Global Opportunities: Study Abroad and Exchange Programs at Lund University

Lund University offers diverse study abroad programs, enriching students' educational journeys with global perspectives. Explore exchange opportunities, double degrees, and internships to enhance your career prospects and personal growth at Lund.

Global Opportunities: Study Abroad and Exchange Programs at Lund University
Photo by Lund University

Exploring study abroad options at Lund University opens a door to a world where academic rigor meets cultural enrichment. Situated in the historic city of Lund, Sweden, the university is renowned for its innovative research and a commitment to fostering an inclusive learning environment. Annually, this prestigious Swedish institution welcomes over 3,000 international students from upwards of 70 countries, offering a tapestry of experiences and learning opportunities.

Lund University is not just a place to study; it's a place to grow, discover, and connect with a diverse global community. Whether you're looking for rigorous academic challenges, extensive research opportunities, or a rich cultural exchange, Lund has something special to offer. In this blog, we'll dive into the various study abroad programs available at Lund University, highlighting how they can enhance your educational journey and prepare you for a successful global career.

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Incoming Exchange Programs at Lund University

Lund University offers a diverse array of incoming exchange programs that cater to international students from across the globe. Through partnerships with numerous global and European networks, including the Erasmus+ program and Nordplus, as well as various bilateral agreements with other universities, Lund facilitates a broad range of academic exchanges. These programs allow students to engage in studies spanning from engineering and economics to environmental studies and international relations, with most courses available in both Swedish and English. Courses are structured around the ECTS credit system, with each course offering between 7.5 to 30 ECTS credits, ensuring compatibility with international academic standards.

Furthermore, Lund University is committed to supporting incoming exchange students through various services. This includes orientation programs to help students acclimate, Swedish language courses to enhance their local integration, and a mentor program that pairs them with current students for additional guidance. Exchange durations are flexible, typically lasting one or two semesters, allowing students to choose according to their academic and personal needs. Additionally, the vibrant student life at Lund includes access to numerous student organizations and activities, enriching the cultural and social aspects of the exchange experience.

Outgoing Exchange Programs at Lund University

Lund University has established a wide network of partner universities worldwide, including participation in the Erasmus+ program, which is particularly strong within Europe. They also have partnerships through the Nordplus network, enabling exchanges with institutions in Nordic and Baltic countries. Additionally, numerous bilateral agreements with universities across the Americas, Asia, Africa, and Australia extend the reach of their exchange offerings.

Students at Lund have the opportunity to study abroad for one or two semesters, and in some cases, for a shorter summer or winter school session. The university offers programs across a broad spectrum of disciplines, allowing students to find courses that match their degree requirements and personal interests. This ensures that credits earned abroad are transferable and contribute to their degree progression at Lund. Before their departure, outgoing students receive thorough pre-departure orientations and can participate in language preparation courses if they choose. The International Office at Lund also provides ongoing support during the exchange, assisting with any academic or administrative issues that may arise.

Applications and Financial Support for Exchange Programs

Typically, students are eligible to apply for an exchange after completing their first year of studies at Lund. The application process involves academic merit assessment, language proficiency (if necessary), and sometimes interviews or motivational letters. Priority is often given to students whose academic plans align closely with the opportunities available at the partner institutions.

To facilitate these exchanges, Lund University offers several scholarships specifically for outgoing exchange students. These scholarships can help cover travel costs, living expenses, and sometimes tuition fees at the host university, depending on the destination and agreement terms. Erasmus+ grants, in particular, provide financial assistance to students studying within Europe.

Study Abroad Opportunities at Lund University

Field Studies and Internships Abroad

Many of Lund University's departments integrate field studies and internships abroad directly into their curriculum. This approach ensures that students can apply theoretical knowledge in practical settings, enhancing learning outcomes. Programs like environmental science, geography, social sciences, and engineering often require or highly recommend participation in these activities. Lund University has established partnerships with various organizations, companies, and research institutions worldwide. These partnerships facilitate placements for students in environments that are conducive to their academic and professional growth. For example, engineering students might have the opportunity to work in high-tech companies, while those studying environmental sciences might participate in field research in unique ecosystems.

