Find a place to rent, the easy and painless way

Find a place to rent, the easy and painless way
It's never easy to find a place to rent

Oh, how quickly things can change in a year! As I mentioned in my last blog post we are experiencing a huge shift in the Swedish rental market. From a society of shut-ins and hermits fearing for our lives to a land full of people eager to move and find a place to rent.

And it’s not just the fact that Swedes are moving again, with open borders comes an influx of overseas students. They’re quickly overwhelming housing markets in Stockholm, Lund and Uppsala. Also in many other places, students are not that picky. Give them a room with a refrigerator to keep their beer and they’re happy to commute. This is of course great news! A country where no one moves is a stagnating and more importantly, boring, country. At Hemavi we welcome all these people looking for roommates with open arms. We solemnly swear our servers can take the load.

All of this means that competition for rooms is fierce. Not only are people looking for places to rent in record numbers, we’re also facing a dwindling supply of available rooms. During the pandemic a lot of people were in need of cash injections, so they tried to rent out a room. A lot of these people are now back at work, rolling in dough and feeling a lot less hospitable than before. Fortunately, Hemavis magical algorithm has a filter for “greedy gold digger”. On our site you’ll only find verified landlords with hearts of gold.

So what to do if you want to find a place to rent? Let’s start out by pointing out the obvious: this won’t last forever. Soon enough the market will shift and rooms will start growing on trees again. Of course, this information isn’t any comfort if you’re currently living in a tent spending your waking hours looking for a place to stay. You should sign up on Hemavi, but since you’re reading this, my guess is you’ve already done that.

What could help you find a place to rent is to have your affairs in order. Now is the time to put your meager savings to use. Finding a room and then failing to produce the deposit is not an optimal outcome. Know your budget and see if there’s any room to stretch it in case you find the perfect room just outside your price range. Make sure to have some time on your hands for viewing rooms as fast as possible. If you don’t have a car and find yourself in a new city, now is the time to study and memorize timetables for buses and subways.

Being organized helps. Some people are organized by nature, others thrive in chaos. If chaos is your thing, now is the time to suck it up and start using the calendar app on your phone. Otherwise I don’t see a room in your future, I see homelessness.

Also, message more people on Hemavi than you might think is necessary. Don’t give in to the proclivity for laziness that lives deep in every human psyche. If you’re a student, I promise you, there will be much time in the coming years to nurture your inherent laziness. But now, when it’s urgent to find a place to rent, be social, be active, be organized.

Don’t give up hope. Out there, on the horizon, there’s a room just for you. Reach out your hand and you can almost touch it. Stick with Hemavi and we’ll help you get there.

And finally, to all you landlords. The future looks bright. I only have one thing to say. See that big red button that says “List your room for free”? It’s just below this text, you can’t miss it. Just click that button and let Hemavi do the rest.

This is the Hemavi resident blogger signing off. See you on Facebook and Instagram.