Art Meets the Artist: Your Guide to Life and Housing at Sweden's Royal Institute of Art

Are you ready to embark on your artistic journey at Sweden's prestigious Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm? The land of creativity, innovation, and boundless inspiration awaits, and it's time to prepare for your adventure.

Art Meets the Artist: Your Guide to Life and Housing at Sweden's Royal Institute of Art
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Are you ready to embark on your artistic journey at Sweden's prestigious Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm? The land of creativity, innovation, and boundless inspiration awaits, and it's time to prepare for your adventure. One of the first steps in ensuring a smooth transition to your new artistic haven is finding the perfect housing and accommodation.

In this guide, we'll explore the vibrant tapestry of options available to international students like you. From student residences that foster a sense of artistic community to the charm of independent living, we'll delve into the diverse spectrum of housing opportunities that will complement your artistic pursuit.

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A Beacon of Artistic Excellence

Sweden's Royal Institute of Art stands out as an institution renowned for its avant-garde approach to art education and its rich artistic heritage. Established in 1735, it boasts a legacy that spans centuries, making it one of Europe's oldest art schools.

What truly sets it apart is its emphasis on fostering artistic experimentation, critical thinking, and pushing boundaries within the contemporary art world. Students relish the freedom to explore various artistic mediums and concepts, encouraged to challenge conventional norms.

The institute's commitment to nurturing emerging artists has attracted talents like Carl Larsson and Cecilia Edefalk, who have made significant contributions to the Swedish and international art scenes. This unique blend of tradition and innovation, coupled with the institute's dedication to creative exploration, fosters an environment where students thrive and enjoy an inspiring and influential educational journey.

Housing Options for KKH (Kungliga Konsthögskolan) Students

KKH does not offer on-campus housing for its students, and according to its website:

"The Royal Institute of Art works in collaboration with the housing platform Housing Anywhere. This site is made specifically for students, but can be used by anyone. We recommend that both incoming and outgoing students use it to rent and sublet rooms or houses."

Tips and Tricks for Finding Decent Student Housing

  1. Start Early: Securing housing in Stockholm can be competitive, so initiate your search well in advance. Ideally, begin at least six months before your intended move-in date to increase your chances of finding suitable options.
  2. Hemavi: Your Ideal Housing Solution: For a convenient housing experience, consider Hemavi, a specialized housing provider. Hemavi is designed to simplify your housing search and ensure a comfortable living environment. Hemavi users take on average only about 3.9 days to find a suitable room.
  3. Explore Student Unions: One of the most important to look at is the Central Organization of Stockholm Student Unions. Student Unions can be particularly helpful in helping you not only find housing, but also navigate the different nuances of studying and living in Sweden.
  4. Consider Co-living: Shared living arrangements have experienced a surge in popularity among students and international newcomers relocating to Stockholm. These housing options offer meticulously designed living spaces, inclusive cleaning services included in the rent, and the added benefit of instant connections with fellow newcomers in the city.
  5. Check Local Newspapers: Have you heard of The Local Sweden? The Local is the largest English-language news network in Europe and they have a whole website dedicated to Sweden. On their website you will find plenty of helpful articles related to renting a home/room in Sweden, as well as a page for plenty of listings gathered from all over the internet. For a more detailed list of Stockholm newspapers, take a look here!
  6. Use Social Media: You may have already thought of this one, but to help you out some more, we've done our research and found some promising Facebook groups that can help you on your quest;
  1. Explore All Options: As not particularly easy as it may be to find student housing in Stockholm, there are a lot of options and platforms to go through, and with some diligence, you will secure a great place! Here are some resources to consider:
  • Hemavi
  • Sök Studentbostad
  • SSSB: Sweden’s largest provider of student housing, founded by students in 1958. All of SSSB’s 8,120 accommodations are close to public transport or campus areas.

We also recommend checking out Kista Studentbostäder which boasts 406 student residences adjacent to the shopping center Kista Galleria.

Hemavi's Two Cents on Finding Student Housing in Sweden

To provide you with further assistance on your journey, we've conducted thorough research on the internet to compile valuable advice from international students who have already made the move to Sweden and secured excellent accommodations. Below, we've summarized the key takeaways.

