Living at LiU: A Guide to Student Housing at Linköping University

At Linköping University, campus cities lack the severe accommodation shortages seen in larger cities, but international students should still begin their accommodation search early. This guide tells you all you need to know about student housing at LiU.

Living at LiU: A Guide to Student Housing at Linköping University
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Linköping, a vibrant and dynamic city located in southern Sweden, is renowned for its innovative spirit and strong sense of community. Home to Linköping University (LiU), the city is a hub for students, researchers, and academics from around the globe. LiU, established in 1969, has rapidly grown into one of Sweden's leading educational institutions, known for its cutting-edge research and strong emphasis on technology, natural sciences, and engineering. The university's commitment to cross-disciplinary studies and close ties with the industry make it a popular choice for international students seeking a comprehensive and practical education.

For international students, Linköping offers a unique blend of high-quality education and a welcoming environment, making it an ideal destination for pursuing academic and personal growth. As housing is one of the most important factors that influence a student's study abroad experiences, student housing at Linköping University (LiU) presents a variety of options for their international students.

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Student Housing at LiU

For students accepted to a course or program on Campus Norrköping, LiU guarantees accommodation through Studentbo, offering a mix of apartments, corridor, and combo accommodation, all conveniently located near the city center and the campus. LiU has an agreement with the housing company Heimstaden in Linköping, catering to their students accepted to a program on that campus.

LiU can offer some exchange students a room, but there's no guarantee due to high demand. Rooms are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis, and students are informed via post and email about their accommodation status. Keys are collected from the Info Centre during office hours​​.

All housing options are fully furnished, but bedding equipment is not provided, and availability of pillows and blankets/duvets from previous tenants is not guaranteed. The accommodation options offered by Linköping University include:

  • Corridor rooms in Linköping: furnished with a 90x200 cm bed, mattress, bookshelf, desk, desk chair, desk drawer, ceiling lamps, fire alarm, shower curtain, and a router.
  • Apartment in Linköping: comprising one room with a kitchenette, include a 120x200 cm bed, mattress, bedside table, bookshelf, ceiling lamps, a kitchen table, 2-4 kitchen chairs, basic kitchen utensils, shower curtain, vacuum cleaner, mop, fire alarm, and router.
  • Corridor rooms in Norrköping: have a bed, mattress, desk with a chair, bookshelf, shower curtain, ceiling lamps in the hall and bathroom, and a fire alarm.

Application for Housing at LiU

At Linköping University, student accommodation is primarily available to exchange students. Other students are advised to join accommodation queue systems, as, unlike some larger cities in Sweden, Linköping and Norrköping do not face massive shortages of student housing

Understanding the queue point system is crucial for international students, as renting apartments directly from the market can be challenging. Many students may opt for temporary housing while searching for permanent options.

Housing applications are typically online, accumulating one point per day in the system. It's recommended that prospective LiU students join these queues early, as local students often sign up in advance, securing the best and most affordable apartments. Being proactive and organized in the housing queue can significantly increase housing options, as the more points you're able to accumulate, the more options you'll have for accommodation.

Alternative Housing Options

  • Studentbostäder: Offers apartments and rooms in Linköping through a queuing system where points accumulate over time. They also feature 'Accommodation Direct' for immediate availability​​​​.
  • Heimstaden: Provides rooms in both Linköping and Norrköping, with registration required on their website​​.
  • Colonia: A student complex near Campus Valla in Linköping, requiring queue points for accommodation​​.
  • Studentbo: Offers priority accommodation to students studying for two or more semesters in Norrköping​​.
  • Private Rentals: which can be found through online listings on platforms such as Hemavi, social media groups, referrals, or student networks.


While securing student housing at LiU requires some planning and early action, there are multiple avenues and resources available to assist international students. From university-managed accommodation to private rentals and municipal housing services, exploring these options thoroughly and joining queues as early as possible can significantly ease the process of finding a suitable living space in Linköping or Norrköping.

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