Enrolling at KTH: Different Housing Options for International Students in Stockholm

Embark on your educational journey at KTH in Stockholm, a city renowned for culture and quality of life. This guide offers insights on student housing options, from KTH accommodations to private rentals and shared apartments, plus tips for a seamless transition to student life in Sweden.

Enrolling at KTH: Different Housing Options for International Students in Stockholm
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So, you're heading to Stockholm for your studies at KTH Royal Institute of Technology. Exciting times ahead! Stockholm, Sweden's capital, is celebrated for its exceptional quality of life and dynamic cultural offerings. It's a global hub for students aiming to broaden their perspectives in a city buzzing with cosmopolitan energy.

KTH stands out for its prestigious position among Swedish universities, boasting extensive international networks and partnerships that enrich its diverse academic community. It ranks 73rd globally in the QS World University Rankings 2024, making it the highest-ranked university in the Nordic countries​. This opens up vast opportunities for global exchanges and research. However, the quest for student housing in Stockholm, marked by high demand and limited availability, poses a challenge. This guide will shed light on navigating the housing landscape for students, answering key questions to ease your transition to life in Sweden.

What are the types of accommodation available for students enrolled at KTH Royal Institute of Technology?

Student Housing at KTH

KTH offers student housing across four main areas, catering to a variety of preferences and needs. Options range from one-room apartments to shared apartments and corridor rooms, accessible by bike or public transport. These accommodations are furnished, but personal items like bed linens and kitchen utensils are typically not included. The locations include Malvinas väg and Teknikringen on campus, Lappkärrsberget just a short distance away, and Täby, offering a quieter, suburban environment.

You can learn more about housing offered at KTH here, including their housing application and its requirements.

Private Rentals for Students in Stockholm

Finding private rentals for students in Stockholm offers a range of options, from shared rooms and apartments to studios and individual flats. Students can typically find private rentals by browsing online housing platforms, checking Facebook groups and Marketplace listings, bulletin boards at their universities, and through networking with fellow students who might have leads for accommodation.

Monthly rates for private rooms typically range from SEK 5,500 to over SEK 7,000, often including bills. Sizes and living arrangements vary, with options available in both shared apartments and houses. For those preferring more privacy, studios and small apartments are available, with prices starting from around SEK 11,185 for studios and reaching up to SEK 27,000 for more spacious options. These rates generally include bills, though specifics can vary.

Shared Apartments for Students in Stockholm

Shared apartments, often known as co-living spaces or shared flats, are a popular choice for students in Stockholm due to the city's high cost of living and the opportunity for socializing and community-building they offer. Shared living environments also offer students the chance to meet new people and form friendships, which is particularly beneficial for those new to the city or country. This can provide a sense of community and help alleviate feelings of loneliness or isolation​​. Especially for international students or those unfamiliar with Stockholm, shared apartments can offer a sense of security, knowing there are others around in case of emergencies or simply for advice navigating the city​.

For students, especially those in fields where networking is crucial, living in shared spaces can provide opportunities to connect with peers in similar fields of study or with shared interests, potentially opening up academic and professional opportunities.

Many shared apartments come furnished and may include amenities such as laundry facilities, shared living spaces, and sometimes even cleaning services. This can make moving in easier for students, especially those coming from abroad who may not have household items​. On top of that, shared apartments often offer more flexible lease terms, which can be ideal for students whose academic programs may not align neatly with standard lease durations. This flexibility also applies to subletting opportunities, which are common among students going on exchange or returning home for the summer.

Some platforms such as Hemavi are specifically designed for helping users find rooms in shared apartments across Sweden. Hemavi's match-making algorithm connects you with roommates whose lifestyle choices are compatible with yours, and whose interests align with your preferences, making for a harmonious living experience.

What are some tips and tricks for finding student accommodation in Stockholm?

  • Start Early: The search for accommodation should begin as soon as you receive your acceptance letter. Waiting times for student accommodation can be long, with some students waiting up to 500 days for apartments with their own kitchens in popular areas​​.
  • Budget Wisely: Be realistic about your budget. The price of a private room starts at around SEK 5500 per month, but can be higher in more central locations​​. Adjust your expectations accordingly and consider living a bit further from the city center where rents can be cheaper.
  • Consider Different Types of Accommodation: Beyond shared apartments, look into student residences and studios. While student residences might be pricier, around €1100, they often come with added amenities​​.
  • Check University Resources: Some universities offer temporary accommodation for international students or have bulletin boards with listings for shared apartments and rooms​​.
  • Be Vigilant Against Scams: Always verify the landlord’s identity and the property's existence. Avoid sending money before signing a contract or seeing the property. Unfortunately, scams targeting students are not uncommon in Stockholm​​.
  • Leverage Social Media and Networks: Join local Facebook groups and other social networks where rental listings are shared. These can be excellent resources for finding shared apartments and rooms​​.
  • Network with Current Students: Current students can offer advice, share their experiences, and might know of upcoming vacancies in their own or friends’ apartments.

What are some useful resources for students looking for accommodation in Stockholm?

KTH Housing Office

The KTH Housing Office provides a non-profit accommodation service specifically designed to assist international students in finding housing in Stockholm. It operates by leasing apartments from housing and building companies and then subleasing these to students. The service is structured to offer housing to as many students as possible, prioritizing some student groups for guaranteed housing, while others may be offered housing based on availability or need to find housing on their own​​.

The Swedish Student Accommodation Association (SSSB)

The Swedish Student Accommodation Association (SSSB), formally known as Stockholms studentbostäder, is the largest provider of student housing in Sweden. Founded in 1958 by the United Students of Stockholm (SSCO), SSSB is dedicated to addressing the needs and commitment of students. SSSB manages over 8,500 accommodations distributed across Stockholm, Solna, Nacka, and Huddinge. These accommodations include corridor rooms and 1-4 room student apartments, all designed to be close to public transport or campus areas for convenience. About half of SSSB's homes consist of corridor rooms, while the rest are larger student apartments​​.

Hemavi: Shared Living Platform

Hemavi is a renowned platform in Sweden that simplifies the process of finding shared accommodation across the country. Our algorithm matches users with others whose lifestyle preferences and living choices are similar, and allows them to choose between various housing options, all listed on the website. A hassle-free housing solution, Hemavi helps users find 100% verified listings in Stockholm and other Swedish cities, for a seamless rental experience.


Embarking on your educational journey at KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm is a thrilling adventure into a city known for its vibrant culture and high quality of life. With KTH's distinguished global ranking and its commitment to fostering an international academic community, you're set for an enriching experience that extends beyond the classroom.

Navigating the student housing landscape in Stockholm, however, requires some strategizing due to the competitive market. This guide has aimed to equip you with insights and actionable advice on securing your ideal accommodation, whether through KTH's housing services, private rentals, or shared living arrangements.

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