  1. Set Your Priorities Straight: What holds the highest significance for you? Is it the rental cost, the proximity to your university, or perhaps the size of the room or apartment you plan to rent? Alternatively, is residing in a secure neighborhood your foremost concern? It's crucial to have a clear understanding of your non-negotiables and areas where you might be open to making concessions. This level of awareness will unquestionably simplify your search for a new residence in Sweden.
  2. BEWARE OF SCAMMERS! We absolutely can't stress this enough.
  3. Only Rely on Reputable Websites: Platforms like Hemavi exclusively showcase landlords who have been verified, enabling you to preview the room online. They also prioritize secure payments by refraining from transferring any funds to the landlord until you have physically and officially moved into your designated space, ensuring a 100% safe transaction process.
  4. Beware of Unrealistic Deals: Be prudent when faced with deals that seem excessively enticing. Scammers often allure individuals with rents that appear unrealistically low or entice them with promises of extravagant amenities.
  5. Meet the Landlord in Person: Ensuring a personal meeting with the landlord or property manager is essential. Scammers often evade face-to-face interactions and rely solely on email or messaging for communication.
  6. Respond To Offers Quickly: Indeed, while these guidelines might appear straightforward, they are undeniably valuable. When responding to accommodation listings, remember to present a comprehensive self-introduction, incorporating specific details such as your reasons for seeking the room or apartment, your chosen field of study, and any prospective roommates with whom you intend to share the home, along with other relevant information.

How NOT to Get Scammed When Finding Housing

At Hemavi, safeguarding our visitors from scams is our utmost priority. We are fully aware of the significant challenges this can pose, especially for individuals relocating to an entirely new country, potentially without fluency in the local language.

  1. Verify Property Ownership: It's crucial to consistently confirm the property's ownership and legitimacy. Request the landlord's contact details and, if feasible, cross-check them with official records. With Hemavi, you can trust that property ownership is ALWAYS verified, providing an extra layer of security.
  2. Be Cautious with Advance Payments: We strongly recommend avoiding upfront payments whenever possible. Hemavi guarantees that your initial payment is processed only after you have physically occupied your room. However, if circumstances require an advance payment (if you're not using Hemavi), it's essential to opt for a secure payment method and insist on receiving a receipt. Exercise caution when landlords insist on substantial upfront payments prior to your move-in date.
  3. It's Always Best to View Online: It's crucial to emphasize the importance of evaluating your prospective living space before making a commitment, as written ads can occasionally be deceptive. With Hemavi, you can take advantage of a comprehensive online tour of your entire room, accessible from anywhere you are.
  4. Visit the Property: Whenever possible, it's advisable to take the time to visit the property in person before proceeding with any payments or signing contracts.
  5. Research Rental Laws: Certainly, invest some time in becoming familiar with the rental laws and regulations in Sweden to ensure you have a clear understanding of your rights and responsibilities as a tenant. You can rest assured that as a startup operating in Sweden, Hemavi possesses in-depth knowledge of these laws and is committed to offering you support and assistance whenever necessary.

Moving to Sweden

Moving to a new country can be an exciting but also overwhelming experience. Here are some essential tips to make your relocation smoother:

Visa and residence permit: Make sure you have obtained the necessary visa and residence permit if required. Contact the Swedish embassy or consulate in your home country for information on the application process.

Health insurance: It's crucial to have comprehensive health insurance coverage during your stay in Stockholm. Check if your home country's health insurance policy provides coverage abroad or consider purchasing an international student health insurance plan. For more information on health insurance options check International Student Insurance.

Currency and banking: Familiarize yourself with the local currency, Swedish Krona (SEK), and set up a bank account upon arrival. Most places in Stockholm accept card payments, but having cash on hand is still useful in some situations. One of Sweden's prominent banks that offers accounts for international students is Nordea, check it out!

Transportation: Stockholm has an efficient public transportation system, including buses, trams, metros, and ferries. Consider obtaining an SL Access card, which allows for convenient travel across different modes of public transport.

Explore Swedish culture: Immerse yourself in Swedish culture by trying traditional Swedish cuisine, visiting museums, and attending music festivals and concerts. Stockholm is known for its vibrant arts scene, and there is always something exciting happening. Visit Stockholm is a great resource to know everything that's going on.

Artistic Communities Beyond Housing

While finding the right housing is essential, your artistic journey extends beyond your living space. Stockholm is a vibrant city teeming with galleries, exhibitions, and art events. Be sure to explore the artistic communities that surround the Royal Institute of Art. Attend gallery openings, participate in collaborative projects, and engage with the local art scene to expand your creative horizons.

Stockholm's thriving art scene offers a multitude of opportunities to connect with fellow artists, curators, and art enthusiasts. You can immerse yourself in exhibitions, attend art fairs, and engage in artistic dialogues that enhance your creative perspective. The Royal Institute of Art itself hosts numerous events, lectures, and exhibitions, providing a platform for you to showcase your work and interact with established artists. By actively participating in Stockholm's artistic communities, you'll broaden your artistic network and gain exposure in the vibrant world of contemporary art.

In conclusion, as you prepare to join the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm, remember that your housing choice plays a pivotal role in shaping your artistic experience. Whether you're seeking the camaraderie of student residences, the independence of a studio, the creativity of co-living spaces, or the cultural immersion of a homestay, Hemavi offers a diverse range of options to accommodate your artistic spirit. Embrace the artistic vibrancy of Stockholm and let your creative journey unfold in the heart of Sweden's artistic capital.

Welcome to a world where art meets the artist, and inspiration knows no bounds.