Exploring Student Life in Hammarby Sjöstad

Discover Hammarby Sjöstad, Stockholm's eco-friendly gem, perfect for students. Explore modern living, cultural diversity, and green spaces. A haven for learning and leisure, it's the ideal spot for a fulfilling student life.

Exploring Student Life in Hammarby Sjöstad
Photo by Tengbom/Kjell-Arne Larsson

Nestled in the heart of Stockholm, Hammarby Sjöstad is not just a neighborhood; it's a vibrant, eco-friendly hub that has become a beacon for international students from around the globe. This blog aims to take you on a journey through the winding streets and green spaces of Hammarby Sjöstad, uncovering the myriad of reasons why this area is fast becoming the preferred choice for students seeking an enriching study abroad experience.

From its innovative approach to sustainable living to its bustling cultural scene, Hammarby Sjöstad offers a unique blend of urban sophistication and environmental consciousness. Whether you are an aspiring student planning your move, or just curious about what makes this neighborhood tick, this guide is your gateway to understanding the lifestyle, attractions, and practicalities of student life in one of Stockholm's most dynamic areas.

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What makes Hammarby Sjöstad a suitable city for international students?

Hammarby Sjöstad, a neighborhood in Stockholm, Sweden, offers several features that make it particularly suitable for international students:

  • Sustainable Living: Known for its eco-friendly approach, Hammarby Sjöstad provides a sustainable living environment. This focus on environmental responsibility is attractive to students interested in green living and sustainability.
  • Modern Amenities: The area boasts modern amenities and infrastructure, which include contemporary housing, efficient public transport, and a variety of shops and restaurants. This makes daily life convenient and comfortable for students.
  • Cultural Diversity: As part of Stockholm, Hammarby Sjöstad is culturally diverse, making it an inviting place for international students. This diversity promotes a more inclusive atmosphere where students from different backgrounds can feel at home.
  • Recreational Opportunities: The area offers numerous recreational opportunities, including parks, waterfronts, and sports facilities. These amenities contribute to a balanced lifestyle, allowing for relaxation and leisure activities outside of academic pursuits.
  • Safety and Quality of Life: Stockholm is known for its high safety standards and quality of life, and Hammarby Sjöstad is no exception. This aspect is crucial for international students, especially those living abroad for the first time.
  • Vibrant Student Community: With a number of students residing in the area, there's a vibrant student community. This helps in building networks, friendships, and finding peer support.
  • Cultural and Academic Events: The city hosts various cultural and academic events, which are beneficial for students looking to immerse themselves in the local culture and academic discourse.
  • Global Perspective: Being in a cosmopolitan city like Stockholm, students in Hammarby Sjöstad are exposed to a global perspective, which is essential in today’s interconnected world.

These features collectively make Hammarby Sjöstad not just a suitable but an attractive destination for international students seeking a fulfilling study abroad experience.

What is the cost of living in Hammarby Sjöstad as an international student?

The cost of living in Hammarby Sjöstad, Stockholm for an international student can vary widely depending on lifestyle, but here are some general expenses to consider:

  • Housing: Rent is typically the largest expense. For a student, a single room in a shared apartment or a small studio can range from SEK 5,000 to SEK 12,000 per month, depending on the location and amenities.
  • Utilities: Utilities such as electricity, heating, water, and internet may cost around SEK 500 to SEK 1,000 per month, often depending on whether they are included in the rent.
  • Food and Groceries: Monthly grocery bills can range from SEK 2,000 to SEK 3,000. Eating out is generally more expensive, with a meal in an inexpensive restaurant costing around SEK 100 to SEK 200.
  • Transportation: A monthly public transport pass for students in Stockholm is about SEK 600. Biking is also a popular and cost-effective option.
  • Health Insurance: EU students can use the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC), while non-EU students may need private health insurance, which can vary in cost.
  • Study Materials: Books and supplies can cost around SEK 500 to SEK 1,000 per semester, though this depends on the course and the use of second-hand books or digital resources.
  • Leisure and Entertainment: Expenses for leisure activities can vary greatly, but setting aside SEK 1,000 to SEK 2,000 per month is reasonable for moderate social activities.
  • Miscellaneous: Other expenses, including mobile phone plans, personal care, laundry, and unexpected costs, can amount to around SEK 500 to SEK 1,000 per month.

In summary, a rough estimate for a moderate lifestyle in Hammarby Sjöstad would be approximately SEK 10,000 to SEK 20,000 per month. However, this can vary significantly based on personal spending habits, the type of accommodation chosen, and individual needs. It's also important for students to have a financial buffer for unforeseen expenses.

