KTH Student Housing Options: A Guide for International Students

Embark on an academic journey at KTH Royal Institute of Technology, blending top-tier education with cultural exploration. This guide offers insights into securing your ideal home, from university accommodations to shared living, ensuring a smooth start at Scandinavia’s innovation hub.

KTH Student Housing Options: A Guide for International Students
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Embarking on your academic adventure at KTH Royal Institute of Technology presents an unparalleled opportunity for international students to engage in top-tier education, cultural exploration, and personal development. However, before immersing yourself in the vibrant life of Scandinavia's innovation hub, securing accommodation in Stockholm—a city celebrated for its stunning landscapes and dynamic urban environment yet known for its tight housing market—is crucial.

Navigating Stockholm's housing scene is a pivotal step in your preparation. The city's charming vistas, lively streets, and tranquil waterways offer a picturesque backdrop for your studies, but finding a suitable place to live can pose a challenge due to high demand. This guide aims to simplify the process, covering everything from the various student housing options available to KTH students, through the application procedures, to budgeting for living expenses and pinpointing neighborhoods that are most welcoming to students. With the right approach, securing your new home in Stockholm can be an exciting first step towards a rewarding educational journey at one of the world's leading technical universities.

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About KTH Royal Institute of Technology

KTH Royal Institute of Technology, located in Stockholm, Sweden, is the country's largest technical university. It was established in 1827 and focuses on research and education in engineering and technology across five schools and four campuses in and around Stockholm. KTH hosts 950 academic staff, 3,600 administrative staff, and around 13,500 students, including 1,700 doctoral students. KTH is part of several prestigious affiliations like CLUSTER and EUA and has four campuses in Stockholm. It ranks 73rd globally in the QS World University Rankings 2024, making it the highest-ranked university in the Nordic countries​

KTH is known for its significant contribution to one-third of Sweden's technical research and engineering education capacity at the university level. The university boasts a rich history of innovation dating back to the 17th century and enjoys a global reputation for excellence, attracting students worldwide.

Did you know?

  • KTH has a royal heritage, reflected in its full name "Kungliga Tekniska högskolan," which translates to Royal Institute of Technology, indicating its prestigious standing in Sweden.
  • The KTH campus is home to the first nuclear reactor in Sweden, R1, which went critical in 1954 under the university, showcasing KTH's pioneering role in nuclear research.
  • The university's motto, "Vetenskap och Konst" means "Science and Art," highlighting the institution's commitment to blending technical innovation with creative thinking​​.

What makes KTH suitable for international students?

KTH Royal Institute of Technology is ideal for international students due to its high global ranking, indicating excellent education and research opportunities. The university's diverse community fosters a multicultural environment, enhancing the educational experience through cultural exchange.

Additionally, KTH's strong industry links provide valuable networking opportunities and potential career pathways, making it a conducive setting for academic and personal growth in a global context. Plus, the university's location in Stockholm, a city known for its high quality of life and cultural richness, offers a stimulating and cosmopolitan environment for students from around the world.

Housing Options at KTH

KTH offers accommodation at four locations, both on and off campus, accessible by bike or public transport. Options include one-room apartments, shared apartments, and corridor rooms, ensuring a variety of living situations to suit different preferences. Accommodations come furnished with a basic set, but personal items like duvets, pillows, and kitchen utensils are not provided, although previous tenants often leave such items behind.

Check KTH Accommodation for more detailed information about their accommodation offerings.

What are the housing areas for students at KTH?

  • Malvinas väg: Situated on KTH Campus with three apartment buildings, offering close proximity to academic facilities.
  • Teknikringen: Also on KTH Campus, comprising five apartment buildings, providing convenient access to campus resources.
  • Lappkärrsberget: Located a 10-minute bike ride or one metro stop from KTH Campus, blending accessibility with a bit of distance from the immediate campus environment.
  • Täby: A 12-minute tram ride from KTH Campus, offering a suburban setting for students who prefer a quieter environment away from the central campus area​​.

What are some other housing options around KTH?

The private housing market near KTH Royal Institute of Technology mirrors Stockholm's overall competitive landscape. High demand from students and professionals makes finding accommodations a challenge, with prices varying by location and housing type. Proximity to KTH or central Stockholm usually means higher costs. Students often opt for shared apartments as a more affordable option. It's advisable to start the housing search well in advance of the semester start date and to utilize various online platforms and local networks to find available listings.

Shared apartments are a popular, budget-friendly choice. Shared living reduces costs significantly and offers social and community benefits, aiding in the development of key life skills for international students. Generally, shared living can reduce rental costs by as much as 30-50% compared to living alone. Living in a shared apartment not only allows for splitting rent and utility costs but also fosters a vibrant social environment. It's an excellent avenue for international students to forge new connections and establish a supportive community away from home. This arrangement also cultivates key life skills such as effective communication, the art of compromise, and teamwork through shared household responsibilities.

How can I find a shared apartment around KTH?

Finding accommodation in Stockholm might initially seem daunting due to high demand, especially with student influxes. Leveraging university resources like bulletin boards and forums, plus networking with peers, can unveil housing opportunities. About 30% of students find housing through their university network, highlighting the effectiveness of this strategy. Start your search early, ideally upon admission acceptance. This may be a little tricky since networking with your fellow students requires you to actually meet them, which means waiting until the beginning of the semester. However, you can start by joining social media groups tailored for KTH students, and being your search there.

Another approach to securing shared housing around KTH is utilizing specialized platforms such as Hemavi. We offer a secure platform for browsing shared apartments, featuring verified listings and legal contracts. Our platform provides a roommate matching service, ensuring a compatible living environment by aligning interests and lifestyles.

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Starting your journey at KTH Royal Institute of Technology opens doors to exceptional education and personal growth. As you prepare to immerse in Stockholm's dynamic environment, finding the right accommodation is key. This guide has walked you through various housing options at KTH, offering insights into navigating Stockholm’s housing market, from university accommodations to private rentals and shared apartments.

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Embrace this exciting step towards your educational journey at KTH, where innovation meets tradition in the heart of Scandinavia.