Student Housing Guide at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

Are you an international student gearing up for a journey to the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) in Uppsala? Finding housing is essential. In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore SLU, its rich history, housing options in Uppsala

Student Housing Guide at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
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Are you an international student with a passion for sustainability and agriculture, gearing up for a journey to the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) in Uppsala, Sweden? As you prepare to delve into the world of agricultural research and environmental studies, finding housing is essential. In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore SLU, its rich history, and housing options in Uppsala. Additionally, we'll delve into life in Uppsala for international students, providing insights into the cultural and practical aspects of your new home.

Introduction: Unveiling SLU's Agricultural Excellence

Before we delve into the realm of green living, let's introduce you to SLU – an academic powerhouse dedicated to agricultural and environmental sciences. Founded in 1977, SLU is renowned for its cutting-edge research and education in fields like forestry, sustainable agriculture, and environmental management. With a rich heritage in promoting sustainable practices, SLU stands as a beacon for environmentally conscious students. It ranks among the top universities globally in agricultural sciences, ensuring that your academic journey is both rigorous and rewarding.

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SLU: A Haven for International Students

SLU offers a nurturing environment for international students seeking to make a difference in agriculture and the environment. Its commitment to sustainability aligns perfectly with the aspirations of students who are passionate about addressing global challenges. SLU fosters international collaborations and partnerships with organizations such as the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), providing opportunities for hands-on experience and impactful research.

Additionally, various scholarships and exchange programs are available for international students, ensuring that your academic dreams are within reach.

Housing Options in Uppsala

As SLU focuses on your academic growth, it also provides housing in all its 3 locations in Sweden. Here's an excerpt from their website with some important details: SLU’s campuses and research facilities are spread throughout Sweden, with three main campuses located in Alnarp, Umeå and Uppsala. As a fee-paying student, you are guaranteed housing if you have been admitted in the first admission round. This will be offered to you by SLU. If you are a fee-paying student who is granted a scholarship, you are still guaranteed housing. Please note that the rent is not included in the tuition fee.

Find plenty more of valuable housing resources, courtesy of SLU themselves, right here!

Tips and Tricks for Green and Affordable Housing

  1. Start Early: Green housing is in demand, so commence your search early. Begin at least six months before your intended move-in date to secure eco-friendly options.
  2. Use Hemavi: For plenty of housing options, an easy user experience, and complete financial safety, try Hemavi. Hemavi also has plenty of other features to make your hunt for accommodation easier and more streamlined, such as online viewing and verified property ownership.
  3. Explore Housing Companies: Uppsala boasts several housing companies dedicated to sustainable living. Check out organizations like Uppsalahem and Studentstaden for housing options. Register with them to join the housing queue, and specify your preference for green living.
  4. Student Housing Associations: Consider joining student housing associations for exclusive access to affordable and suitable housing options.

Hemavi's Two Cents on Finding Student Housing in Sweden

To help you out some more on your journey, we've taken a deep dive on the internet to find some solid advice from international students who have already moved to Sweden and found great homes. Below is the gist of it all!

  1. Set Your Priorities Straight: What matters the most for you? Is it price, proximity to your university, or maybe the size of the room or apartment you're renting? Or maybe what matters most for you is living in a safe neighborhood. It's very important to know what your bottom line is and what you would be willing to compromise on, and having that kind of awareness will definitely make life easier as you search for a new home in Sweden.
  2. BEWARE OF SCAMMERS! We absolutely can't stress this enough.
  3. Only Rely on Reputable Websites: Platforms such as Hemavi only features verified landlords, allows you to see the room online, and makes room for 100% safe payments by not transferring any money to the landlord until you have actually and physically moved into your space.
  4. Beware of Unrealistic Deals: Be cautious of deals that seem too good to be true. Scammers often lure victims with unrealistically low rents or generous amenities.
  5. Meet the Landlord in Person: Try to meet the landlord or property manager in person. Scammers often avoid personal meetings and communicate only through email or messaging.
  6. Respond To Offers Quickly: This may sound pretty basic but it's definitely worth stressing on. While responding, make sure to properly introduce yourself and include specifics; things like why you need the room or apartment, what you are going to study, who you are planning to move with, etc.