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How can I find accommodation in Hammarby Sjöstad as an international student?

Finding accommodation in Hammarby Sjöstad as an international student involves several steps and considerations:

  • University Resources: Start by checking if your university offers any student housing services. Many universities in Stockholm have housing options for international students or can provide guidance and resources for finding accommodation.
  • Online Housing Portals: Many websites are popular for finding rental properties. These platforms offer a variety of options, from shared apartments to studios.
  • Social Media and Forums: Join social media groups and online forums dedicated to housing in Stockholm. Platforms like Facebook groups, The Local's noticeboard, or Reddit can provide leads on available accommodations and tips from other students.
  • Housing Agencies: Consider using a housing agency, but be aware that they may charge a fee. These agencies can help you find accommodation more quickly, especially if you are unfamiliar with the Swedish housing market.
  • Networking: Utilize your personal network. Reach out to any contacts you may have in Stockholm, including fellow students, alumni of your university, or even academic staff for potential leads.
  • Temporary Accommodation: If you can’t secure long-term housing before arriving, consider booking temporary accommodation like a hostel, Airbnb, or a short-term rental. This gives you a place to stay while you continue your housing search on the ground.

Remember, finding accommodation in Stockholm may take some time and patience, but with diligent searching and the use of various resources, you can find a suitable place in Hammarby Sjöstad. Some tips you should keep in mind:

  • Prepare Your Documents: Have all necessary documents ready, such as your ID/passport, proof of enrollment or scholarship, and bank statements to show financial stability. Swedish landlords often require these documents.
  • Understand Rental Agreements: Familiarize yourself with rental agreements and tenant rights in Sweden. Ensure you understand the terms, such as the rent, deposit, duration of the lease, and notice period.
  • Budgeting: Set a realistic budget keeping in mind that Hammarby Sjöstad is a part of Stockholm, which can be quite expensive. Consider rent, utilities, and other living expenses in your budget.
  • Be Cautious of Scams: Be vigilant about rental scams. Never transfer money without verifying the legitimacy of the listing and signing a contract.

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Hammarby Sjöstad, with its blend of urban living and natural beauty, offers a variety of attractions that are popular among international students:

  • Hammarbybacken:: A unique urban ski slope, offering skiing and snowboarding in the winter, and hiking or mountain biking trails during the warmer months. It's a great place for outdoor enthusiasts.
  • Sickla Canal and Sickla Lake: Ideal for kayaking, paddle boarding, or just enjoying a leisurely walk along the water. The area is picturesque and offers a tranquil escape from city life.
  • Fotografiska: Though technically not in Hammarby Sjöstad, this world-renowned photography museum is nearby and a must-visit for arts and culture enthusiasts.
  • Skansen Open-Air Museum: Also close by, Skansen offers a glimpse into Swedish history and culture. It's an open-air museum and zoo that showcases traditional Swedish houses and farmsteads, as well as native wildlife.
  • Ericsson Globe: An architectural marvel, the Globe is an event venue hosting concerts, sports events, and other entertainment. It's also home to SkyView, where you can enjoy panoramic views of Stockholm.
  • Tele2 Arena: Another nearby venue hosting a range of events from sports to concerts. It's a vibrant place to experience the local entertainment scene.
  • Hammarby Sjöstad's waterfront: The area has a beautifully developed waterfront with promenades, perfect for jogging, biking, or leisurely strolls, offering stunning views of the city and water.
  • Green Spaces and Parks: There are several parks and green spaces in and around Hammarby Sjöstad, such as Tantolunden and Vitabergsparken, perfect for picnics, sports, or just relaxing.
  • Nacka Nature Reserve: A short distance from Hammarby Sjöstad, this nature reserve offers beautiful forests, lakes, and trails for hiking and picnicking, ideal for those looking to enjoy nature.

These attractions offer a mix of cultural, recreational, and leisure activities, making Hammarby Sjöstad not only a great place to live and study but also to explore and enjoy.


Hammarby Sjöstad stands out as an exceptional choice for international students in Stockholm. This eco-friendly neighborhood offers a harmonious blend of sustainable living, academic convenience, and diverse cultural experiences. With its modern amenities, scenic landscapes, and vibrant community life, it provides a perfect backdrop for students to not only pursue their academic goals but also enjoy a rich and balanced lifestyle.

Whether it's engaging in outdoor activities, exploring artistic venues, or simply enjoying the comfort of efficient living spaces, Hammarby Sjöstad caters to all aspects of student life. It epitomizes a nurturing environment where students can thrive academically and socially, making their time in Stockholm both memorable and rewarding.

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