Nestled in Nature: Student Housing at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

For students at SLU seeking accommodation, exploring alternatives to on-campus housing is essential. Options range from private rentals and student associations to online platforms and municipal services. Early search and cautious planning are vital for securing suitable housing.

Nestled in Nature: Student Housing at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
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Welcome to the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU), a hub of learning and innovation in the heart of Uppsala! As an international student, finding suitable accommodation is a key step in your journey. This blog offers an insight into the diverse housing options available, ensuring you find a comfortable and convenient place to call home.

Housing at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

SLU provides various housing options for its students, catering to different needs and preferences. Whether you seek the bustling student life or a quiet corner for your studies, there's something for everyone.

SLU’s campuses and research facilities are spread throughout Sweden, with three main campuses located in Alnarp, Umeå and Uppsala. Fee-paying students admitted in the first admission round are guaranteed housing offered by SLU. This will be offered to you by SLU. If you are a fee-paying student who is granted a scholarship, you are still guaranteed housing.

Housing Options

SLU housing for the Uppsala campus is offered at four different locations. All their housing units have a private furnished bedroom and electricity. Students receive their first invoice for rent upon their arrival, with the options being:

  • Flogsta: Offers accommodations with private bathrooms and shared kitchens. It's the most affordable option but is located the farthest from the campus.
  • Kronåsen: Features private bathrooms and shared kitchens, conveniently situated on campus. Note that internet service is not included in the rent, and most rooms are pet-friendly.
  • Lilla Sunnersta: Provides housing with private bathrooms and kitchenettes. While it's close to the campus, it's a bit distant from the city center. Rent does not include internet.
  • Rackarberget: Comes with shared bathrooms and kitchens. Located near the town center and includes internet in the rent. This is the most popular accommodation option among students.

Application Process

At SLU, the student housing application process is structured annually, with the waiting list starting over each year on May 1st, running to April 30th the following year.

Fee-paying and scholarship students must apply by May 1st in order to qualify for their guaranteed accommodation. Applications received after this date are treated as non-guaranteed, and their accommodation will be determined based on availability. All student categories other than fee-paying, who do not have an accommodation guarantee, can start applying from May 1st onwards.

Note that SLU does not offer family housing; if a student requires accommodation that is larger than the typical student housing, they will need to find housing independently.

The steps for applying to SLU student housing are:

  • Filling in the online form.
  • Applicants who will be offered housing will be notified via email or phone, while those not offered housing will not be contacted.
  • Tenancies can be terminated with a two-month notice from either side. Any inappropriate behavior may lead to eviction.

Alternative Options

For students at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) seeking alternatives to on-campus student housing, there are several options:

  • Private Rental Market: Many students explore the private rental market in Uppsala and other cities where SLU campuses are located. This includes renting apartments, shared flats, or rooms in private residences.
  • Local Student Associations: Uppsala's 13 student nations (associations) own their housing. The application process varies among nations; some have electronic systems, while others require manual sign-up. To live in a nation’s housing, you need to be a member of the respective nation. Information about the nations' housing and registration in their queues can be found on their respective websites​​.
  • Uppsala Municipality's Housing Queue: Uppsala Bostadsförmedling, part of the Uppsala municipality, mediates contracts for student apartments from Studentstaden and Rikshem, two of Uppsala's largest student landlords. International students, even those without a Swedish personal identity number, can access this service. Early registration in the housing queue increases the chances of securing an apartment, and the accumulated queuing time can also be used to search for other types of rental apartments in the Uppsala region​​.
  • Social Media Groups: Joining local social media groups or forums dedicated to housing can help students find available rooms or apartments, as well as potential roommates.
  • Networking with Students: Senior students may be able to support freshmen and incoming students in their search for housing.
  • Online Housing Platforms: Websites like Hemavi offer listings for various types of accommodations, including shared accommodation which is highly suitable for students.


While the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) offers dedicated student housing options, the high demand and limited availability often necessitate exploring alternatives. These include private rentals, local student associations, online platforms, and municipality services, providing a range of choices for different needs and preferences.

It’s crucial for students to start their housing search well in advance, stay vigilant against scams, and clearly understand rental agreements. Whether choosing on-campus housing or an alternative option, planning and research are key to finding a suitable and comfortable living arrangement, ensuring a smooth academic experience at SLU.

If you're still looking for accommodation in Uppsala or other SLU locations, check out our listings on Hemavi.