Finding Your Creative Space: A Guide to Student Housing for Konstfack

Explore student housing options at Konstfack, Stockholm's prestigious arts university. This guide covers housing, availability, and alternative housing options, offering insights for international students seeking accommodation in the vibrant city. Dive into application tips, costs, and amenities.

Finding Your Creative Space: A Guide to Student Housing for Konstfack
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Konstfack, or the University College of Arts, Crafts and Design, is a prominent institution in Stockholm, renowned for fostering creativity and innovation in the fields of arts, crafts, and design. Established in 1844, it stands as one of Sweden’s oldest and largest universities for arts and design, offering a range of undergraduate and graduate programs. Konstfack's vibrant campus is a melting pot of artistic expression, attracting students from around the globe. These students bring diverse perspectives and talents, enriching the creative environment of the university.

For many of these students, especially international ones, finding suitable accommodation in Stockholm is a significant step in their educational journey. This guide focuses on exploring the student housing options available at Konstfack, aiming to provide comprehensive insights for students seeking a home that complements their artistic and academic endeavors in this dynamic city.

Konstfack's Housing Options

Konstfack provides housing options, but it's important to note that they cannot guarantee the availability of student housing. The shortage of student accommodation in Stockholm makes it imperative for students to start looking for accommodation well in advance. Konstfack advises students to explore various housing options in the vicinity and offers assistance in finding the right accommodation​​.

Housing for Exchange Students at Konstfack

Specifically for exchange students, Konstfack offers rooms in a dormitory located at Dialoggatan 22. These rooms are exclusively for exchange students and are fully equipped with kitchenettes and tiled bathrooms. The dormitory is close to the subway station Telefonplan, providing easy access to the city.

The rent ranges between approximately 5800 and 6400 SEK per month, inclusive of water, electricity, and broadband. However, students must bring their own bed linen and towels. The building itself is a reconstructed former premises of LM Ericsson, transformed into functional student flats with laundry facilities and storage rooms in the basement.

Application Process for Konstfack Housing

The specific details about the application process for housing at Konstfack are not explicitly provided on their website. However, as is common with university housing applications, it probably involves few key steps:

  1. Eligibility Check: Confirming your eligibility for the available housing options, particularly if there are accommodations specifically reserved for certain categories of students like exchange students.
  2. Application Submission: Completing and submitting an application form, likely through Konstfack's official website or a designated housing portal.
  3. Documentation: Providing necessary documentation, which may include proof of enrollment, student status, or any other required papers.
  4. Deadlines: Adhering to application deadlines, which are crucial, especially in areas with high demand for student housing like Stockholm.

Make sure you reach out to the university's student support office to check deadlines and requirements so you're able to plan accordingly. You can never start your housing search too early!

Alternative Housing Options in Stockholm

Given the housing challenges in Stockholm, students are advised to consider various alternatives, including:

  • Vasakronan Housing: Near Konstfack, Vasakronan offers student rooms that can be applied for through the Stockholm Housing Service, Bostad Stockholm. This option is not part of Konstfack's organization but provides an alternative close to the school​​.
  • Stockholm Studentbostäder (SSSB): This special organization for student housing in Stockholm can be a valuable resource for finding accommodation​​.
  • Private Market Options: Konstfack encourages students to actively seek housing on the private rental market, recommending various websites created by international students in Stockholm, such as​​.
  • Hemavi: Our match-making algorithm will connect you with students or individuals with your same living preferences and lifestyle, and you'll be able to select a convenient location for your housing search as well, tailoring listings to your needs!


Navigating the student housing landscape at Konstfack in Stockholm requires early planning, exploration of various options, and prompt application processes. While Konstfack provides limited housing options for its international students, especially exchange students, the competitive nature of Stockholm’s housing market necessitates looking into alternative solutions such as private rentals and student support platforms.

If you're still looking for housing near Konstfack, check out our listings on Hemavi.