Gateway to the World: Exchange & Study Abroad Programs at Malmö University

Explore global education with Malmö University’s exchange programs. Study in vibrant locations and expand your academic horizons across continents.

Gateway to the World: Exchange & Study Abroad Programs at Malmö University
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If you've ever dreamt of studying abroad, immersing yourself in new cultures, or simply expanding your academic horizons, you're in the right place. Malmö University, situated in the heart of one of Sweden's most vibrant and cosmopolitan cities, offers a variety of exchange programs designed to enrich your educational experience and provide a gateway to Europe and beyond.

With partnerships in over 30 countries and a commitment to internationalization, Malmö University proudly sends and receives hundreds of students each year through its exchange programs. Whether you're interested in a semester in sunny Spain, a research project in Japan, or a summer course in the United States, there’s likely a program that aligns with your academic and personal interests. These programs not only allow you to earn credits towards your degree but also offer an invaluable opportunity to develop language skills, make international friends, and enhance your employability in a global market.

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Incoming Exchange Programs at Malmö University

Malmö University offers a dynamic and inclusive environment for incoming exchange students, providing an excellent opportunity to explore new academic perspectives and cultural experiences. Each year, the university welcomes over 300 exchange students from around the globe, enhancing its vibrant and diverse community.

The application process for becoming an exchange student at Malmö University involves several key steps, starting with a nomination by your home university. Your home institution must nominate you through an online form by April 1 for the Autumn semester or by October 1 for the Spring semester. Once nominated, you can access the list of available courses, which are updated annually in mid-March for the Autumn semester and mid-September for the Spring semester.

Malmö University offers a broad selection of courses across various faculties, many of which are taught in English. To ensure a smooth academic experience, it's important to check the specific admission requirements for each course, as some may have prerequisites based on prior study in the field.

Moreover, all exchange students at Malmö University have the opportunity to enroll in a Swedish language course, which not only helps in everyday interactions but also enriches the cultural immersion during your stay in Sweden. This course is credited separately and does not count towards the regular course load limits.

For more detailed information on applying, choosing courses, and preparing for your exchange experience at Malmö University, you can visit their official exchange program page.

Outgoing Exchange Programs at Malmö University

Malmö University offers robust support for students interested in participating in outgoing exchange programs, allowing them to study abroad as part of their academic experience. Students can apply for exchange programs twice a year, with specific application periods depending on the destination—inside or outside of Europe. The Autumn application period, running from October 10 to November 10, is for exchanges taking place in the next academic year both inside and outside Europe. The Spring application period, from February 15 to March 15, is primarily for places within Europe, though some opportunities outside Europe may be available.

Exchange Programs Offered

Malmö University has established exchange agreements with several hundred universities across the globe, enabling students to participate in a diverse range of exchange programs. These partnerships include institutions in both European countries and non-European countries, such as the United States, Canada, Australia, and various countries in Asia and Latin America.

The university participates in several structured exchange programs, including:

  • Erasmus+: Primarily with partners in EU countries as well as Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, the Republic of North Macedonia, Serbia, and Türkiye. This program often includes grants.
  • Nordplus: For exchanges within Nordic and Baltic countries, also typically including grants.
  • Bilateral agreements: With partners both within Europe and globally, including countries like the United Kingdom and Switzerland which are not part of the Erasmus+ program.
  • SEMP (Swiss European Mobility Programme): Specifically for exchanges with Swiss institutions.

The specific universities available for exchange vary depending on the faculty and department of the student at Malmö University. For example, the Faculty of Technology and Society, the Faculty of Health and Society, and the Faculty of Culture and Society each have specific partner institutions where their students can apply to study based on their academic focus and the agreements in place.

Application Process for Outgoing Exchange Programs

When applying, students can select up to five universities, though those in the Department of Global Political Studies are limited to four choices. Each application must include a Study Plan indicating the courses the student wishes to take at the host university, which can be adjusted even after being nominated for the exchange. The courses chosen should ideally relate to the student’s current studies and contribute towards their degree at Malmö University.

Supporting documents for the application include a statement of purpose, a CV, and any documents supporting language skills, depending on the host university's requirements. It's important that the statement of purpose clearly articulates the reasons for choosing specific courses and universities, how the exchange will benefit the student academically and personally, and how the student will represent Malmö University abroad. Students should carefully read and meet the general eligibility requirements which include academic progress requirements and possibly language proficiency. Malmö University provides resources such as career services and writing workshops to assist students in preparing their applications and supporting documents.

For more detailed guidelines and resources, students can access the exchange program information directly through Malmö University's official website.

Study Abroad Programs at Malmö University

Malmö University provides a range of study abroad options beyond traditional exchange programs, which cater to diverse student interests and academic needs. Besides the extensive exchange agreements under Erasmus+, Nordplus, and other bilateral partnerships, students can engage in:

  • Double Degree Programs: These programs allow students to study at a partner university for one or two semesters, leading to a degree that is recognized by both Malmö University and the partner institution.
  • Internship Abroad Programs: These programs integrate practical work experience into the students' academic study, which can be particularly beneficial in fields such as global political studies, urban studies, and communication.
  • Thesis Abroad Opportunities: Students have the chance to conduct their thesis research at a partner university or in collaboration with international research groups, which is a great way to gain deeper insights and international exposure in their field of study.
  • Short-term International Experiences and Summer Schools: These programs are perfect for students who cannot commit to a full semester abroad but still want to gain international experience and credits. Malmö University collaborates with various international institutions to offer summer courses and short programs that focus on specific topics.


Whether you're drawn to the sunny campuses of Spain, the meticulous research institutions of Japan, or the dynamic classrooms of the United States, Malmö University facilitates a seamless integration into different academic cultures. The variety in program structure—from traditional semester exchanges to short-term summer courses—ensures that every student can find a match that suits their academic schedule and personal development goals.

For those ready to embark on this exciting journey, remember that studying abroad is more than an academic venture; it's an adventure that promises personal growth, new friendships, and an expanded worldview.

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