Newman Institute: Finding the Right Student Accommodation

Discover the Newman Institute's student housing in Uppsala, where tranquil countryside meets vibrant city life, offering international students a unique blend of academic and community experiences.

Newman Institute: Finding the Right Student Accommodation
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Embark on a journey through the world of Newman Institute in Uppsala, a unique academic environment where tradition meets modernity. Nestled in the historic city of Uppsala, the Institute stands as a beacon of higher learning, blending its rich Roman Catholic Jesuit heritage with a contemporary educational approach.

Join us as we delve into the living experiences that await students at this prestigious institution, where every corner of the campus tells a story of learning, growth, and community spirit. This blog offers an insightful glimpse into the student housing options at Newman Institute, tailored especially for its international community.

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An Overview of the Newman Institute

The Newman Institute, located in Uppsala, Sweden, is a distinctive university college established in 2001. It operates under the Roman Catholic Jesuit tradition and is inspired by the English philosopher, writer, and cardinal John Henry Newman. The Institute offers a unique educational experience, focusing on theology, philosophy, and cultural studies.

The Newman Institute is a private institution and has a relatively small student body, with about 180 students. This allows for a more personalized and intimate academic environment. Its academic offerings include a three-year Bachelor's degree program combining theology, philosophy, and cultural studies, as well as a Higher Education Diploma in theology. Besides these, the institute provides individual courses in a range of fields including literature, art, ecclesiastical architecture, music, and film.

The institute prides itself on its collaborations with other academic institutions both within Sweden and internationally. This includes partnership agreements with universities for the Erasmus Programme, enhancing its global academic reach. The Newman Building, the main location for lectures, is centrally situated in Uppsala, close to historic landmarks such as Uppsala University and Uppsala Cathedral.

Student Housing at Newman Institute

The Newman Institute offers guaranteed housing in Uppsala for its international students, with placements based on personal preference expressed in housing applications. The institute offers two distinct housing options, each catering to different lifestyles and preferences.

The Newman Institute's commitment to providing quality housing to its international students is evident in these offerings, making your academic journey in Uppsala both comfortable and enriching.

Länna House: A Nature Retreat

Nestled in the Swedish countryside, the Länna house is set on a historic farm, offering a tranquil environment surrounded by natural beauty. It's a perfect choice for those seeking a peaceful study setting. Here, students not only live but also share responsibilities like maintaining a henhouse and a vegetable garden, adding to a wholesome living experience.

Newman House: Urban Living in Uppsala

For those desiring an urban university town experience, the Newman house in central Uppsala is ideal. It places students in the heart of the city's academic, cultural, and social scenes. This housing option is perfect for enjoying the vibrancy of Uppsala and its rich student life.

Accommodation Types and Rent

Both housing options offer single or double occupancy rooms with shared facilities, fostering a sense of community among students. The cost of living in these residences ranges from 3,600 to 5,500 SEK per month, ensuring affordability.

Application Process

Students interested in these housing options should apply promptly after receiving their admission letter. Students who wish to join the housing queue should fill in the application form, and email it to Christine Zyka at

Alternative Housing Options

Students considering alternative housing options in Uppsala apart from the Newman Institute's offerings have several avenues to explore:

  • Uppsala Bostadsförmedling: This is a communal housing queue administered by Uppsala municipality, offering first-hand contracts for student apartments from Studentstaden and Rikshem, two of Uppsala's largest student landlords. Even international students without a Swedish personal identity number can access housing through this channel. Registering early increases your chances of securing an apartment, and the accumulated queue time can also be used for other rental apartments in the Uppsala region.
  • The Nations' Housing: Uppsala's 13 student nations own their housing, and some have an electronic application system. To live in a nation's housing, you need to be a member of the respective nation. In some cases, you can register for housing before becoming a member. More information and registration for eight of the student nation housing can be found on Nationsgårdarna’s website.
  • Uppsala University Housing Office: This office assists international and fee-paying students in finding housing in Uppsala. They provide information on housing for master students, exchange students, and guest researchers, including options from university and student nation housing as well as private housing.
  • Private Housing Options: Several companies offer student housing in Uppsala. For instance, Heimstaden provides housing primarily in Flogsta, and Rikshem offers accommodations at Kantorsgatan and on Eklundshovsvägen.
  • Online Platforms and Social Media: Websites like Hemavi and Facebook groups with a focus on rentals in Uppsala are useful resources for finding available housing.

Remember, it's crucial to start your housing search early due to the high demand for accommodations in Uppsala. Be thorough in your research and vigilant about potential scams, especially when exploring private housing options.


The Newman Institute in Uppsala offers a unique and enriching experience for international students. From the serene countryside setting of the Länna house to the vibrant urban life at the Newman house, the Institute's housing options cater to a range of preferences, all within a supportive and engaging community. The combination of quality education, rich cultural heritage, and diverse living experiences makes studying at the Newman Institute a truly holistic journey. As students immerse themselves in this academic and communal environment, they are set to embark on a path of personal and intellectual growth, in the heart of one of Sweden's most historic cities.

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