Securing Your Home Base: A Guide to Student Housing at Södertörn University

Explore the student housing options at Södertörn University, Stockholm. From student-provided accommodation to private rentals, this guide covers essential details for international students seeking comfortable and accessible accommodation.

Securing Your Home Base: A Guide to Student Housing at Södertörn University
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Södertörn University, located in the scenic outskirts of southern Stockholm, Sweden, stands as a beacon of higher education, particularly renowned for its liberal arts programs and a strong focus on research. Established in 1996, the university has rapidly evolved into a vibrant academic community, attracting students from across the globe. With a diverse range of courses spanning from the humanities to social sciences, natural sciences, and technology, Södertörn University provides a multidisciplinary approach to education, fostering critical thinking and innovation.

For international students, studying at Södertörn University is an opportunity to immerse themselves in a multicultural environment, offering a unique blend of Swedish culture and global perspectives. One of the crucial aspects of this journey is finding suitable accommodation. The university recognizes the challenges faced by students, especially internationals, in securing housing in the bustling city of Stockholm.

This guide will provide crucial information on housing offered at the university, legibility details, application processes and alternatives for accommodation.

Housing at Södertörn University

Södertörn University offers housing in various areas, including Björnkulla and Flemingsberg Centre. These areas provide different types of accommodations suited to the needs of students​​.

Björnkulla Student Housing

Björnkulla is a pleasant residential area near the university, characterized by:

  • Shared housing in single rooms for both international and Swedish students
  • Amenities like outdoor recreation areas, a running/skiing track, and an outdoor gym
  • Proximity to Flemingsberg station and Huddinge centrum, offering easy access to supermarkets, shops, banks, and other services
  • Good public transport connectivity, with commuter trains and buses linking it to central Stockholm and the university​​​​​​

Each single room in Björnkulla measures approximately 17 square meters and includes a bed, desk, chair, lamp, bookshelf, and wardrobe. The rent, which ranges around SEK 26,000 per semester, covers utilities like water, heating, electricity, and internet. Each building has communal kitchens and laundry facilities​.

Flemingsberg Centre

Flemingsberg Centre, associated with Södertörn University, offers convenient and comfortable student housing options, with the following details:

  • Shared housing in single or double rooms for both international and Swedish students
  • The area itself is well-equipped with amenities, featuring a supermarket, gym, restaurants, and a café.
  • Flemingsberg Station is just an 8-minute walk from the residence, making commuting convenient.
  • Huddinge Centrum, one train stop away, offers additional facilities like shops, banks, and other services.

Each room, whether single or double, is equipped with a kitchenette and bathroom. The building also provides a common laundry room. The rent is inclusive of utilities such as water, heating, electricity, and internet.

Eligibility for Housing at Södertörn University

Södertörn University offers accommodation to specific student groups based on new government regulations in Sweden. These groups include:

  • Tuition fee-paying students studying at least one semester
  • International exchange students studying at least one semester
  • Guest researchers visiting for at least one semester
  • Post-graduate/Doctoral students studying at least one semester

It is important to note that the university does not offer accommodation for families and requires students to study at least 15 credits at Södertörn University each semester to be eligible for student housing​​.

Application Process

The application process for housing at Södertörn University varies based on the student category:

  • Master’s Students receive a housing form link with their acceptance letter, which they need to complete. Further application instructions are communicated via email.
  • Exchange Students apply for accommodation after nomination by their home university. The application process is coordinated through the Mobility Online system, and instructions are sent via email.

Housing is allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. The application process involves a partial payment equivalent to one month’s rent, which is non-refundable. The final invoice, covering the remaining rent for the whole semester, is sent shortly before the arrival day​​​​.

Alternative Housing Options

Given the competitive nature of Stockholm's housing market, Södertörn University recommends students to also explore alternative housing options:

  • Stockholm Studentbostäder (SSSB): An organization for student housing in Stockholm, through which students can join a housing queue and get matched with an accommodation.
  • Private Rentals: Renting independently or with roommates via their own search for accommodation. Private rentals can be found on popular Swedish rental platforms, social media, and even through personal referrals from senior students.
  • Hemavi: A platform to find roommates and rent rooms, based on a match-making algorithm, providing an alternative for those who might not secure university housing or prefer a different living arrangement.


Finding suitable housing is a vital aspect of the student experience at Södertörn University. While the university offers limited housing options to certain categories of students, it's crucial for applicants to start the housing search early and explore all available options, including university housing and alternatives like private rentals. Understanding the application process, eligibility criteria, and types of accommodations available will significantly aid students in securing a comfortable living environment during their studies at Södertörn University.

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