Charting Success: Academic Programs at the Stockholm School of Economics

Discover the path to business leadership with SSE's world-class education. From Bachelor's to PhD programs and Executive Education, SSE prepares you for global success.

Charting Success: Academic Programs at the Stockholm School of Economics
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In the vibrant heart of Scandinavia, the Stockholm School of Economics (SSE) stands as a distinguished beacon for international students seeking unparalleled business education. Known for its rigorous academic framework and a legacy of excellence, SSE has carved out a niche for itself among Europe's elite institutions.

With a curriculum designed to foster innovation, leadership, and global business acumen, SSE's offerings are a magnet for ambitious students from across the globe. As we delve into the essence of what makes SSE a crucible for future business leaders, this blog sets the stage for a comprehensive look at the academic journeys available for those ready to navigate the complexities of the global market with skill, integrity, and vision.

Bachelor's Programs at Stockholm School of Economics

The Stockholm School of Economics (SSE) offers two distinct Bachelor's programs tailored to cater to the aspirations of students aiming to make a significant impact in the business world. Both programs are designed to equip students with the skills and knowledge necessary for a successful career in their chosen fields.

Both programs are conducted entirely in English, making them accessible to international students. SSE also offers several scholarships to assist students from non-EU/EEA countries with tuition fees. These programs not only aim to impart theoretical knowledge but also strive to provide practical experience through internships, projects with corporate partners, and international exchange opportunities, thereby preparing students for the global business landscape.

Bachelor of Science in Business & Economics

This three-year program provides a comprehensive foundation in various areas crucial for business success, including Economics, Sustainability, Finance, Accounting, Data Analytics, Business Law, Marketing, Management, Entrepreneurship, and Strategy. The first three semesters focus on building a solid base across these areas, while the latter half of the program allows students to customize their degree through specializations and elective courses. Students also have the opportunity to engage in a 16-week internship and go on an exchange semester at one of SSE's prestigious partner universities. The program boasts a strong employment rate, with 95% of graduates finding jobs within three months of graduation.

Bachelor of Science in Retail Management

Also spanning three years, this specialized program zeroes in on the retail sector, offering students in-depth insights into retail management and closely collaborating with industry leaders throughout the duration of the course. The curriculum is robust, with a strong emphasis on retail-focused courses customized to blend retail-specific content with fundamental business knowledge. The program features the Applied Retail Track, allowing students to work on real-life projects and challenges in sustainability and other areas with renowned retail companies. Similar to the Business & Economics program, the Retail Management degree also sees a high employment rate among its graduates, with 95% securing jobs within three months of completing their studies.

For more detailed information on each program, including application requirements and how to apply, visit SSE's official Bachelor's webpage.

Master's Programs at Stockholm School of Economics

The Stockholm School of Economics (SSE) offers a range of Master's programs tailored for international students, each designed to cater to various interests and career goals. These programs are taught entirely in English, ensuring accessibility for students worldwide. SSE stands out for its close links with the business community and its commitment to providing students with practical experiences alongside their academic studies. The programs offer opportunities for internships, participation in live projects, and interaction with businesses and organizations, enhancing employability upon graduation.

International students benefit from a supportive environment, with SSE offering a limited number of scholarships to those required to pay tuition fees. The school's global outlook is evident in its diverse student body and opportunities for international exchanges.

Accounting, Valuation & Financial Management

This program emphasizes a variety of pedagogical methods, including lectures, group work, case teaching, and real-world examples, providing a comprehensive education in accounting, valuation, and financial management

Business & Management

Focusing on business development and innovation, this program is designed for those interested in developing a firm’s competitive position, its processes, people, and products. It combines theoretical knowledge with practical application, aiming to produce graduates capable of leading and innovating in various business contexts​.


The MSc in Economics equips students to tackle challenging economic problems, offering tools for careers in both the public and private sectors. It emphasizes problem-solving skills, modern economic analysis, and quantitative empirical methods. The curriculum covers a wide range of economic theories and applications, preparing students for careers in financial institutions, consultancy firms, international organizations, and government bodies.


Renowned for its rigorous, research-based curriculum, this program covers topics such as capital markets, valuation, fixed income, and capital structure. Students can specialize in Corporate Finance or Investment Management, leading to careers in investment banking, private equity, investment management, and consulting​.

International Business

This program is designed for those looking to master management, innovation, and strategy in global organizations. It includes in-depth courses, live projects, and an exchange term at another top university, preparing students for a global business career.

