All About Karolinska Institutet's Student Accommodation

Discover the essentials of student housing at Karolinska Institutet. From KI Housing's furnished rooms in Stockholm to the vibrant student community, this guide covers eligibility, types of accommodations, and key amenities for a smooth transition to life at KI.

All About Karolinska Institutet's Student Accommodation
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As you prepare to embark on a transformative journey at Karolinska Institutet (KI), one of the first and most crucial steps is finding the right place to live. Stockholm, with its unique blend of modern urban life and natural beauty, offers a wide array of housing options tailored to meet the diverse needs of international students.

Karolinska Institutet (KI) offers accommodation to international students and guest researchers through KI Housing. This service provides furnished apartments and rooms in various areas of Stockholm. These accommodations are intended as the first place to stay upon arriving in Stockholm, with a limited maximum rental time. KI Housing aims to ease the initial transition for international students and researchers by providing essential furnishings and amenities.

This guide is your one-stop shop for everything student housing at Karolinska Institutet!

Eligibility for Student Housing at KI

KI Housing primarily serves international students and guest researchers at Karolinska Institutet. This includes both new arrivals and those already engaged in academic work or studies at KI. The goal is to offer a convenient first place to stay while encouraging tenants to seek permanent housing during their tenure.

Priority may vary based on factors such as affiliation with KI, family status, and the specific program or department. For the most accurate and detailed eligibility criteria, it's best to consult KI Housing directly though or visit their official webpage.

Types of Student Housing at Karolinska Institutet

Karolinska Institutet (KI) offers a variety of housing options to international students and guest researchers through KI Housing. These accommodations are fully furnished and located in different areas in Stockholm, including both Solna and Flemingsberg campuses. The housing options are designed to be the first place of stay for international members of KI, with a limited maximum rental time to accommodate as many students and researchers as possible.

KI Residence Flemingsberg

Located in Huddinge, Sweden, KI Residence Fleminsberg offers three different types of accommodation, with a total of 433 apartments:

  • Shared Apartment: 35 two-bedroom apartments of two separate single bedrooms, in which students share the kitchen, living room and bathroom. The residence also hosts 4 apartments of a triple capacity, composed of one single room and one double room. The latter is mostly for tenants who are bringing a partner along. All shared apartments' kitchens are equipped with basic cooking utensils, and contain a combined washing machine and tumble drier in the bathroom. The rent is SEK 5495 per month for a single room in two-bedroom apartment and SEK 4959 per month for a single room in three-bedroom apartment, while double rooms are for SEK 7711 per month.
  • Studio Apartment: A studio apartment with a queen-sized bed, including a kitchenette with basic kitchen utensils and a small bathroom with a combined washer/drier. It has a maximum occupancy of two people. The rent for studio apartments at KI is SEK 8183 per month.
  • Family Apartment: A private apartment of 43 meters that features two bedrooms (one double room with a queen-sized bed and one bedroom with a bunk bed), a dining and living area, equipped kitchen and bathroom with a washer/trier. Its rent is SEK 10 999 per month. Researchers coming to Sweden with their families have the most priority for this type of housing, which hosts four people maximum.

All the accommodation units are located right on the KI Campus in Flemingsberg, in southern Stockholm, surrounded by various cafes, restaurants, stores and even a fitness gym. They're all equipped with a mattress, a mattress cover, a quilt and a pillow, as students are expected to bring their own linens and towels.

Cleaning equipment is available in all apartments. The tenant is responsible for keeping their accommodation (and its furniture) clean during throughout whole lease, and for leaving it clean for the new tenant.

More information about waste disposal, recycling, parking, fire safety and more can be found on the official webpage of KI Residence Fleminsberg.

KI Residence Solna

KI Residence Solna is a housing facility offered by Karolinska Institutet (KI) that provides accommodation for its international students and visiting researchers. It is situated directly on the KI Campus in Solna and features 316 apartments of various sizes. The residence consists of three buildings and offers different types of accommodations, including 140 studio apartments, 120 studios with shared kitchens, 38 shared 2-bedroom apartments, and 18 shared 4-bedroom apartments, totaling 411 beds. The apartments are designed to cater to the needs of KI's diverse student and researcher community​.

