Life at Lund University: Navigating Campus and Beyond

Lund University, nestled in Sweden's charming city of Lund, offers a vibrant and diverse experience for its international student community. From student nations and cultural events to comprehensive facilities, the university provides opportunities for learning, socializing, and growth.

Life at Lund University: Navigating Campus and Beyond
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Lund University, nestled in the charming city of Lund, Sweden, has long been a welcoming hub for international students from all corners of the globe. Currently, over 10,000 international students, hailing from more than 140 countries, call this vibrant campus their academic home. The diversity of the student body not only enhances the learning experience but also creates a unique and dynamic social scene.

From academic pursuits to cultural festivities, Lund University offers a plethora of opportunities for international students to thrive. Here's everything that makes Lund’s campus life so distinctive!

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Experiences for Students at Lund University

Student Nations

The student nations at Lund University trace their origins back to the 17th century, making them some of the oldest student organizations in the world. They were initially established to represent students from different regions of Sweden, fostering a sense of community among those far from home. Over time, the nations have evolved to include international students, providing a vibrant and inclusive atmosphere. There are 13 student nations at Lund University, each with its unique character and array of activities. Here are a few notable examples:

  • Göteborgs Nation: Known for its relaxed atmosphere, Göteborgs Nation hosts regular pub nights, brunches, and cultural events. They also have a choir and an array of other social events, such as themed parties and holiday celebrations.
  • Smålands Nation: This nation has a strong social and political focus, organizing events that promote discussions on current affairs, social justice, and environmental sustainability. They also run a popular vegetarian café, which serves as a hub for like-minded students.
  • Kalmar Nation: Known for its sports activities, Kalmar Nation organizes weekly exercise sessions, sports tournaments, and even hiking trips. They also host regular social events, including quiz nights, themed parties, and live music.
  • Wermlands Nation: This nation has a strong ecological focus, offering sustainable dining options at their eco-friendly restaurant, which sources local and organic produce. They also run cultural events such as film screenings, book clubs, and language exchanges.

Student Unions

The student unions at Lund University represent different faculties, ensuring that students have a voice in matters related to their academic and campus experiences. The unions advocate for students' interests in university governance, participating in committees and councils that shape policies on education, facilities, and student welfare. There are nine main student unions at Lund University, each representing a different faculty or group of faculties:

  • LundaEkonomerna (School of Economics and Management)
  • Humanistiska och Teologiska Studentkåren (Faculties of Humanities and Theology)
  • LundaSÄK (Social Sciences Students)
  • Juridiska Föreningen (Law Students)
  • Medicina (Medical Students)
  • Pharmacy Student Union (Pharmacy Students)
  • Science Student Union (Faculty of Science)
  • Student Union of Engineering and Architecture (Faculties of Engineering and Architecture)

The unions offer numerous opportunities for professional growth, including networking events, career fairs, and workshops. These events help students connect with industry professionals, gain insights into their fields, and explore potential career paths. Additionally, the unions provide guidance on internships, job placements, and resume building, aiding students in their transition to the workforce. Beyond academics and professional development, the student unions also organize social events that foster a sense of community. These include themed parties, cultural activities, and excursions, providing students with opportunities to relax, socialize, and build relationships with their peers.

Cultural Events

Lund University offers a rich cultural scene, hosting numerous events that bring students together, celebrate diversity, and provide opportunities for learning and enjoyment. One prominent example of this is the student-run carnival, held every four years. It features a variety of attractions, including parades, live performances, and themed events. The carnival draws thousands of visitors, providing a festive atmosphere and showcasing students' creativity through activities such as theater productions, musical performances, and comedy shows.

Lund University has a vibrant music and performance scene, with various events organized throughout the year. The university hosts concerts, including performances by the Lund Academic Orchestra and other student ensembles, covering a wide range of musical genres. There are also choir performances, including from the Lund University Male Voice Choir and the Academic Orchestra Choir, offering classical and contemporary repertoires.

Plus, several student organizations at Lund University focus on promoting cultural engagement. For instance, Studentafton organizes cultural events, including guest lectures, debates, and panel discussions, featuring prominent figures from various fields.

Other cultural events at Lund University include theater performances, film screenings, literary events, art exhibitions, and international festivals.

Campus and Facilities at Lund University

The university boasts several libraries, each offering comprehensive resources and services: Lund University's Main Library is a historical building that houses an extensive collection of books, journals, and digital resources across various disciplines. The library also offers workshops and information sessions on research skills and academic writing. Additionally, each faculty has its own dedicated library, tailored to the needs of its students. These libraries offer specialized resources and collections, as well as study spaces and access to online databases.

Lund University offers various sports facilities, catering to different interests and promoting a healthy lifestyle: The Gerdahallen, located near the Faculty of Medicine, provides a variety of fitness classes, gym facilities, and sports courts. It offers classes ranging from aerobics and yoga to martial arts and spinning, making it a hub for fitness enthusiasts. The university also has several student-run sports clubs, covering activities such as soccer, volleyball, and climbing. These clubs organize practice sessions, tournaments, and social events, fostering community through teamwork and shared goals.

The university's dining facilities cater to a variety of tastes and preferences; there are numerous cafes scattered throughout the university, offering light meals, snacks, and beverages. Some cafes, such as the ones run by student nations, provide discounted prices for members. Many student nations also offer dining options, ranging from vegetarian cafes to traditional Swedish cuisine. These dining facilities provide affordable meals and often serve as social hubs for students.


Lund University offers an enriching and dynamic experience for its international student community. With its diverse student body and vibrant campus life, the university provides a wide range of opportunities for learning, socializing, and personal growth. The unique traditions of the student nations, the advocacy and support of the student unions, the rich cultural events, and the comprehensive campus facilities all contribute to making Lund a welcoming and stimulating environment.

From the centuries-old student nations to the cultural festivities, from dedicated libraries to vibrant dining facilities, Lund University's offerings create a holistic experience that nurtures both academic and personal development. The university's blend of tradition and innovation, along with its supportive services, enables students from all over the world to thrive, fostering a sense of community and belonging.

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