PhD Programs at Stockholm School of Economics

The Stockholm School of Economics (SSE) offers comprehensive PhD programs designed to cultivate cutting-edge researchers in the fields of Business Administration, Economics, and Finance. These programs are structured to provide a rich educational environment, combining rigorous academic coursework with practical research experience, fostering close interactions between students and faculty.

PhD Program in Business Administration

This program aims to prepare graduates for successful careers in research or their chosen career paths. The curriculum is tailored to deepen and broaden students' theoretical and methodological knowledge, enriched by active engagement in original scientific work. The program offers four specializations: Accounting and Managerial Finance, Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Technology, Management & Organization, and Marketing, Strategy & International Business. It emphasizes a variety of research areas including digitalization, consumer behavior, international business, and sustainable business practices.

PhD Program in Economics

The Economics PhD program at SSE is recognized for its small, closely-knit department that fosters intimate faculty-student collaborations, alongside the advantages typical of larger departments. It involves around 35 doctoral students and integrates the Stockholm Doctoral Course Program in Economics, Econometrics, and Finance (SDPE), a joint initiative with Stockholm University that stands among Europe's foremost doctoral course programs. The program encourages students to spend semesters at highly-ranked universities abroad and to engage in specialized research areas like Applied Econometrics, Behavioral and Experimental Economics, and Macroeconomics.

PhD Program in Finance

This program follows the standard US format, including two years of intensive coursework followed by independent research projects culminating in a doctoral dissertation. It emphasizes the importance of teaching experience, with the possibility of extending the program to a fifth year for those who undertake teaching roles. The curriculum includes specialized courses in areas such as machine learning and digital currencies. SSE's Department of Finance, recognized as one of the top five in Europe, provides a vibrant research environment with opportunities for publishing in leading journals and securing positions at prestigious institutions worldwide. The program highlights research expertise in areas like Sustainable Finance and Empirical Asset Pricing.

For more detailed information, including application requirements and processes, you can visit the official Stockholm School of Economics website or directly explore the pages for the PhD Program in Business Administration, Economics, and Finance.

MBA and Continuing Education Programs at Stockholm School of Economics

At the Stockholm School of Economics (SSE), there are options for MBA programs and continuing education tailored to meet the needs of executives, managers, and professionals seeking to enhance their leadership and management skills.

MBA Executive Format at Stockholm School of Economics

The SSE MBA Executive Format is an 18-month-long Executive MBA program designed for business leaders aiming to thrive in a global context. This part-time program is delivered in English across Stockholm, Riga, Singapore, and Silicon Valley. Participants will not only earn an MBA degree but also three additional certificates from courses in collaboration with the Stanford Center for Professional Development, National University of Singapore, and the Global Network for Advanced Management (GNAM). The curriculum includes a variety of electives, live projects for hands-on learning, and a leadership program with professional coaching. The program emphasizes sustainability and is highly ranked by the Financial Times.

Executive Education at Stockholm School of Economics

SSE Executive Education offers a wide range of programs for those looking to take on new challenges or to become more secure in their professional roles. It is Northern Europe's leading partner for executive education and ranked number one in the Nordics within leadership and business development according to the Financial Times. The offerings include:

  • Open programs that cater to various professional development needs, with topics ranging from digital innovation and business finance to leadership and strategy.
  • Consortium programs that allow for an exchange of experiences between companies and the ability to influence the training program's shape.
  • Customized programs designed to achieve sustainable development within an entire organization, keeping you at the cutting edge of your business.
  • Online programs for flexible learning that can support your career development from anywhere in the world.

Specific programs highlighted include courses on accelerating digital innovation, value-creating business development, and strategic transformation among others, designed for both executives/managers and specialists within various domains such as finance, insurance, and risk management​.


In the quest for excellence in business education, the Stockholm School of Economics (SSE) stands out as a premier institution, offering a breadth of programs that cater to various stages of professional development—from undergraduate degrees to PhDs and executive education. This blog has navigated through the rich academic landscapes of SSE, revealing a world-class institution that thrives on innovation, leadership, and a deep understanding of the global market dynamics.

For those ready to embark on a journey of intellectual and professional growth, to challenge themselves and the status quo, SSE offers a path not just to a degree but to a future of possibilities. Explore further and take the next step in your academic and professional journey with SSE, where excellence is not just taught but lived.

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