Örebro University Housing Guide for the Global Student Community

Explore student housing options at Örebro University, tailored for international students. From university accommodations to private rental options, find your ideal home in Sweden.

Örebro University Housing Guide for the Global Student Community
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Welcome to Örebro University, a home for international minds! Embarking on an academic adventure in a new country is thrilling, and finding the perfect place to call home is a crucial part of the journey. In this blog, we dive into the world of student housing at Örebro University, Sweden, highlighting the options available for international students.

From convenient university accommodations to private rental housing choices, we explore how Örebro University caters to the diverse living needs of its global student community.

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An Overview of Örebro University

Örebro University, located in the city of Örebro, Sweden, is a state university with a rich history and a vibrant academic environment. It was established in 1999 but traces its roots back to various educational institutions in Örebro dating from the 1960s. The university evolved from a branch of Uppsala University and was originally formed as Örebro University College in 1977 before gaining its university status.

Today, Örebro University is home to approximately 16,000 students and 490 doctoral students. It offers a wide range of academic programs with 85 degree programmes and 920 single courses across its three faculties and eight schools. These faculties and schools cover diverse areas of study including Business, Science and Engineering, Humanities and Social Sciences, and Medicine and Health. The university is particularly known for its programs in medicine, psychology, law, and engineering.

The university is recognized for its research strengths, particularly in medicine, psychology, environmental science, and computer science. Örebro University's main campus is a concentrated area providing a stimulating environment with all necessary facilities, including a library, cafés, and student housing.

Örebro University has made its mark in global academic rankings as well. It is ranked among the top 500 universities worldwide according to Times Higher Education 2022 and has also been featured in the Shanghai ranking (ARWU) and the Leiden ranking.

Student Housing at Örebro University

Örebro University offers a range of accommodation options to suit the diverse needs of its international students. Örebro University's commitment to providing comfortable and accessible accommodation reflects its dedication to creating a supportive environment for its international students. With the right planning and early application, students can find a welcoming home away from home.

Student Housing for Exchange Students at Örebro University

Exchange students at Örebro University enjoy the benefit of guaranteed housing on Campus Örebro, provided they submit their housing application on time and correctly. The process involves an advance rent payment before arrival, handled by the Housing Office, which manages all housing services for exchange students. Housing applications have specific deadlines: April 15th for the autumn semester and October 15th for the spring semester.

Students with special housing needs due to disabilities should provide certificates from a medical doctor and their home university along with their online application to accommodate their requirements.

For further information or questions regarding housing, students are encouraged to contact the Housing Office at housing@oru.se.

Student Housing for Master's Students at Örebro University

For master’s students without a Swedish personal number, the university provides primarily single-occupancy accommodations near the campus. However, it’s crucial to apply early as these are subject to availability and are not guaranteed. For students requiring family or multiple occupancy options, Örebro University recommends exploring private housing.

EU/EEA or Swiss students, as well as those with a Swedish personal number, are responsible for arranging their own accommodation. The demand for housing in Örebro is high, and availability is limited, making early application a necessity.

Types of Student Housing at Örebro University

  • Studentgatan Housing: This option features corridor-style living with private bathrooms in each room. The rooms, measuring 18.8 square meters, are designed for single occupancy and allow pets. However, smoking indoors is prohibited.
  • Västra Flygeln (Red House): Located in a tranquil area next to Östra Mark, the Västra Flygeln offers corridor-style living with shared kitchen and bathroom facilities. Each room is 12.5 square meters, suitable for one person. The building, built in 1997, is part of a courtyard near a recreational area, offering a peaceful environment. Pets are not allowed in Västra Flygeln, and smoking is prohibited both indoors and on the patio.
  • The Oak (Eken): A newly constructed building finished in 2021, The Oak provides modern housing facilities exclusively for master’s students. It offers individual rooms with shared kitchen and bathroom facilities. The building accommodates mixed housing with both male and female international students, and arrangements can be made for single-gender housing upon request.
  • Studio 94 at Tybblegatan 94: Just a short walk from the campus, these studio apartments are designed for single occupancy. The building houses 38 studio flats and maintains a strict no-pets and no-smoking policy.

These housing options emphasize shared living, requiring students to be flexible, responsible, and considerate of others. For those interested in applying, it’s important to be prepared for communal living and to interact well with fellow residents.

Allocation of Housing at Örebro University

The process of allocating housing at Örebro University is guided by specific criteria, with a focus on fostering a multicultural and friendly environment. The Housing Office aims to mix exchange students from various nationalities to create an international atmosphere. Additionally, there is a concerted effort to efficiently utilize student rooms.

For students who have special housing needs due to disabilities, there's a requirement to submit relevant certificates from both a medical doctor and their home university. This documentation is essential to ensure that their specific housing requirements are met.

For more detailed information on the housing allocation process at Örebro University, you can visit their official website.

Alternative Accommodation Options

For students at Örebro University who are looking for alternative accommodation options outside the university's student housing, there are several avenues to explore:

  • Local Housing Companies: Örebro Student Union lists several housing companies that offer student apartments in Örebro. Each of these companies has different properties available in various locations around Örebro, and their offerings range from newly built student apartments to corridor rooms and regular rental properties​​.
  • Municipal Housing Company: ÖrebroBostäder AB (ÖBO) is the municipal housing company in Örebro and is the largest landlord in the city. You can register to join their housing queue and apply for an apartment using the purchase points collected. ÖBO also offers a housing guarantee for new students, which is a temporary shared accommodation option​​.
  • Private Landlords: If you prefer renting from private landlords, it’s essential to understand their leasing processes, which can vary. Some landlords operate on a first-come, first-served basis, while others may have a queuing system. Regular contact with landlords at the beginning and end of each month can be beneficial in finding out about available apartments​​.

When considering these options, it's important to start your search early due to the high demand for accommodations in Örebro. Additionally, obtaining home insurance for your chosen accommodation is recommended for your safety and security.


Örebro University offers a range of student housing options that cater to the diverse needs of its international students. With choices ranging from university-managed single-occupancy rooms to private housing solutions, students have the flexibility to find accommodations that best suit their preferences and lifestyle.

Remember, early application is key due to high demand. By choosing the right housing, students can ensure a comfortable and enriching experience during their studies at Örebro University.

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