Exploring Student Housing at Malmö University: A Guide for International Students

Discover student housing at Malmö University! From university-managed accommodations to diverse external options, our guide helps international students find their ideal living space in the vibrant city of Malmö. Explore amenities, application processes, and more for a seamless transition.

Exploring Student Housing at Malmö University: A Guide for International Students
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Malmö University, located in the culturally rich and dynamic city of Malmö, Sweden, stands as a beacon of higher learning, attracting students from around the globe. As an international student embarking on this educational journey, one of the first and most crucial steps is securing a place to live.

Navigating the student housing options at Malmö University involves understanding the various accommodations provided by the university and exploring external housing resources. With options ranging from university-managed dormitories to private rentals and shared apartments, incoming students can have their pick of the litter when it comes to accommodation options. However, finding suitable student housing can be a challenge, given Malmö's unique housing market characterized by a relatively low number of student-specific accommodations​​. This calls for flexibility and openness in your housing search, which may lead you to alternatives like private rooms, second-hand apartments, or even collectives​​.

This guide will explore the housing options offered by Malmö University, the eligibility criteria and application process, as well as alternative options for those who are either unable to find student housing or are simply interested in living off campus.

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Malmö University Housing Options

Malmö University provides student housing, specifically catering to tuition fee-paying students, exchange students, and doctoral students​​. These accommodations are designed to support student growth and development, offering a conducive living and learning environment outside the classroom​​. Malmö University's student housing offers several specific features:

  • Furnished Accommodations: The university residences provide fully furnished personal rooms, kitchens, and common areas.
  • Safety and Security: They have controlled residence access, systematic fire protection, and on-call security available 24/7.
  • Amenities: Amenities include free laundry facilities, broadband and/or Wi-Fi internet connections, and on-call maintenance staff.
  • Social and Educational Activities: Resident Assistants organize various activities every semester to foster a sense of community.
  • Rent Structure: For most student housing, rent is paid for ten out of twelve months, with a rent-free period over summer.
  • Room Types: The residences have private bathrooms and offer both single and double rooms. However, both occupants in double rooms must be students, and family-friendly options are limited​​​​​​.

Benefits of Staying at Student Housing

  • Friendships and Socializing: Opportunities to meet new people and integrate into the university life​​.
  • Safety: Features like controlled access and 24/7 on-call security ensure a safe living environment​​.
  • Engagement and Activities: Various social and educational activities are organized to foster community spirit​​.
  • Conveniences: Fully furnished rooms, kitchens, and common areas, along with facilities like laundry, are provided​​.


Eligibility for student housing at Malmö University primarily includes:

  • Tuition Fee-Paying Students: They are guaranteed housing for the duration of their studies, provided they apply within the specified application period.
  • Exchange Students: Housing is available for them in accordance with the university's distribution policy, subject to availability.
  • Doctoral Students: These students are offered housing depending on the availability of accommodations.
  • Restrictions: As of January 2023, Swedish legislation prohibits universities from subletting housing to European students outside exchange agreements and national students. Students exempted from paying tuition fees are considered European students and are not eligible for university-provided housing​​.

Application Process

It's crucial to apply for university housing early, especially for tuition fee-paying students, as Malmö University guarantees housing for them, subject to application deadlines​​. Exchange students also have access to housing based on the distribution policy, and doctoral students are offered housing depending on availability​.

Newly admitted tuition fee-paying students and exchange students will receive a link to the housing registration form via email. This typically happens once the application period for university housing begins in May or November.

Alternative Housing Options

Due to the shortages of student housing in the city, in addition to the high demand particularly around enrollment time, students may struggle to locate housing on time. Plus, some students may prefer to live off campus to experience more independence and freedom. For those exploring housing outside university housing, various platforms offer diverse options:

  • Private Rentals: Can be found through referrals, friends and family, social media, and even asking senior standing students if they have any leads.
  • Boplats Syd: A key portal for finding student and regular apartments in Malmö. Note that most student housing is unfurnished and may require a deposit​​.
  • Hemma: Managed by the Student Union at Malmö University, this platform features apartments and rooms in Malmö, regularly checked for authenticity​​​​.
  • Hemavi: An innovative platform focusing on room rental and co-living, emphasizing compatibility and safety in the process​​.


Securing housing in Malmö requires proactive planning and exploration of various avenues. University Housing offers a supportive and engaging environment, while external platforms provide more personalized options. It's essential to start your search early, understand the requirements, and utilize the resources available to ensure a smooth transition to student life at Malmö University.