All About Campus Life at Stockholm School of Economics

The Stockholm School of Economics (SSE) offers a premier educational experience with rigorous academic standards, vibrant campus life, and robust support services. Its historic campus, central location, and modern facilities enrich the student experience.

All About Campus Life at Stockholm School of Economics
Photo from Stockholm School of Economics

Choosing the right institution for higher education is a critical decision for every student, especially when considering studying abroad. For those looking into business and economics programs, the Stockholm School of Economics (SSE) in Sweden stands out as a prestigious choice. Known for its rigorous academic standards and vibrant campus life, SSE offers a unique blend of educational excellence and cultural richness.

From its central location and state-of-the-art facilities to the dynamic student life and support services, SSE offers a well-rounded experience that combines rigorous academic training with a rich array of extracurricular activities, all set in one of the world's most livable cities.

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Experiences for Students at SSE

At the Stockholm School of Economics, student life is vibrant and highly dynamic, characterized by a diverse and international student body. This diversity enhances the cultural atmosphere on campus, making it a great platform for ideas and perspectives from around the globe. Students at SSE are known for their high drive and ambition, which is evident in their participation in a wide array of extracurricular activities that complement their academic pursuits.

SSE Business Lab

The Stockholm School of Economics offers robust support for entrepreneurial students through the SSE Business Lab, which is its dedicated startup incubator. Established in 2001, SSE Business Lab has played a pivotal role in the growth and success of over 250 companies, including notable firms like Klarna, Budbee, and Voi Technology.

SSE Business Lab offers three main programs tailored to support ventures at different stages of their development:

  • Ideate: For those at the idea stage, helping them to formulate and refine their business concepts.
  • Activate: For projects ready to be launched, providing initial support and resources to get off the ground.
  • Incubate: This is the most comprehensive program, designed for ventures with scalable products or services and international potential. It includes an investment of 300,000 SEK, six months of extensive support with the possibility of extension, and access to a wide network of entrepreneurs, investors, and talent. This program culminates in opportunities to pitch to angel investors and venture capitalists during the SSE Business Lab Demo Day.

Consulting Projects

At the Stockholm School of Economics (SSE), students have the opportunity to engage in practical consulting projects through two main platforms: Stockholm Student Consulting and 180 Degrees Consulting.

Stockholm Student Consulting serves as a bridge between SSE students and the corporate world, offering students hands-on experience in tackling real business challenges. This organization partners with various companies across Sweden, enabling students to apply their analytical and creative skills in real-world scenarios. This initiative not only helps students gain practical experience but also allows them to demonstrate their capabilities to potential employers.

180 Degrees Consulting at SSE focuses on providing pro-bono consulting services primarily to nonprofits and social enterprises. This branch includes members from multiple universities in Stockholm, reflecting a diverse and interdisciplinary approach. Students involved in 180 Degrees Consulting work on projects that assess the social impact of their clients, helping them enhance their operations and outreach. This experience is particularly valuable for students interested in making a tangible difference in the community while developing essential consulting skills such as project management, client communication, and strategic problem-solving.

Both platforms offer extensive networking opportunities, professional growth, and the chance to work on impactful projects, preparing SSE students for successful careers in consulting and beyond.

Clubs and Societies

SSE hosts a wide range of clubs and societies that cater to a plethora of interests, from academic and professional to recreational and creative. These organizations are student-run and offer members the chance to develop new skills, pursue their interests, and connect with others who share similar passions.

Specifically, the finance and consulting clubs are popular among students looking to enter these competitive fields. These clubs often organize workshops, guest lectures, and real-world simulations that provide practical insights into the industries.

For those interested in a more balanced lifestyle, SSE’s sports and arts societies offer a creative outlet and a chance to unwind. Whether it’s participating in team sports, engaging in individual fitness activities, or exploring artistic endeavors like music and theater, there's something for everyone.

Events and Traditions

SSE is also known for its rich traditions and numerous events that build community spirit and celebrate its heritage. One of the highlights of the SSE social calendar is the "Gasque" – formal dinners followed by parties, organized by the student association. These events are steeped in Swedish traditions and provide a formal setting for students to bond, celebrate their achievements, and enjoy entertainment provided by their peers.

In addition to the Gasque, SSE organizes many other events throughout the year, including welcome weeks for new students, cultural nights that celebrate the diversity of the student body, and graduation ceremonies that honor the achievements of its students. These events are key to fostering a sense of community and belonging among the students.

Campus and Facilities at SSE

The Stockholm School of Economics (SSE) campus boasts a rich history and distinctive architectural features. Founded in 1909, the school was established in response to Sweden's expanding industrial needs which required educated managers and business professionals. Its main building, designed by renowned architect Ivar Tengbom, was constructed between 1925 and 1926 and is located on Sveavägen in central Stockholm.

This building exemplifies early 20th-century architecture with a focus on functionality and aesthetic simplicity, which was quite innovative at the time. Tengbom's design reflects the classical influences that were prevalent in public and educational buildings of that era. The original structure has since been expanded with additional buildings to accommodate the school's growth while maintaining architectural harmony across the campus.

The SSE campus is not just an educational facility but also a hub of academic and social activities. It's equipped with modern classrooms, a comprehensive library, and various student services, making it a conducive environment for learning and research. The campus's location in central Stockholm also places it at the heart of the city's cultural and business activities, enriching the student experience with ample networking opportunities and exposure to the business world.


Choosing the right institution for higher education, particularly when considering studying abroad, is a pivotal decision for every student. The Stockholm School of Economics (SSE) in Sweden emerges as an exemplary choice for those interested in business and economics programs. Renowned for its stringent academic standards and vibrant campus life, SSE offers a unique amalgamation of educational excellence and cultural diversity.

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