University of Gävle Student Life: Housing Essentials for International Learners

Discover comfortable student housing options at the University of Gävle for international students. Explore university-managed accommodations, private rentals, and tips for a smooth transition. Start early and find the perfect home for your academic journey in Sweden.

University of Gävle Student Life: Housing Essentials for International Learners
Photo by Stéfan Estassy

Embarking on your academic journey at the University of Gävle in Sweden is an exciting venture, especially for international students. A critical part of this adventure is securing suitable student housing, which can significantly impact your overall university experience. The University of Gävle, known for its welcoming environment and diverse student community, offers a variety of accommodation options to meet the needs of its international students.

In this blog, we will delve deeper into the specifics of each housing option, the application process, and provide valuable tips for navigating the housing market in Gävle as an international student. Our goal is to equip you with the necessary information to make your transition to student life in Gävle as smooth and stress-free as possible.

An Overview of the University of Gävle

The University of Gävle in Sweden provides an enriching and inclusive academic environment for international students, characterized by a diverse range of educational programs and supportive services. At this university, students can choose from a wide array of bachelor's and master's degree programs, many of which are offered in English. These programs cover various fields including engineering, environmental science, business, health, and education, with a special focus on sustainability and innovation.

The university campus is a hub of student engagement, hosting various student organizations and clubs that encourage cultural exchange and provide valuable networking opportunities. The campus itself is modern and equipped with the latest facilities, including advanced libraries, laboratories, and sports facilities, all set within a sustainably designed environment. This eco-friendly campus is nestled in a beautiful natural setting, offering students a unique combination of modern amenities and natural beauty.

Overall, international students at the University of Gävle benefit from a well-rounded educational experience, supported by a commitment to sustainability, innovation, and student success. The university's multifaceted approach to education makes it an appealing choice for students from across the globe.

Student Housing at the University of Gävle

The University of Gävle does not offer student accommodation, but collaborates with local housing companies to offer various types of student accommodation. Still, Students are advised to apply for housing themselves and to register with local housing companies as early as possible.

The Student Accommodation Portal, "Studentbostad Gävle", is a key resource, featuring listings from private individuals and housing companies. Instead of a queue system, the portal operates on a first-come, first-serve basis, and offers tips for students who are looking for accommodation.

K2A Studenthus offers newly built student apartments that are located directly on campus. Though not furnished, the apartments feature fully equipped kitchens and a private laundry space with a washing machine and dryer. Similarly, Gävle studentbostäder also offers newly built apartments, located only 200 meters from the campus, that are not furnished but have fully equipped kitchens.

Alternative Housing Options at Gävle

For students struggling to find accommodation, the Municipality of Gävle provides an accommodation guarantee for students enrolled at the University of Gävle, with the condition that they moved to the city to study a program of at least 15 credits per semester.

It is important to note that the guarantee for accommodation is only activated when the student applying for it has exhausted all possible scenarios and is unable to locate suitable accommodation by the start of their semester. After applying and failing to find accommodation, the student may invoke their accommodation guarantee by filling out the form on the municipality's website or request it via email at

Students who invoke the guarantee will receive an offer of accommodation no later than two weeks after the start of their semester. However, the accommodation arranged may not necessarily be an apartment or a dorm room – other types of accommodation may also be offered. If the student chooses to decline the accommodation offered to them by the municipality, they will no longer be covered by the guarantee.

Other Housing Options at Gävle

  • Private Rental Market: Students can explore the private rental market in Gävle for more independent living arrangements. Options in the private market range from single rooms to apartments, suitable for different budgets and lifestyles. Websites like Hemavi provide listings from private landlords and are a useful resource for finding housing.
  • Temporary Accommodation: Students can choose to stay in hotels, hostels, Airbnbs or short-term rentals until they are able to locate suitable long-term accommodation.
  • Accommodation outside of Gävle: Various housing companies can help students find housing close to Gävle with well-connected public transportation so they can commute to campus.


Finding the right student accommodation at the University of Gävle is a crucial step towards a successful and enjoyable university experience. With a range of housing options available, from university-managed accommodations to private rentals found on platforms like Hemavi, international students have various choices to suit their needs. It is important to start the housing search early, understand the local rental market, and choose an option that best fits your lifestyle and budget.