All Moving and Leasing Fees Explained

There are a lot of costs associated with moving: buying new furniture, packing materials, moving expenses, storage fees, and more. If you’re renting an apartment and wondering what your moving fees might be, here is a comprehensive list!

All Moving and Leasing Fees Explained
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Signing a lease, dealing with movers, packing everything, buying missing bits and pieces for your future home – those are just a few of the things you have to do before moving into a new place. Because of all the above, moving can be stressful – but it doesn’t have to be expensive.

There are a lot of costs associated with moving: buying new furniture, packing materials, moving expenses, storage fees, and more. If you’re renting an apartment and wondering what your moving fees might be, here is a comprehensive list!

What are moving and leasing fees?

Moving fees are the cost of getting your stuff from one place to another. They include things like packing, unpacking, cleaning, and movers’ fees. Moving costs can vary depending on the type of move you're making - whether it's local or long distance; if you're driving yourself or using a moving company; whether you have a lot of stuff or just a few pieces of furniture.

Leasing fees are charges that a landlord or property owner may require from a tenant after signing a lease agreement and before moving in, including a security deposit, which may be the equivalent of 1 or 2 months’ rent, and application fees.

How much are moving and leasing fees?

Moving fees vary by case, as they are highly dependent on the size of the move (i.e., how much furniture you’re moving), the distance, services needed, and other factors. On average, a local move within the same city can cost between SEK 3,000 to SEK 8,000, while a long-distance move can cost almost twice as much. It is recommended to get quotes from several moving companies to compare prices and services.

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Leasing fees are typically directly related to the property you’re renting, as they include your security deposit and tenancy application fees. Some landlords may also ask for the last month’s rent upfront.

What are the costs I should expect when renting an apartment?

Renters' Insurance (or Home Insurance)

Renters’ insurance protects your personal property in the event of theft or damage--and if your landlord's insurance doesn't cover your belongings (they often don't), it can also help cover medical bills related to injuries sustained while at home.

Security Deposit

Your landlord will likely ask for a security deposit before your move-in date; this money acts as collateral against unpaid rent and damages caused by tenants during their stay at the property (think broken windows).

Broker's Fees

If you used a broker to find and get your new place, their fees are due now that you’ve decided to sign a lease. Make sure you are aware of your broker’s fees from the very beginning so you can plan accordingly. Some may charge the equivalent of one month’s rent, but others can also be expecting a percentage of your annual rent.

Application Fees

In some cases, landlords or property management companies charge application fees to cover the cost of processing tenancy applications. These fees are usually used for credit and background checks, as well as verification of employment and rental history. Although not common in Sweden, application fees are an important financial factor to consider as they are paid upfront and non-refundable.

Pet Fees/Deposits

Some landlords will require tenants to pay a pet deposit in order to keep a pet at the property. This is primarily to cover any damage caused by the pets, such as scratches on walls or ruined furniture. Pet deposits are usually refundable and are separate from security deposits.

Moving Costs

Depending on the services you opt to hire for the move, moving costs can include moving truck rental, payment for movers or packers, packing materials and supplies, storage fees and cleaning service, all of which will vary in cost depending on multiple factors. Another possible expense is move-out cleaning, which may be required before you move out of your old place. This cost varies based on your apartment’s size and the cleaning requirements, but it’s important to account for it, particularly if you decide to hire a cleaning company.

How do I know what I will pay as a tenant?

The most straightforward way to know how much you’ll be paying is to ask your landlord or property manager for a written breakdown of all costs associated with your tenancy. Make sure that any fees are clearly explained and broken down into smaller parts. You should also ask for copies of any documents relating to your tenancy (such as leases or rental agreements). If there are any charges that are not listed, ask your landlord why these fees are not outlined in the signed contract.

Moving can be expensive, but you can prepare for it by knowing your rights and responsibilities.

  • Know what you are paying for the property. The landlord is responsible for ensuring that their property is in good condition at all times. They must also provide any necessary repairs or maintenance when being notified by the tenant that a problem exists.
  • Understand what items are allowed in each rental unit type (i.e., apartment vs. house). There may be restrictions on how many pets you can have or whether certain appliances are allowed inside the apartment building itself.
  • Make sure your lease includes information about utilities such as electricity and water bills so there isn't any confusion later down the road when trying to figure out who pays which bill each month.


Moving is a big deal, but it doesn't have to be scary. You can do your research and prepare yourself for the costs involved with moving by knowing your rights as a tenant or renter. Set a budget for your move and try to stick to it as much as possible, even if it means having to delay some luxuries till after you’ve moved in and gotten settled at your new place.

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