Karlstad University Living: Your Guide to Student Housing

Discover Karlstad University, Sweden's vibrant educational gem. Known for its diverse courses, innovative research, and eco-friendly campus, it's an ideal choice for international students seeking an engaging, progressive academic experience.

Karlstad University Living: Your Guide to Student Housing
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Karlstad University, a dynamic educational hub in Sweden, is renowned for its diverse academic programs and a commitment to sustainability and innovation. Established in 1967 and achieving full university status in 1999, it offers a wide array of courses in humanities, technology, health care, and more. Its environmentally conscious campus and world-class research facilities, like the CTF Service Research Center, make it a prime destination for international students seeking a progressive learning environment.

In this blog, we delve into the various accommodation options available to international students, ensuring a smooth and comfortable transition to university life. From furnished dormitories to private rentals, Karlstad University offers a plethora of choices to suit every student’s needs and preferences.

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An Overview of Karlstad University

Karlstad University, located in Karlstad, Sweden, was originally established as the Karlstad campus of the University of Gothenburg in 1967. It became an independent university college in 1977 and was granted full university status in 1999. The university offers about 40 educational programmes, 30 programme extensions, and 900 courses across various fields including humanities, social studies, science, technology, teaching, health care, and arts.

The university is also known for its CTF Service Research Center, one of the world's leading research centers focusing on service management and value creation through service. Furthermore, Karlstad University has implemented an environmentally friendly heating and cooling system for its buildings, significantly reducing its carbon footprint and energy consumption​​.

Student Housing at Karlstad University

Finding suitable student housing in Karlstad can be a challenging task, and Karlstad University recommends starting the search as early as possible. Temporary accommodation is often the initial choice for new arrivals, especially before obtaining a Swedish personal identity number, which is a common requirement for most landlords.

Karlstad University's website provides a list of landlords in the city, which can be a valuable resource for finding rental apartments. Options range from furnished apartments in the city center, suitable for short-term stays, to apartments in areas like Rudsberget. Additionally, websites like Airbnb and local Facebook groups can be useful for finding temporary accommodations or private rentals​​.

Accommodation for Students at the Ingesund School of Music

One of the unique features of student accommodation at Karlstad University is its proximity to nature, offering a serene and conducive environment for studies. The student accommodations, particularly for those at the Ingesund School of Music, a part of Karlstad University, include furnished rooms with essential amenities like a bed, chest of drawers, desk, and lamps. Common areas include a living room with TV, laundry room, and a kitchen equipped for basic cooking. Students are, however, expected to bring their own bedding and tableware. These accommodations are available during the academic year but not during the summer vacation

Accommodation for Exchange Students at Karlstad University

For exchange students, Karlstad University provides dedicated assistance in finding accommodation, through working with a student housing company called KBAB. All the offered rooms are furnished, with each room having its own toilet and shower. Shared kitchens are standard in these accommodations. This arrangement ensures that exchange students have a comfortable and convenient living space during their studies at Karlstad University​​. For more information on housing for exchange students, contact the international coordinator for incoming exchange students at exchange@kau.se.

Tips for Finding Independent Accommodation

For international students enrolling at Karlstad University and looking for accommodation, here are some helpful tips:

  • Start Early: Begin your search for accommodation immediately after enrollment confirmation. The housing market in Karlstad can be competitive, especially at the start of the academic year.
  • Explore University Resources: Check Karlstad University's website for a comprehensive list of local landlords and accommodation options. This list is particularly helpful for understanding the range of available housing near the campus.
  • Consider Temporary Housing: Opting for short-term housing initially can be wise. This gives you time to obtain a Swedish personal identity number, which is often required for long-term rental agreements.
  • Use Online Platforms: Explore websites like Hemavi, and local Facebook groups for more options. These platforms can provide insights into various housing styles and prices.
  • Connect with Other Students: Engaging with student communities can provide insights and leads on available housing. Fellow students might know of available rooms or be looking for roommates.
  • Understand Local Regulations: Familiarize yourself with the rental laws and norms in Sweden. Knowing your rights and responsibilities as a tenant can help avoid misunderstandings with landlords.


As international students embarking on their academic journey at Karlstad University, finding the right accommodation is a crucial step. Starting early, utilizing university resources, considering temporary options, leveraging online platforms, connecting with fellow students, and understanding local rental regulations are key strategies to navigate the housing market in Karlstad.

With these tips in mind, students can find a comfortable and suitable living arrangement, ensuring a smooth transition to university life and allowing them to fully immerse themselves in the vibrant academic and cultural experiences that Karlstad University offers.

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