Moving to a new apartment? Read this!

Moving to a new apartment? Read this!
That's a big plant!

The past 18 months have been kinda depressing. And that’s putting it mildly. A global pandemic tends to put a damper on things. But now, at least in our corner of the world, things are looking up. No more restrictions means we can go back to our old ways, once again spreading our germs freely. What this also means is a sudden shift in the rental market.

During the pandemic rooms and apartments stood empty. Everyone was stuck in place, few people were interested in moving. Least of all if it meant sharing accommodations with one or more roommates, all potential covid handgrenades. Compare that to the feeding frenzy taking place now. People are looking for rooms and apartments all over Sweden. As a landlord, you’re suddenly the popular kid.

But with that rockstar status comes a certain amount of responsibility. Many new tenants have been isolated in their apartments for a long time and are emerging into the world like newborn babies. Maybe they have gorged themselves on takeaway for the past year and are feeling a bit self conscious. Or they have developed an unhealthy addiction to Microsoft Teams or Google Meet. All I’m saying is, as landlords you’ll probably meet some tenants feeling the stress of moving a little extra this year.

So after doing a couple of victory laps celebrating how many replies your room got on Hemavi, take some extra care when telling someone that they didn’t get your room. You don’t have to write them a long letter or anything, just let people down easy. Try to respond to as many messages as you can, not getting a reply to the message you spent hours carefully formulating kinda sucks.

When your new roommate has moved into your house or apartment I’m sure the topic of the pandemic will come up sooner or later. And since you both used Hemavi, you’ll be perfectly matched to discuss it! Hemavi would never match you with a simpleton who doesn’t know his COVID from his SARS. Any lingering stress will soon dissipate because Christmas is right around the corner, a holiday well known for its stress reducing properties!

And to all the tenants out there, it goes without saying you should be kind to any stressed out landlords you might know. Maybe the cause of their trauma is newfound wealth, but still...

This is the Hemavi resident blogger signing off. Keep visiting Hemavi on Facebook and Instagram and I’ll see you soon.