Harmonizing Life and Study: A Guide to Student Housing at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm for International Students

Embark on a musical journey at KMH in Stockholm. While KMH doesn't offer housing, a wealth of options awaits in the city. From student dorms to private apartments, find your perfect home and immerse in a vibrant cultural and educational experience.

Harmonizing Life and Study: A Guide to Student Housing at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm for International Students
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Welcome to the Royal College of Music in Stockholm, commonly referred to as Kungliga Musikhögskolan (KMH), a revered hub for aspiring musicians and music educators! This premier institution is celebrated for its comprehensive and diverse music programs, encompassing genres from classical to contemporary. As an international student at KMH, you're stepping into a world where musical prowess is honed and refined.

This guide is your compass for navigating KMH's merits, understanding student housing options in Stockholm, and mastering the housing application process to make your transition to this vibrant musical community as smooth as possible.

An Overview of the Royal College of Music in Stockholm

The Royal College of Music in Stockholm, known in Swedish as Kungliga Musikhögskolan (KMH), is one of Sweden's most prestigious music institutions. Established in 1771 as part of the Royal Swedish Academy of Music, KMH has a rich history of fostering musical talent and innovation. Over the years, it has evolved to become a standalone institution dedicated to higher music education and research.

KMH is situated in the heart of Stockholm, offering a stimulating environment for students and faculty. The college provides a range of programs in classical music, jazz, folk music, composition, conducting, music education, and music and media production. These programs are known for their high standards, integrating both traditional and contemporary music training. The college also emphasizes practical experience, encouraging students to engage in performances, collaborations, and projects that enhance their skills and exposure to the music industry.

KMH's facilities are state-of-the-art, featuring concert halls, recording studios, and a vast array of musical instruments. These resources support the artistic development of students and cater to a wide range of musical disciplines and interests. The college's reputation as a leading music institution is reflected in the success of its graduates, who often go on to achieve acclaim in their respective fields.

KMH continues to play a vital role in the cultural landscape of Sweden, fostering the next generation of musicians and contributing to the country's rich musical heritage.

Housing at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm

One of the critical aspects of studying abroad is finding suitable accommodation. While the college itself does not provide housing, it facilitates students in finding a place to live during their studies. This is particularly important in Stockholm, where finding accommodation can be challenging. The college assists international students through its network, providing them with guidance and resources to find student housing in the city.

International students are encouraged to start looking for accommodation as soon as they receive their admission confirmation. Stockholm offers various student housing options, but demand is high, and the process can be competitive. Students can explore numerous websites and forums dedicated to student housing in Sweden, and it's advisable to consider different types of accommodations like student dormitories, apartments, or shared housing to increase their chances of finding a suitable place.

For more information, you can visit the KMH's page on housing and insurance for exchange students here.

Tips for Finding Accommodation in Stockholm

For students looking for accommodation in Stockholm outside of the Royal College of Music (KMH), here are some suggestions:

  • Student Housing Companies: In Stockholm, there are several student housing companies that offer a variety of accommodation options specifically for students. Companies like SSSB (Stockholm's Student Housing) provide a range of student apartments and dormitory rooms. It's advisable to apply for these as soon as possible due to high demand.
  • University Networks and Forums: Utilize university networks and forums where current students or alumni might post available rooms or apartments for rent. These platforms often have listings that are not available on commercial websites.
  • Online Housing Portals: These platforms list various types of accommodations from private landlords.
  • Social Media Groups: Facebook groups dedicated to housing in Stockholm can be a valuable resource. Groups like "Lägenheter i Stockholm" or "Stockholm Housing" often have posts about available apartments or shared housing options.
  • Local Newspapers and Bulletin Boards: Sometimes, local newspapers and community bulletin boards have listings for rental properties. Although more traditional, they can be a useful source of local housing options.
  • Roommate and Shared Housing Platforms: Websites like Hemavi, where you can rent a room in a larger apartment with other students or young professionals.
  • Temporary Accommodations: Initially, you might consider staying in temporary accommodations like hostels or short-term rental apartments while you search for a more permanent solution.
  • Real Estate Agencies: Although this might be a more expensive option, real estate agencies can assist in finding rental properties in Stockholm. They are particularly useful for international students unfamiliar with the local language and housing market.

Remember, the housing market in Stockholm can be competitive, so start your search early and be prepared to apply for multiple options. Always ensure to verify the credibility of listings and landlords to avoid scams.


Embarking on a journey at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm opens doors to unparalleled musical education and cultural experiences. While the college doesn't directly provide student housing, the array of options available in Stockholm ensures that every student can find a place to call home. From student housing companies offering dedicated dormitories to private apartments and shared living spaces, the city caters to a diverse range of preferences and budgets.

As you navigate the competitive housing market, remember that early planning, utilizing multiple resources, and being flexible in your housing choices will greatly ease your transition. Engaging with student networks, online platforms, and local communities can not only assist in finding the right accommodation but also in integrating into the vibrant life of Stockholm.

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