The duration of these programs can vary widely, from a few weeks to a semester or more. The length often depends on the nature of the fieldwork or internship and the academic requirements. These programs are credit-bearing, contributing to the students' degree requirements at Lund University.

Summer and Winter Schools

The Summer and Winter Schools at Lund cover a broad spectrum of disciplines, from science and engineering to humanities and social sciences. These programs often focus on specialized topics that may not be available during the regular semesters, allowing students to delve deeper into specific areas of interest or explore new fields. Courses in these schools are typically intensive, involving daily classes, workshops, and practical activities. This format is designed to maximize learning within a short period, making it an efficient way to earn credits and gain significant knowledge and skills.

One of the highlights of Lund’s Summer and Winter Schools is their international nature. These programs attract students from around the world, providing a multicultural learning environment. This diversity enhances discussions and learning outcomes, offering students a global perspective on various subjects. The courses offered during these schools are credit-bearing, which means that students can earn credits towards their degree. This is particularly beneficial for students looking to fulfill certain academic requirements or accelerate their studies.

Double Degree Programs

Lund University offers Double Degree programs, which allow students to study at both Lund and one or more partner universities, earning degrees from each institution. These programs are highly prestigious and designed for students who are looking to deepen their expertise and enhance their qualifications with international credentials.

The Double Degree programs at Lund are available in a variety of disciplines. These programs are particularly common in business, engineering, law, and international relations, but are also available in other fields. Typically, these programs require students to spend part of their study time at Lund and part at the partner university. The exact duration at each location can vary, but generally, students might spend one to two years at each university. This structure allows students to fully immerse themselves in different academic environments and cultures.

Graduates from Double Degree programs benefit from having qualifications from two internationally respected universities, which can significantly enhance their employability and career prospects. Additionally, these programs offer a deep international experience, cultural proficiency, and a robust professional network that spans multiple countries.

Global Classrooms and Virtual Exchanges

Global Classrooms and Virtual Exchanges are integrated into the regular curriculum, allowing students to gain international exposure as part of their existing course load. This integration ensures that students can participate in global learning activities without additional costs or travel requirements. Many of the virtual exchanges and global classrooms at Lund are part of what is often called Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL). This approach involves students from different countries working together on specific projects or coursework, facilitated by faculty members from each participating institution.

These virtual programs span a wide range of disciplines, enabling students from nearly any field of study at Lund to participate. Whether it's global health, environmental science, business, or humanities, these courses are designed to add a global perspective relevant to the subject matter.

Because these experiences are virtual, they offer flexibility in terms of participation, which can be particularly appealing for students who may have constraints that prevent them from participating in physical exchange programs. This flexibility also allows for a broader range of international partnerships, as geographic distance and logistical challenges are less of a barrier.

Freemover Program

Unlike structured exchange programs, the Freemover program allows students to independently arrange their study abroad at universities outside of Lund’s network of partner institutions. This enables students to choose their destination based on their unique preferences, be it for academic reasons, cultural exploration, or personal connections. One of the critical aspects of the Freemover program is arranging credit transfer in advance. Students must work closely with their faculty at Lund to ensure that the courses they plan to take abroad will meet their degree requirements. This involves detailed planning and coordination to avoid any issues with credit recognition upon their return.

Applying to be a Freemover involves a few more steps than participating in a standard exchange program. Students must first identify a suitable host university and gain acceptance into their chosen course or program. They then need to apply through Lund’s International Office to receive approval for their study plan, ensuring that the courses they intend to take abroad are recognized and that the credits will be transferable to their degree at Lund.


As students consider making Lund University their choice for studying abroad, they are stepping into a community that values academic excellence, cultural diversity, and personal growth. The opportunities at Lund are not just about earning degrees; they are about creating transformative experiences that will shape students' futures in profound ways. Whether through engaging with the local Swedish culture, participating in high-caliber academic programs, or forming lasting international networks, Lund University is truly a place where educational aspirations can thrive.

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