Embracing Innovation and Opportunity: A Guide to Student Housing at the Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship

Embark on an enriching journey at the Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship. With proper housing, dive into a world of innovation and growth in Stockholm, a city where dreams and entrepreneurship thrive.

Embracing Innovation and Opportunity: A Guide to Student Housing at the Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship
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Welcome to the Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship (SSES), a hub of innovation and a launchpad for aspiring entrepreneurs from around the globe. Known for its pioneering spirit and cutting-edge approach, SSES stands as a beacon for those passionate about turning innovative ideas into reality. In the heart of Stockholm, SSES offers a unique educational experience that goes beyond the classroom, encouraging students to think creatively and act entrepreneurially. As an international student here, you'll dive into a world where creativity meets business acumen. But first, let's navigate one of the most important aspects of your journey: student housing.

As you prepare to join this vibrant community, understanding your housing options is crucial. This is where Hemavi comes into play, offering a match-making services that connects you with compatible roommates, with new listings in Stockholm everyday!

This blog is your guide to seamlessly integrating into this dynamic environment, starting with one of the most vital aspects of your study experience - finding the right student housing.

An Overview of the Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship

The Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship (SSES) is a unique and innovative educational institution dedicated to inspiring and educating students in the field of entrepreneurship. Founded in 1998, SSES is a non-profit organization that collaborates with six major universities in Stockholm: Karolinska Institutet, the University College of Arts, Crafts and Design (Konstfack), the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), the Stockholm School of Economics (SSE), and Stockholm University (SU).

SSES offers a range of programs and courses designed to foster entrepreneurial skills and mindset. These include free courses, incubation services, and accelerator programs like the SSES Ventures: Fellowship, which lasts three months, and the SSES Ventures: Affinity, an accelerator program lasting from one week to two years. The school provides these services to students and alumni of its member universities, which include the Karolinska Institutet, Konstfack, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, and Stockholm University, supporting them through various stages of their entrepreneurial journey.

One of the key features of SSES is its focus on applied entrepreneurship, blending academic theory with practical experience. This approach is designed to equip students with the skills and knowledge necessary to turn their ideas into successful business ventures. The school's programs are geared towards inspiring students and helping them develop the competencies needed to navigate the challenges of starting and running a business.

Student Housing at Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship

As of now, SSES has no specific information listed online regarding assistance with housing or student accommodation. You can contact them for any inquiries or questions you may have.

Finding the right student accommodation is crucial for a balanced and enriching academic experience. SSES, located in the heart of Stockholm, provides an excellent educational experience, but also falls right into one of the most competitive markets for accommodation in Sweden. Finding student accommodation in Stockholm requires some planning and research due to the competitive nature of the housing market. Typically, students who join the housing queue have to wait from six to nine months to find accommodation, so the earlier you apply for housing, the better.

Tips for Finding Accommodation in Stockholm

  • Stockholms Studentbostäder (SSSB): It's recommended to join the queue for student housing as soon as possible, ideally before moving to Stockholm. Registering with an SSCO-affiliated student union is necessary to access these housing options. It's typical to wait around 200 days for shared rooms and possibly longer for apartments with private kitchens.
  • Subletting: Renting a sublet, or a 'second-hand' rental, is common in Stockholm. While waiting for permanent student accommodation, many students opt for sublets. However, be cautious of scams and always verify the landlord's identity and the apartment's existence. It's advised to visit the apartment in person and check the landlord's details on a Swedish address directory like Hitta.
  • Facebook Groups: Local Facebook groups can be a useful resource for finding available rooms or apartments. Groups specific to students often have posts for roommate searches or sublets.
  • Co-living Spaces: These are becoming increasingly popular and offer well-designed spaces with included amenities like cleaning. They provide a great opportunity to meet other new residents in the city.
  • Budget Considerations: The cost of student accommodation in Stockholm can range from SEK 2,500 to SEK 6,500 per month, depending on the type and location. Utilities, internet, and transportation should also be factored into your budget.
  • Proximity to University: Ideally, find accommodation within a reasonable commute to your university. Stockholm has excellent public transportation, so even locations a bit further away might be convenient.
  • Safety and Neighborhood: Research different neighborhoods to find one with a good reputation and low crime rates. Popular student areas include Södermalm, Kungsholmen, and Vasastan.
  • Hemavi: For shared accommodations, Hemavi offers a matchmaking service focusing on compatibility between roommates, ensuring a harmonious living experience.
  • Lease Agreements: Always read and understand the rental agreement or lease before signing. If necessary, seek help to get it translated into your native language.

For more detailed advice and resources, you can refer to the Visit Stockholm website, the Stockholm University housing page, and Hemavi's blog on student accommodation in Stockholm.


Your journey at the Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship (SSES) is not just an academic path; it's a transformative experience that nurtures your entrepreneurial spirit in a city celebrated for its innovation and dynamism. Stockholm, a city teeming with cultural richness and a thriving startup ecosystem, offers an ideal backdrop for your entrepreneurial ambitions to flourish.

With Hemavi's support in securing your student housing, you're well-positioned to fully immerse yourself in this vibrant educational odyssey.