Global Horizons: Exploring Study Abroad Opportunities at the University of Gothenburg

Explore global opportunities at the University of Gothenburg! Engage in exchange programs, internships, and sustainability projects to enhance your academic journey and professional growth.

Global Horizons: Exploring Study Abroad Opportunities at the University of Gothenburg
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Diving into a study abroad experience can redefine your academic and personal growth, and the University of Gothenburg offers one of the most enriching environments to do just that. With over 37,000 students, of whom many are from various corners of the globe, the university is a bustling hub for international education.

Situated in Sweden's vibrant second-largest city, the University of Gothenburg provides international students with a plethora of study abroad programs ranging from semester exchanges to full degree courses. This blog aims to shed light on these opportunities, showcasing how they blend rigorous academics with an immersion in Scandinavian culture, all designed to broaden your horizons and enhance your global perspective.

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Incoming Exchange Programs

The University of Gothenburg welcomes a significant number of exchange students each year through its International Office, which handles the administration and organization of these programs. The university has a diverse array of courses available for incoming exchange students, particularly in its School of Business, Economics and Law and the Faculty of Science.

The School of Business, Economics and Law is notable for being triple accredited (EQUIS, AACSB, AMBA), and offers more than 50 courses in areas such as economics, business, finance, law, and management. These courses are primarily taught in English, although there are options for courses in Swedish for those interested. The Faculty of Science offers high-quality courses in natural sciences, mathematics, and conservation, and has exchange agreements with universities worldwide.

For incoming exchange students, the academic year is divided into two semesters with specific application deadlines and a structured orientation program to help students settle in. The university provides a supportive environment for exchange students, including various student services and activities organized by the International Committee of the Student Union (IntU), which collaborates closely with the International Office.

Outgoing Exchange Programs

The University of Gothenburg offers a comprehensive outgoing exchange program for its students, allowing them to study abroad for one or two semesters. Students have the opportunity to enhance their education by taking courses at one of the university's many partner institutions worldwide. The university has around 900 exchange agreements with institutions spanning over 40 countries, offering a wide range of cultural and academic experiences.

Notably, the School of Business, Economics and Law alone has partnerships with approximately 160 universities globally. In Europe, the university is connected with many prestigious institutions. For instance, it has ties with the University of Vienna, University of Cologne, and KU Leuven among others, which are renowned for their programs in business, economics, and law. Beyond Europe, the university is involved in projects like ACCESS, which fosters collaboration between Chile and Sweden, and SIREUS, which enhances ties between Swedish and American institutions in science, innovation, and entrepreneurship.

Students must apply through the university’s online application system. They need to follow the application instructions carefully and ensure they have all the necessary documentation in order​. Courses taken abroad can be credited towards the students' degrees at the University of Gothenburg, ensuring that their time abroad contributes directly to their academic progression. The university provides thorough support and preparation for students planning to go abroad, including help with choosing and applying for courses, understanding the academic system of the host country, and practical preparations like insurance and residence permits​.

Importantly, students do not need to pay additional tuition fees at the partner university, which can make the exchange more accessible financially. For students participating in the Erasmus program and certain other exchanges, scholarships are available that can help cover additional costs.

Study Abroad Programs at the University of Gothenburg

Internships and Field Studies

Apart from traditional study programs, the University facilitates internships and field studies abroad. These can be particularly beneficial for gaining practical experience and building international networks. Opportunities exist for placements in various organizations, including EU institutions, and can even be pursued after graduation. Some of these internships and field studies come with scholarships or other forms of financial support​.

Summer School for Sustainability

This is a special program that emphasizes sustainability, offering students unique learning experiences outside the traditional semester exchange setup. This program is ideal for those looking to make a difference in environmental and sustainability issues​.


The University of Gothenburg is more than just an institution for higher learning; it is a gateway to the world, offering students the tools, knowledge, and opportunities to become engaged global citizens. Whether you're coming in as an exchange student or setting out to explore the world, the university equips you with the means to succeed on a global stage, making it a truly invaluable experience for anyone looking to enhance their academic career and personal growth.

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