Finding Home: Exploring Student Housing at Chalmers University of Technology

Exploring student housing at Chalmers University offers options from university-managed residences to private rentals. While housing demand is high, alternatives like online platforms and local networks provide viable solutions, ensuring a comfortable stay for international students in Gothenburg.

Finding Home: Exploring Student Housing at Chalmers University of Technology
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Welcome to Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg, a city renowned for its vibrant student life and innovative academic environment! Gothenburg's popularity as a study destination means a high demand for student housing. It's important to be proactive in your search, especially if you're looking for a place in the central parts of the city. As an international student, finding the right accommodation is a crucial step in your journey. This blog aims to guide you through the student housing options at Chalmers, ensuring a smooth transition to your new home in Sweden.

Student Housing at Chalmers University

Chalmers offers a housing guarantee for certain categories of students. This includes:

  • Fee-paying students
  • Scholarship students
  • Nordic5Tech students
  • Erasmus Mundus students (excluding those only doing internship/thesis work)
  • Double Master's Degree students from the University of Stuttgart and Eurecom
  • UNITECH program students
  • Exchange students from partner universities outside of Europe

This guarantee means students in these categories are assured an offer of accommodation, but it doesn’t cover the rent​. Students are expected to pay their rent and manage their living expenses. The rent varies depending on the type of accommodation and its location.

The accommodations offered under this guarantee can be either a one-room apartment or a single room with a shared kitchen and sometimes a shared bathroom. Larger accommodations are generally not available through this program.

Tenants in student housing are responsible for their accommodation, including any damages or cleaning. A standard three-month notice period is required for moving out, and students must achieve at least 15 credits each semester to keep their accommodation

Housing Agencies

Chalmers collaborates with two main housing agencies – SGS Studentbostäder and Chalmers Studentbostäder (CSB). These agencies provide various housing options, including single rooms with shared facilities and studio apartments, near the Johanneberg and Lindholmen campuses​​​​.

  • SGS Studentbostäder offers rooms across the city, ensuring you have a choice of location. Their website details the rules for housing, including key collection, contract terms, and rent payments.
  • Chalmers Studentbostäder (CSB), on the other hand, offers housing closer to the Johanneberg campus. Similar to SGS, CSB provides comprehensive information on their housing rules on their website.

Application Process

Students not covered by the housing guarantee must apply for accommodation themselves. This involves registering with the student housing agencies’ queues as early as possible. It's important to note that the waiting time for these housing options can be approximately 1.5 years​, so early action is key.

Alternative Housing Options

For students at Chalmers University of Technology who are unable to secure housing through the university's housing guarantee or its affiliated housing agencies, there are several alternative accommodation options available:

  • Private Rental Market: Many students turn to the private rental market in Gothenburg. This market includes a variety of housing options such as apartments, shared flats, and rooms in private houses.
  • Online Platforms and Social Media: Websites and social media groups dedicated to housing in Gothenburg can be valuable resources. Platforms like Facebook groups, The Local’s housing section, or Hemavi offer listings from private landlords and can be useful in finding sublets or roommates.
  • Networking: Networking with other students, particularly through student organizations or international student groups, can lead to potential housing opportunities. Current students or alumni might know of available spaces or be looking for roommates.
  • University Networks and Support Services: Chalmers University may have resources or support services that can assist in finding alternative accommodation. This can include lists of vetted landlords, housing advice, or links to reputable housing websites.

When exploring these alternative options, it's important to be vigilant, especially in the private market, to avoid scams. Always verify the legitimacy of listings, never make payments without seeing the property, and ensure you have a contract in place. Additionally, start your search as early as possible, as the housing market in Gothenburg can be competitive, particularly at the start of the academic year.


Remember, the housing journey is an integral part of your study experience. Whether it's the communal living in student corridors or the independence of a studio apartment, each option offers a unique glimpse into Swedish student life. Resources like Hemavi can be a helpful guide in navigating this journey.

Choosing the right student accommodation at Chalmers University of Technology is more than just finding a place to stay. It's about building a community, embracing new cultures, and creating a home away from home. So, take the time to explore your options, understand the rules, and prepare for an exciting and enriching experience at Chalmers!

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