One feature that's unique to KI Residence Solna is the presence of a common living space on the entrance floor of each of the three buildings, designed to encourage interaction and socialization among residents.

More details about each type of accommodation offered at KI Residence Solna include:

  • Studio Apartment: A 23-meter private studio apartment with an equipped private kitchenette and bathroom. Residents of this accommodation alternative have access to the common area on the entrance floor, and a laundry area in another building. Studio apartments have a total occupancy of two people, with a rent of SEK 8809 per month.
  • Studio Apartment with a Shared Kitchen: A 23-meter private studio apartment with a maximum occupancy of one person, with its own bathroom and fridge. The shared kitchen is equipped with basic cooking utensils, and the apartment has access to a common large kitchen that's shared with tenants residing on the same floor, as well as a laundry area on the first floor. The rent is SEK 6582 per month, making it more affordable. This type of accommodation is great for socializing and interacting with others, whilst maintaining a little bit more privacy than the rooms in shared-apartments.
  • 2-bedroom Apartments: In this type of accommodation, residents rent a single bedroom (10 meters), and share the kitchen, living room and bathroom with 1 other tenant. The kitchen contains basic cooking equipment, and residents have access to a laundry area in another building. Only one person may stay in each single room, and the rent is SEK 6483 per month.
  • 4-bedroom Apartments: Composed of four single rooms, with residents sharing an equipped kitchen and two bathrooms. The maximum occupancy is each room is one person, and all residents have access to a laundry area in another building. The rent is SEK 6483 per month. This type of accommodation is the perfect setup for individuals who do not need privacy beyond their own bedroom, and are interested in meeting and socializing with other students.

Students interested to learn more about the safety measures, recycling systems, common socialization areas, setting up mailboxes and more can check the official website of KI Residence Solna.

KI Pax

KI Pax is a student accommodation located in Solna, just north of Stockholm, managed by SSSB (Stockholm Student Housing Foundation). It consists of two buildings: one built in 1970, offering 71 ensuite traditional hall-style student rooms, and a newer building constructed in 2004, which includes one-room apartments and some larger units. The accommodations at Pax are designed to cater to the needs of students, providing a range of amenities and services to ensure a comfortable living environment​​.

The housing complex is conveniently situated near public transport options, making it easy for residents to commute to the Karolinska Institutet Campus in Solna and other parts of the city. The closest subway station is Västra Skogen, which is about 350 meters away, offering good access to public transport. Additionally, there are walking trails along Ulvsundasjön lake and a shopping mall, Solna Centrum, within walking distance, enhancing the living experience for residents​​.

Rooms at Pax are furnished and come with internet access, although it's important to note that the building does not have WiFi, so tenants may need to purchase their own routers for wireless internet access. The accommodation offers private rooms with a size of 18 square meters, including a single bed, desk, bookshelf, chair, and lamps. Each room has a private bathroom and tenants have access to common kitchens and laundry facilities. The rent for rooms at Pax ranges from SEK 4317 to 4486 per month​​.

For tenants preparing to leave Pax, there are specific instructions for cleaning and key return. Tenants are expected to clean their rooms and common areas thoroughly before departure to avoid any charges against their deposit. Key return procedures are outlined, and tenants are encouraged to follow these instructions to ensure a smooth transition out of their accommodations​​.


Finding the right place to live while studying at Karolinska Institutet is more than just securing a roof over your head; it's about making a home in a new city, meeting fellow students, and laying the groundwork for an enriching academic and personal journey. Through the options provided by KI Housing, from the diverse accommodations at KI Residence Flemingsberg and Solna to the student-centric living at KI Pax, international students and guest researchers are offered a soft landing in Stockholm. Each housing solution is designed with the needs of the KI community in mind, ensuring that whether you're looking for the privacy of a studio apartment, the family-friendly environment of larger units, or the vibrant social life of shared accommodations, there's a place for you.

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