How NOT to Get Scammed When Finding Housing

At Hemavi, we have made it an absolute priority to make sure that we do everything to ensure that none of our visitors are ever scammed. We realize how big of a problem this can be, especially for someone moving to a whole-new country and who may not even speak the local language.

  1. Verify Property Ownership: Always verify the property's ownership and authenticity. Ask for the landlord's contact information and verify it with official records if possible. Rest assured that if you use Hemavi, property ownership is ALWAYS verified,
  2. Beware of Unrealistic Deals: Be cautious of deals that seem too good to be true. Scammers often lure victims with unrealistically low rents or generous amenities.
  3. Be Cautious with Advance Payments: If you ask us, it's better that there isn't any! With Hemavi, your first payment is transferred to the landlord only after you have physically moved into your room. If you must pay in advance (if you don't use Hemavi), use a secure payment method, and ensure you receive a receipt. Be wary of landlords asking for large upfront payments before move-in.
  4. It's Always Best to View Online: It's a definite priority to want to see your new home before actually moving in; sometimes written ads can be misleading! With Hemavi, you will see your whole room online, wherever you may be.
  5. Visit the Property: Whenever possible, physically visit the property before making any payments or signing any contracts.
  6. Research Rental Laws: Familiarize yourself with Swedish rental laws and regulations to know your rights and responsibilities as a tenant. As a Sweden-based startup, Hemavi knows the ins and outs and is always there to support you.

Where in Uppsala Should I Stay?

That is certainly up to you, but we can help!

Uppsala boasts a rich tapestry of neighborhoods, each offering its own distinctive allure and ambiance. Among the top residential areas, Kåbo stands out for its serene tree-lined streets, close proximity to Uppsala University, and a lively cultural scene that never ceases to enchant residents and visitors alike.

For students seeking a vibrant community spirit, Flogsta is a preferred choice, renowned for its strong student presence, close-knit atmosphere, and convenient access to the university campus. For those yearning for a more peaceful suburban setting, Eriksberg beckons with its expansive green spaces, creating a family-friendly haven where tranquility and comfort reign supreme.

Meanwhile, along the Fyris River, Kungsängen unfolds a breathtaking tableau of waterfront vistas, making it an idyllic destination for those who crave scenic beauty and a sense of serenity. With its diverse array of neighborhoods, Uppsala ensures that residents can find their perfect haven, where each corner of this charming Swedish city tells its unique story.

Life in Uppsala for International Students

Uppsala offers a rich and welcoming environment for international students. Its strong sense of community and vibrant cultural scene make it an ideal destination for academic and personal growth. You'll have the opportunity to engage with a diverse student population, fostering global friendships and cultural exchange.

The city hosts numerous events and festivals, providing a taste of Swedish culture and tradition. Uppsala University, one of the oldest in Sweden, complements SLU's academic offerings and expands your opportunities for interdisciplinary collaboration. Additionally, Uppsala's proximity to Stockholm allows for convenient exploration of Sweden's capital city.

Your Agricultural Journey Awaits!

As you prepare for an agricultural and academic journey at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, we hope this guide becomes an indispensable resource when it comes to life and housing in Uppsala.

When searching for housing in Sweden, it's crucial to set your priorities, such as price, location, and safety, to make informed decisions. Beware of scammers and only rely on reputable websites like Hemavi, which ensures verified landlords, online room previews, and secure payments upon moving in. Always verify property ownership, watch out for unrealistic deals, and be cautious with advance payments. Viewing the property online is preferred, but physical visits are recommended when possible. Familiarize yourself with Swedish rental laws, and reach out to Hemavi for support and any other questions that you might have.

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