Navigating Student Housing in Malmö, Sweden: Your Guide to Finding Shared Accommodation

Uncover the secrets to finding perfect shared accommodation in Malmö, Sweden as an international student. Dive into your ultimate housing guide!

Navigating Student Housing in Malmö, Sweden: Your Guide to Finding Shared Accommodation
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Moving to a new country for your studies is an exciting adventure, but it can also bring its fair share of challenges. One of the most daunting tasks for many international students in Malmö, Sweden, is finding suitable shared accommodation. But fret not, we're here to help!

Malmö, the third-largest city in Sweden, is a vibrant hub for students, boasting a cosmopolitan atmosphere and a rich blend of cultures. With over 24,000 students, Malmö University alone hosts a diverse crowd from over 100 countries. This dynamic student population creates a high demand for student housing, and shared accommodation is a popular option.

Shared accommodation can be a cost-effective and socially enriching living arrangement for students. It not only provides an opportunity to split the cost of rent and utilities but also fosters a supportive network of peers navigating similar experiences.

When it comes to finding shared accommodation in Malmö, there are several avenues to explore:

University Housing Services

Universities in Malmö, like many others globally, offer assistance in finding housing for international students. They often have a quota of accommodation options reserved for international students, making this a good starting point.

Malmö University

As a large and internationally oriented institution, Malmö University offers a variety of services to support international students. One of these is assistance with finding housing. The university has a certain number of rooms and apartments reserved for international students, particularly those who are participating in exchange programs or are fee-paying students. Accommodations are usually fully furnished and include utilities.

The accommodation offered by Malmö University is often in student housing areas, providing a vibrant and international environment. Remember, the demand is high and the spots are limited, so it's recommended to apply as soon as the housing application opens. If you can't get a spot through the university's housing service, they provide guidance and resources to help you find housing on your own.

Other Universities and Institutions

If you're studying at another institution in Malmö or the nearby city of Lund, check with your university's housing services or international student office. They may have similar resources and support available. Lund University, for instance, has a housing foundation "AF Bostäder" that offers housing services for students.

Erasmus Student Network (ESN)

If you're coming to Malmö as part of the Erasmus exchange program, the ESN can be a good resource. They often provide assistance and guidance for finding housing.

Remember, getting started early is critical when it comes to finding housing in Malmö. The demand often exceeds supply, especially at the beginning of the academic year. Even if your university provides housing services, it's a good idea to familiarize yourself with other housing options in the city as well.

Keep in mind that the specifics of these services can change, so it's essential to check the most current information directly from the university or institution you're planning to attend. They will provide the most accurate and detailed housing advice and resources based on your specific situation and needs.

Online Platforms

Several online platforms cater to student accommodation needs. These include general housing sites or more student-focused services like Hemavi. Hemavi, in particular, is dedicated to finding shared accommodation, prioritizing safety and compatibility among roommates. As a matchmaking service for roommates, Hemavi assesses individual preferences and lifestyle habits to ensure a harmonious living environment.

With the rise of digital platforms, Hemavi stands out as a reliable option for finding shared accommodation in Malmö. The platform's focus on safety and compatibility between roommates makes it an ideal choice for students looking for a stress-free housing solution.

Student Housing Cooperatives

Student housing cooperatives in Sweden, including in Malmö, are organizations that manage a large number of student apartments. These cooperatives offer a range of accommodations, from single rooms to shared apartments, often at a lower cost than the general housing market. Here's some more information on some of the student housing cooperatives in and around Malmö:

MKB Fastighets AB

MKB is a municipal housing company in Malmö that provides various types of accommodations, including student housing. They offer a wide range of housing options in different parts of Malmö, including several areas close to Malmö University. As an international student, you can register on their website and apply for available student apartments. However, keep in mind that the demand for these apartments can be high, so it's best to apply as soon as possible.

AF Bostäder

While AF Bostäder is primarily associated with Lund University in the neighboring city of Lund, it's worth mentioning due to its proximity to Malmö. Lund and Malmö are about 20 minutes apart by train, making it a viable option for students who don't mind a short commute. AF Bostäder manages a large number of student accommodations, including corridor rooms, shared apartments, and studio apartments.

Helsingkrona Nation

Helsingkrona is one of the 'nations' (student societies) associated with Lund University. It offers student housing primarily to its members. While the majority of their housing is located in Lund, they do manage some properties in Malmö.

It's important to note that to be eligible for student housing through these cooperatives, you will typically need to provide proof of enrollment at a local university or other higher education institution.

When dealing with any housing cooperative or private landlord, be sure to read any rental agreement thoroughly before signing, understand all the terms and conditions, and ensure that the housing meets your needs. Always beware of scams and never send money before verifying the legitimacy of the listing and the landlord.

While the housing hunt may seem overwhelming, remember that thousands of international students have successfully navigated this process. Malmö, with its reputation as a student-friendly city, offers numerous resources to support your housing search. Leveraging platforms like Hemavi not only streamlines the search for shared accommodation but also ensures that you find a place that aligns with your preferences and lifestyle. This compatibility focus helps foster a harmonious living situation, making your stay in Malmö a memorable one.


As you embark on your housing search in Malmö, keep an open mind, be persistent, and leverage the resources available to you. You're on the cusp of an exciting adventure in a beautiful city, and the perfect shared accommodation is out there waiting for you.

In conclusion, while the search for the perfect shared accommodation can seem daunting, with the right tools and resources, you'll be calling Malmö home in no time. Hemavi is one such tool, offering safety, compatibility, and peace of mind in your search for the perfect shared accommodation. After all, home isn't just a place—it's the people you share it with.