing types, ranging from single student rooms to larger apartments. This diversity caters to different preferences and needs, whether a student is looking for a private space or willing to share an apartment with fellow students. he apartments provided by SSE are fully furnished for practical reasons, and tenants are not allowed to bring their own furniture. This policy is designed to make the move easier for international students who may not have the resources or time to furnish an apartment upon arrival in Stockholm

SE has designated residential areas for its international students and affiliated guests. These include:

  • Häggvik: A new residential area mainly reserved for international students and affiliated guests.
  • Liljeholmen: Primarily for international Master and PhD students.
  • Södermalm: Another new residential area designated for international students, PhD students, and affiliated guests​​.

SSE Riga Student Residence Hall

SSE Riga, the Baltic extension of SSE, offers accommodation at the SSE Riga Student Dormitories. Located approximately 20 minutes by bus from SSE Riga, these dormitories are exclusive to SSE Riga students. These facilities provide a comfortable and conducive environment for studying and living.

The dormitories are conveniently located at Patversmes iela 22, Riga, approximately 20 minutes by bus from the SSE Riga campus. This location offers students easy access to both their academic commitments at the university and the amenities of the city. The Residence Hall offers a range of room types to suit different preferences and budgets:

  • Triple rooms with shared bathrooms
  • Double rooms with shared bathrooms
  • Double rooms with private bathrooms

Their prices include all necessary utilities like electricity, heating, hot water, Wi-Fi internet, and access to kitchen facilities​​. Contracts for the dormitories are executed on a semester or school year basis and are not available on a month-to-month basis. The minimum term for a contract is one semester. They also charge a set fee as a deposit.

Interested students should email the property manager, and provide details such as their full name, study year, type of room desired, preferred semester of residence, roommate preference, and country of origin. The availability of rooms is on a first-come, first-served basis​

Housing Alternatives

Due to the shortage of student housing in Stockholm, many students need to find housing on the private rental market. This includes international students at SSE who are not accommodated through the school’s limited housing options. SSE advises students to start looking for housing alternatives as early as possible. The limited capacity of their own housing facilities means that many students will need to explore other options. SSE provides guidance and support in this search, underscoring the importance of early engagement in the housing market​

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Finding suitable housing is a critical aspect of the international student experience at Stockholm School of Economics. While SSE provides limited housing options, their diverse offering means that students of varying needs can find accommodation that is suitable for them. Unfortunately, due to the high demand, not all students will be able to secure housing through the university, and some may need to explore alternative options.

If you haven't been able to secure housing at SSE, you can always check out our listings on Hemavi!